Organic Search Provides the Best Leads for Low-Cost Marketing Strategies – Post #412

Best Leads


Low-cost marketing strategies can save money and increase profits for small businesses. Obtaining a favorable organic search engine ranking can attract more website traffic from local prospects. High-quality website content is needed to generate the best leads online.

Does Pay-Per-Click Provide the Best Leads for a Small Business?

Pay-per-click leads can provide value for companies with a significant marketing budget. If a company converts enough pay-per-click leads, a positive return on investment could encourage an entrepreneur to continue using the strategy.

For small businesses with limited amounts of advertising money, the best leads are obtained for free.

Is Social Media Marketing Guaranteed to Deliver the Best Leads?

A lot of marketers are sold on the benefits of social media promotions. Everyday small business owners are advertising on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to generate local leads. However, some entrepreneurs are making money via social media ads, while a lot of business owners are losing money via social media advertising.

Free Internet leads that enable a small business owner to spend money on other items are the best leads to pursue.

Why Organic Search Provides the Best Leads for Local Businesses?

Organic search engine results are provided via Google, Yahoo and Bing for free. However, it takes time for a small business website to reach the first page of local search results. Since many entrepreneurs are seeking lightening fast results, paid advertising is the chosen path versus building content to generate free Internet leads.

A search engine optimized website could generate a daily supply of leads. More closed deals are possible when a sales rep has access to an unlimited amount of targeted leads. Whether using a smartphone, laptop or desktop computer, an Internet connection enables anyone to perform a web-based search. Many users are conditioned to skip over the paid ads to view the organic search results. Companies that appear in the upper portion of the organic search engine results are most likely to receive inquires from prospective buyers.

Contact Mobile Copywriter for lead generation strategies to close more sales.


Local Business Marketing Strategies to Get Free Internet Leads

Local Business Marketing Strategies


Free Internet leads may be generated via a variety of business marketing strategies. With a strong Internet presence, a small business website could appear on the first page of Google and Bing. Mobile Copywriter offers local business marketing strategies to get free Internet leads and more online sales.

Update Web Page Content

Small business websites need content to get found online and to rank on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. However, it is important for a small business to update its web page content on a regular basis. Website visitors will become bored from reading the same information. Search engine crawlers are continuously looking for fresh website content, too. Our web page content services will give readers and search engines new information to review.

Use Social Media for Local Business Marketing Strategies

Socializing with industry professionals and folks with similar interest could be a positive way to market a small business. Through a variety of social media marketing platforms, an entrepreneur can initiate local business marketing strategies to obtain free Internet leads.

As a powerful communications medium, social media enables consumers and businesses to network without paying any usage fees. In a reciprocal manner, a small business owner can provide and receive various support services via social media contacts. Our content marketing process uses social media to help generate free Internet leads.

Order Weekly Blog Posts to Get Free Internet Leads

Frequent blog posts will provide readers with helpful information, tips, new service offerings, promotional incentives and other details. As readership and blog subscribers increase, a small business could receive more website traffic and free Internet leads.

Ordering weekly blog posts can enable a small business owner to concentrate on sales and management tasks. Contact Mobile Copywriter today to order weekly blog posts for local business marketing strategies and to generate free Internet leads.
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Mobile Marketing Help for Small Businesses

Mobile Marketing

Small businesses need a reliable strategy to compete against larger companies. However, a variety of promotional challenges might be too time consuming for a local entrepreneur. Mobile Copywriter provides digital support services and mobile marketing help for small businesses.

Mobile Website Optimization

Small businesses must adhere to mobile website optimization standards to avoid search engine penalties. Due to consumers having an overwhelming preference for mobile devices, Google has made internal changes to meet the demand. Therefore, a small business website should be optimized to accommodate a variety of mobile screen sizes.

Online Marketing Strategies

Search engine optimization specialists can help small business owners with a variety of online marketing strategies. Several prominent resources may be used for research or for backlinks to increase a website’s popularity via the Internet. Additionally, SEO copywriters can create content that incorporates specific keywords and keyword phrases to attract search engines and website visitors.

Mobile Marketing and Branding for Small Businesses

Visibility is one of the most important aspects of mobile marketing for a local business. A website that does not get found online by prospective buyers might fall short of a company’s sales goals. Brand awareness improves online when web-based users continuously recognize a company’s name, logo, URL or Internet ads.

Digital Services for Mobile Marketing Help

Mobile marketing help can prepare a small business for greater online success. An SEO service that features digital marketing support is a winning combination for local entrepreneurs who want to dominate nearby competitors. A small business could use digital strategies to get found online, such as podcasts, videos, press releases, article marketing and frequent blog posts.

Digital support services are generally faster to implement than traditional promotional methods. Digital promotional strategies could also consist of email marketing, social media marketing and local Internet advertising.

Contact Mobile Copywriter about mobile marketing help and branding for small businesses.

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Using Social Media Marketing to Complement SEO Content Writing

Social Media Marketing


SEO content writing may be used to create a powerful Internet marketing strategy. However, small business owners can coordinate a variety of digital marketing methods to reach a larger percentage of local customers. Mobile Copywriter uses a content marketing system that combines search engine optimized content and social media networks.

Why Use Multiple Digital Marketing Channels?

Content is king. Small business owners who are already using SEO content writing to connect with web-based users may be generating some healthy online sales. Getting some additional traffic from viable online resources could translate into more business opportunities. The most successful companies are aware of the shoppers in the marketplace who are likely to become customers. Identifying prospective buyers across a variety of mediums could enable a company to expand their reach. We help small businesses generate targeted Internet leads via multiple digital marketing channels.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social media provides an instantaneous method for viewing and sending digital messages. Through a relaxed environment, consumers and businesses are able share ideas, photos, jokes, events and promotional items. A user can view the profiles of other individuals and companies who are connected via a social media network. If similar interests exist, a small business owner might decide to start a conversation with other members. Social media marketing has the opportunity for entrepreneurs to share information in a reciprocal manner with others members.

Unlike with email marketing, small business owners who embrace social media marketing methods may be able to build a large network of followers. Viewers can easily like or repost a social media message. A social media post could go viral and potentially attract the attention of millions of viewers. Merging a company’s creative content with social media marketing ideas could be a winning strategy for local business owners. Contact Mobile Copywriter today to inquire about digital marketing strategies for small and mid-sized businesses.


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5 Marketing Ideas for Small Business Owners

Marketing Ideas


Increasing the weekly sales for a small business is a challenge that baffles many entrepreneurs. Is there a magic formula for instant success? Not exactly! However, you can use several marketing ideas that are very helpful for many small business owners.

Update Your Website Content

If your web pages are not updated on a consistent basis, your website visitors may return less often. Imagine visiting a website to see the same information over and over again for more than three months. Eventually, a reader who is unable to find fresh information on certain preferred websites may elect to search for sources that provide valuable content on a continuous basis. Regular website updates are recommended for small business owners who want to obtain affordable Internet marketing solutions.

Publish Weekly Blog Posts

Sure, you’re extremely busy. However, readers will not assume that your schedule prevents your blog content from being written. In fact, many readers may have opposing views. The idea that your blog has not been updated for months could signal that your company largely neglects its customers. Delegate your blog writing tasks to someone at your company who has the creative chops to consistently deliver engaging content for your readers. Alternatively, you can outsource your weekly blog posts to experienced copywriting services.

Write a Press Release About a New Development or a New Product Launch

Sharing information about new products, service announcements or recent developments could garner some media attention for your business. A well-composed press release is a great way for a small business owner to get the word out about special offers and newsworthy content that applies to local buyers. Our press release writing services receive above-average online views. We are ready to create a press release for your company.

Embrace Social Media Marketing Ideas

Social media marketing can provide an infinite number of connections for a small business owner. When followers begin to consistently like and share your content with their social media followers, you may experience an exponential number of website visits and purchases. Embracing the power of social media as a powerful form of online marketing could lead to more sales for your business.

Add Search Engine Optimized Content to Your Small Business Website

A variety of Internet marketing strategies may be combined to help promote an online business. Incorporating SEO content into your overall marketing strategy is among the best ways to increase website traffic and online sales for a small business. Contact Mobile Copywriter today to obtain immediate local Internet marketing help for your business.



3 Marketing Tips for a Small Business to Get Found Online

Hire SEO Copywriters

Internet marketing can enable a small business to rank on the first page of the search engines. Learning how to increase website traffic is half of the battle. Using a collection of the most reliable search engine optimization tips might reduce the amount of time that it takes for a small business website to get found online.

Use a Responsive Website Design for Small Businesses

Basic website designs were traditionally formatted to display content on the screens of desktop computers. However, the high demand for mobile computing devices required technological improvements to enhance a user’s viewing experience across various screen sizes. With a responsive website design, small business owners can provide a welcoming user experience for a website visitor who is on a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone.

On April 21, 2015, Google announced that it would penalize websites that failed to offer viewing compatibility with desktop computers and mobile devices. Therefore, having a responsive website design is essential for a small business website to get found online.

Add Weekly Blog Posts to a Small Business Website

For decades, retail stores utilized a window sign to indicate that an establishment was open for business. Without frequent web page updates and regular blog posts, a small business website might appear deserted to visitors and to search engine spiders that continuously crawl the web for new information. To get found online ahead of competing local businesses, an entrepreneur needs to allocate the time or the resources toward maintaining a connection with prospective buyers and with the major search engines.

Weekly blog posts that are added to a small business website provides a great opportunity to engage with visitors and to remain on the radar of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Connect and Engage With Social Media Followers to Get Found Online

Social media marketing provides an infinite opportunity to network with people on a global basis. Social engagement fosters the ideal environment for individuals with similar interests to share and to discuss a variety of topics. Daily social media interaction can enable a small business to get found online faster.

Social media marketing can generate Internet leads for a small business. However, a business that maintains a connection with its followers could increase brand awareness and potentially generate content that goes viral.

Marketing Considerations

For maximum visibility on the search engines, a small business website needs to get found online via the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. High-quality content creation and SEO copywriting are premier methods for building the awareness about a small business website. Mobile Copywriter is a prominent Internet marketing firm for small business owners who want to get a website found on the first page of Google.

Send us a message using the blue button below for support to get found online and to increase visibility for a small business website today.


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Hate Sales: Sell More Business Online – Website Content and Social Media Marketing

Online Sales Content Social Media



Content marketing provides an excellent opportunity for small business owner to generate Internet leads and to increase web-based sales. Frequently, a mortgage adviser, a real estate agent, a web designer or a small business owner may need an automated solution to help streamline certain sales and managerial tasks. Using the power of the Internet, you can increase your annual sales production without making cold calls or without sending thousands of emails each week.

How to Grow Your Business Without Enduring the Typical Sales Process?

Revenue is an important component of a small business that requires payments for certain goods or services. Before any money gets exchanged, a prospective customer will make a decision to move forward with a purchase or to find an alternative solution. In essence, a customer will outlay their hard-earned money for the perceived value of your products or services. So, the initial payment or ongoing revenue that your business receives from a customer is based on the premise that the customer is sold on the benefits that your product or service provides.

Selling is very unnatural for many small business owners. You might provide the best HVAC services in Pennsylvania or high-quality air conditioning repair services in Florida. However, if you hate selling, your business may never reach its true potential.

Digital marketing strategies are helpful for small business owners who hate making personal sales. Using a responsive website and a robust social media marketing strategy, you can put a large portion of your promotional tasks on autopilot.

Website Content to Generate Internet Leads for a Small Business

Many entrepreneurs wonder if it is possible to generate Internet leads for a small business website. Yes, you could generate daily internet leads with high-quality article writing that is designed to provide information and value to your website visitors.

The primary reason that a visitor lands onto your web page is to view content that is relevant to an online search. Once a visitor arrives to view your website, your content needs to do the selling for you. Once again, if prospective clients like your website content, you might consistently generate Internet leads for your business.

Generating Internet Leads With Social Media Marketing

Social media offers a myriad of ways to engage with folks of similar interests. As relationships are formed, you might get purchase orders from some of your followers or you might buy items from people who you follow. With millions of daily social media users, you can build a network of followers who may read and share your content.
Who Helps Small Business Owners With Online Sales and Social Media Marketing?

Mobile Copywriter is a PA-based Internet marketing firm that is dedicated to helping small business with lead generation strategies, online sales and social media marketing. Using a proven marketing process, we provide content writing and SEO copywriting services that enable small business owners to focus on closing more deals.

If you hate selling or you would rather speak with targeted sales prospects, use the button below to contact us today.


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7 Internet Marketing Tips to Get Found Online

7 Tips to Get Found Online


Get found online using search-engine friendly tips to rapidly increase website traffic for small business owners. Aiming for more Internet leads and online sales is a goal that’s shared among competitive entrepreneurs, professional service providers and home-based business owners. Since you already have great products and services, all you need now is a way to share your information with prospective buyers. Within this article you will find 7 Internet marketing tips to get found online faster.

Benefits of Getting Found Online

Why put in the effort to improve your website ranking within the search engines? Prospective buyers are checking out the Internet to find the most relevant resources for auto loans, insurance, furnace repairs, credit card processing, mortgage loans and to locate a reputable real estate agent to sell a home. Staying in front of online shoppers is a great way to drive traffic toward a small business website.

Here are some of the benefits of increased Internet visibility:

· Brand awareness
· Low-cost leads
· Increased website traffic
· Enhanced trust and credibility
· More sales
· Higher profit margins

Internet Marketing Tip # 1) Develop a Strategy

Instead of trying 10 different marketing ideas at once, you can select a few proven methods to formulate your strategy. For instance, Mobile Copywriter uses a 7-Step Process for Content Marketing Success to help its clients generate local leads online.

Internet Marketing Tip # 2) Perform Website Updates

Adding fresh content to your website or blog will reduce the possibility that visitors and search engines will label your site as vacant real estate or a stale website. Include brief content that readers can quickly scan to find the information desired. According to the New York University website, the ideal web page length should display 300 to 700 words for online content.

Internet Marketing Tip # 3) Blog Frequently

Blogging is an excellent way to engage with your readers. Frequent blog posts often lead to a higher percentage of repeat visits to your site. Subscribers who follow your blog might discover a helpful tip or decide to make an online inquiry about your products or services. So, blog frequently to improve your website traffic and your connectivity with readers.

Internet Marketing Tip # 4) Build Social Media Engagement

Social media offers many ways to help small business owners get found online. Active participation can lead to new relationships and business development opportunities. Social media engagement has reciprocal methods for sharing information with a variety of followers. Share valuable information that you think readers will enjoy, and your followers might repost or share some of your content, too.

Internet Marketing Tip # 5) Be Genuine

Authenticity is an extremely valuable trait for an Internet marketer. Many readers have been hoodwinked enough to determine whether an entrepreneur appears to offer credible information. No one wants to get misled in a retail store environment or on the Internet. Remaining true to your values is among the best ways to get the target website traffic that you desire.

Internet Marketing Tip # 6) Avoid Over Promotion Activities

Over the top promotional activities that continuously blast readers with items to buy might become an annoyance factor. Instead, you can differentiate your business by providing readers with more value than you expect in return. For instance, you could implement an Internet marketing strategy that provides a five-to-one ratio for valuable tips before offering a single product or service to buy.

Internet Marketing Tip # 7) Hire a Content Writing Expert

At the end of the day, you’ll need to write a focused agenda that serves as a roadmap for when you wake up the next morning. If your day is too involved for content marketing activities that are needed to get the word out about your business, you can enlist the services of an SEO copywriter or a content writing expert. Well-written content will provide value-added information to your blog or website. Readers might bookmark your information for later references, immediately share certain details with others or decide to contact you about purchasing your products or services.


As a small business owner, your time is best spent managing your operation. Outsourcing your company’s content writing materials for increased reader engagement and seamless lead generation initiatives could result in a winning solution. Ensuring that fresh website content is consistently produced will increase your chances for online selling success. Deciding to work with one of the best web content writing companies will give you a competitive advantage, as well.

Mobile Copywriter provides Internet marketing strategies that are designed to produce real results for small business owners who not only want to get found online, but who desire the opportunity to dominate local Internet leads within their marketplace.

Based in York, PA, Mobile Copywriter is here to help your website get found online by targeted prospects who are searching on Google, Yahoo and Bing for products and services that your company sells.

Use the Awesome Content button below to order content writing online or to get additional details about our helpful Internet lead generation tips.


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Shark Tank Proven – Internet Marketing Strategies for Small Business Owners

As seen on “Shark Tank,” the hit ABC TV show, entrepreneurs who are struggling to raise capital or to obtain local business may build an online selling machine that generates sales via the Internet. Low-cost marketing ideas are great for entrepreneurs who are starting a new business in 2015. Knowing how to steer clear of the crowd is a key ingredient for success.

Bootstrapping for Small Business Owners

Business magazines are filled with thousands of overnight success stories about entrepreneurs who made it to the big leagues within one to two years. Each success story could be followed by 100 or more business owners who closed up shop for a variety of reasons. Bootstrapping is largely a mindset that requires small business owners to maximize their resources to the fullest. Here are some of the ways that enable small business owners to tighten their laces:

· Bulk purchasing
· Networking
· Comparison shopping
· Buying bare essentials
· Bartering
· Crowd funding
· Outsourcing
· Web-based selling

Small Business Owners May Use Internet Marketing Strategies to Get Found Online in 2015

Using proactive strategies, small business owners can get found online with Internet marketing. A robust marketing system could drive daily traffic toward a website for a home based business in 2015, a retail business, a warehouse or toward a mobile enterprise.

With a search engine optimized website, the world could truly become the entrepreneurial oyster for a small business owner who is driven for success. An SEO copywriter can prepare web page content that increases the opportunity for a small business to get found on Google and other search engines.

Content Creation for Targeted Website Traffic

Interesting topics that appear on social media, blogs and company websites might compel readers to submit an inquiry for more information or to purchase certain products online. The best SEO copywriters in 2015 are knowledgeable about content creation strategies that have the potential to drive massive amounts of targeted traffic toward a client’s website. It’s important to display custom content on a website to rank well within the search engines. Hiring a professional SEO copywriter ensures that high quality standards are reflected across a variety of digital formats.


With or without an appearance on “Shark Tank,” entrepreneurs can obtain Internet marketing support for scaling a small business to greater heights. Mobile Copywriter uses the best strategies for SEO copywriting in 2015.

York, PA Internet marketing services via Mobile Copywriter are offered for clients throughout Pennsylvania, Florida, Maryland and for most areas within the United States.

Small business owners may contact Mobile Copywriter about improving brand recognition, ranking online or to get found on Google faster.

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Blogging for Success in a Service Business

Share your passion about anything with a #Blog. See these #Blogging #Success #Tips:


Service businesses frequently require a variety of content marketing strategies to inform prospective clients and existing clients about new developments, informative updates and promotional deals. Rather than being viewed as an annoyance factor, many customers appreciate regular updates from businesses that keep them informed. Blogging is an economical way for business owners to maintain a connection with their customers. As the founder of Mobile Copywriter, I have observed many service businesses with outdated blogs. In this blog post, I share some of the challenges that service business owners experience with regular blog updates.


Lack of Time for Blogging


A busy entrepreneur might focus most of his energy on sales and operations. The time that’s needed to craft a blog gets brushed aside week-after-week and month-after-month. Before long, the initial goals for a blog could begin to fizzle. Service business owners must allocate time for blogging or hire a writing specialist for the task. Ideally, a professional SEO article writer should be hired to maintain weekly or monthly blog posts. Blogging for success in a service business may even require several daily blog posts to outshine nearby competitors.


Limited Blog Updates Due to Writer’s Block


Writer’s block occasionally baffles some of the best wordsmiths. On a typical day, service business owners may have many things to juggle that are more important than gazing into a word document for possible writing ideas. Let’s face it, everyone would create multiple blog posts each day, if the right thoughts and words magically appeared on the computer screen. The more frequently that a person writes, the easier it becomes to hurdle writer’s block in a smooth stride to the finish line. Professional writers generally spend an enormous amount of time conducting research and developing content for a variety of subjects. Hiring a professional SEO article writer instead of dealing with writer’s block could enable a service business owner to concentrate on other tasks.


Blogging Costs are Too Expensive


In many businesses, you pay for what you get. For instance, a power washing company might charge $150 to clean the entire exterior structure of a home. A company that charges $350 might provide a better value or service guarantee than the firm with a super low price point. Blogging, professional SEO article writing and web content marketing costs may range from $1 to over $300 for a 300-word document. Writers are independent business owners who provide a valuable service, too. Would you trust a service business that provided professional auto painting for only $25? Most professional bloggers usually charge more than 10 cents per word. So, a business owner might get marginal quality for a 300-word blog post that’s priced for less than $30. However, a blogger who charges 20 cents per word would require $60 per 300-word blog post. At a minimum of one blog post per month, a business owner might be able to secure a rate of $60. Blog posts that occur twice per month would cost $120. As the number of blog posts increase, a business owner’s costs would multiply. For less than the daily costs of a flavored latte, a service business owner could have a blog that’s published on a bi-weekly basis. Avoiding the myths that echo blogging costs are too expensive could enable a business owner to deliver regular content to its customers.


Why is Blogging Such a Big Deal for a Business?


Many entrepreneurs are realizing that blogging for success in a service business is extremely necessary. Prior to making a purchase many consumers will perform a search query using Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines. Quality content is needed for a business to appear within the search engine results page (SERPs). Blogging on a consistent basis provides fresh content for SERPs to locate. Consumers often select the search results that are delivered on the first few pages for a specific query. If the website for a service business does not rank within the first few pages of a search engine, consumers are unlikely to find information about that particular company. Blogging is a big deal for service businesses, as it increases the opportunity for consumers and for search engines to locate a website.


Will a Blog or Website That Looks Great Attract a Lot of Visitors?


Not necessarily! While an aesthetically appealing blog or website is a plus, search engines will not find a website without content. A prudent business owner should seek to obtain a blog or a website that looks great and includes a robust amount of content. Many service business owners spend a disproportionate amount of their budget toward the design elements of a website. Blogging for success in a service business will require the frequent creation of new materials. A knowledgeable SEO writer can craft engaging content for a blog or a website.


Social Media Marketing Versus Blogging


Blogging and social media marketing utilize different strategies. However, with a blended effort, a service business owner could generate more website traffic. A blog post that resonates with social media followers might be shared among thousands of viewers. If the post goes viral, a service business could generate increased website traffic, additional leads or higher sales revenues. A web content marketing professional or an SEO copywriter who understands article writing for the web could integrate a successful blogging and social media marketing campaign for a service business.


Benefits of Regular Blog Posts


Blogging provides a low-cost method for business owners to keep consumers up-to-date on certain industry developments or promotional incentives. A blog also provides a voice that invites comments, objections and useful feedback. A service business can discover some of the things that are important to consumers via certain blog posts. Additional blogging benefits include:


  • Quick content delivery
  • Shareable information
  • Improved search engine recognition
  • Ability to gain followers
  • Increased industry authority



A digital connection with consumers is important for small, medium and large businesses. With the help of a copywriting professional, a service business owner could expand the popularity of their website. As consumers rely on mobile devices more frequently, service business owners may need to hire a copywriter who can explain difficult concepts that website visitors and social media followers can easily understand. Contact Mobile Copywriter for information about blogging for success in a service business.


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