Copywriting and Content Marketing to Increase Website Traffic – Post #424

Copywriting And Content Marketing


Achieving a first page search engine ranking is the best way to obtain organic Internet leads. However, additional online sales may be realized with an increase in website traffic. High-quality copywriting and content marketing services can attract more visitors to a small business website.

SEO Copywriting and Content Marketing Services to Get Found Online

Entrepreneurs who understand their businesses better than anyone else may provide superb products and services. Incidentally, online marketing and persuasive copy might not be your greatest strengths. Working with copywriting and content marketing experts could enable your website to get found online much faster.

Copywriters who specialize in search engine optimization can create sales-oriented content that obtains top-level search engine rankings. Unless your writing is flawless, you should look into hiring copywriters who provide high-quality content writing services.

Search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are looking for authoritative content to display in the upper portions of their search engine results pages (SERPs).

Low-quality and marginal content will never get anywhere near the first page of the SERPs. If your current website content and blog posts are not attracting quality website visitors and qualified Internet leads, you can hire a copywriter to get better results.

Great blog posts and web page content will not get found online if web-based users are unable to locate your information.

Does Your Company Need SEO Copywriting and Content Marketing Services?

Many entrepreneurs are unsure about trying new online marketing strategies. However, waiting to reach the first page of Google or to naturally increase website traffic without a proven keyword marketing plan could result in many missed opportunities. The best way to determine if your business needs copywriting and content marketing to increase website traffic is to perform a few basic tasks.

Step 1. Write down the names of your top 5 products or services.

Step 2. Add your city and state to the end of the listed items. (such as, SEO Copywriter York, PA)

Step 3. Perform a Google search using one of items that you listed, along with your city and state.

Step 4. Look on the first page of Google and the second page to see if your website appears within the organic
search engine results.

Step 5. Repeat the process for the remaining items.

Step 6. Contact Mobile Copywriter if your website does not appear in Google’s first page search engine results.

Ranking on the first page of the major search engines will provide better opportunities for you to increase website traffic for your business.

Based in York, PA, Mobile Copywriter is the nation’s best SEO copywriting and content marketing service to generate website traffic and Internet leads for small businesses.



Local Internet Marketing Leads

Local Internet Marketing Leads


Sales leads are used to connect a business with targeted buyers. Marketing leads from an online copywriter can enable small and mid-sized businesses to realize higher revenues. Mobile Copywriter provides content writing services to attract local Internet marketing leads.

Business Marketing Leads

Whether a company needs to obtain B2B leads or B2C leads, a professional copywriter can create content that generates additional website traffic and targeted Internet leads for a small business. Using search engine optimized copywriting methods is a great way to get business marketing leads online. We can help a small business obtain insurance leads for agents or Internet mortgage lead referrals.

Get Found Online to Obtain Local Internet Marketing Leads

Without a favorable search engine ranking, a small business will need to rely on pay-per-click advertising and display ads to receive a decent amount of website traffic. However, companies that have strong SEO content may be able to generate local Internet marketing leads without advertising. Our SEO copywriting strategies help small businesses obtain targeted Internet leads.

Essentially, a small business website must get found online among local shoppers to have the opportunity to compete against other companies. When using engaging content writing to get found online, an entrepreneur can expect to receive more local Internet marketing leads. Consumers cannot order service from companies that are not visible on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

We can help your company improve its website ranking for keywords that you want to get found online.

Local Internet Marketing Leads for Small Business Owners

Local business advertising may not be a viable option for smaller companies. However, sales leads are needed among small and large businesses. Our content writing and marketing system provides excellent ways to attract more leads for a small business.

Contact Mobile Copywriter for local Internet marketing leads and search engine optimization services for small business owners.

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Local Business Marketing Strategies to Get Free Internet Leads

Local Business Marketing Strategies


Free Internet leads may be generated via a variety of business marketing strategies. With a strong Internet presence, a small business website could appear on the first page of Google and Bing. Mobile Copywriter offers local business marketing strategies to get free Internet leads and more online sales.

Update Web Page Content

Small business websites need content to get found online and to rank on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. However, it is important for a small business to update its web page content on a regular basis. Website visitors will become bored from reading the same information. Search engine crawlers are continuously looking for fresh website content, too. Our web page content services will give readers and search engines new information to review.

Use Social Media for Local Business Marketing Strategies

Socializing with industry professionals and folks with similar interest could be a positive way to market a small business. Through a variety of social media marketing platforms, an entrepreneur can initiate local business marketing strategies to obtain free Internet leads.

As a powerful communications medium, social media enables consumers and businesses to network without paying any usage fees. In a reciprocal manner, a small business owner can provide and receive various support services via social media contacts. Our content marketing process uses social media to help generate free Internet leads.

Order Weekly Blog Posts to Get Free Internet Leads

Frequent blog posts will provide readers with helpful information, tips, new service offerings, promotional incentives and other details. As readership and blog subscribers increase, a small business could receive more website traffic and free Internet leads.

Ordering weekly blog posts can enable a small business owner to concentrate on sales and management tasks. Contact Mobile Copywriter today to order weekly blog posts for local business marketing strategies and to generate free Internet leads.
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Hire SEO Company Online for Sales Leads

Hire SEO Company


Local Internet marketing services can increase exposure and website traffic for a small business. Companies that specialize in search engine optimization will use strategic methods to improve a website’s ranking online. Mobile Copywriter is best SEO company to hire for online support.

Why SEO Works for Local Businesses?

Search engine optimization is used to help a website obtain a higher ranking online. Using a variety of proven methods to attract search engine attention, an SEO copywriter can substantially increase website traffic. As online visibility improves for a local business, an entrepreneur may begin to notice that SEO works faster than standard content creation methods.

Hire SEO Company to Get Sales Leads Online

Let’s face it. Lead generation online is very difficult. Typically, a small business owner has two options to consider for compiling online leads. Local Internet advertising is a viable choice for companies with a large marketing budget. Through daily preset spending limits, a small business can gain Internet leads via display ads and pay-per-click campaigns. Conversely, a company that wants to consider low-cost methods to generate sales leads online can hire an SEO company for local Internet marketing help.

SEO Service for Article Writing and Content Marketing

Hiring an SEO company is a great idea for small business owners. An SEO company that works with experienced copywriters will be uniquely qualified to create and to market various types of content. Copywriters spend a lot of time studying the best ways to sell items online.

High-quality article writing that is paired with an amazing content marketing strategy will lead to more website traffic, Internet leads and online sales for local business owners. Entrepreneurs who decide to hire an SEO company online will have a huge advantage over local businesses that are unwilling to make an investment to increase their web-based earnings.

Contact Mobile Copywriter today to inquire about Internet marketing for local businesses and to hire SEO company professionals.
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Creative Marketing Ideas to Generate Sales Leads Online

Creative Marketing Ideas


Internet promotions can create a buzz for a small business. Understanding how to find local customers is a common challenge for companies with a limited marketing budget. Mobile Copywriter uses creative marketing ideas to help entrepreneurs generate targeted sales leads online.

Business Marketing Ideas

Small business owners need an economical way to promote valuable products and services toward prospective buyers. Low-cost business marketing ideas may be used to attract more online shoppers. However, the best business marketing ideas are worthless to companies that fail to change a process that does not produce the desired results.

Marketing a Small Business With Creative Content

Attention-grabbing materials are often needed to capture a reader’s interest. Small business owners must avoid using bland descriptions and technical jargon that is too difficult for readers to decipher. Creative content must be phenomenal to achieve a high level of reader engagement. Otherwise, the content just appears as meaningless words on a page.

A business that uses creative marketing ideas to reach new customers might standout among companies that rely on conservative promotional strategies. We use an inexpensive content creation process that helps small businesses increase online sales.

Write Attractive Headlines and Subheadings

Headlines are the gateway toward amazing content. Typically, a headline or an image will be the leading reason that a reader becomes motivated to click onto a blog post or a website article. Detailed headlines and subheadings may be used to pull readers toward valuable content. Clearly written headings and subheadings could also improve the search engine ranking for a variety of pages within a website.

Get Found Online With Creative Marketing Ideas

The most creative marketing ideas, headlines, keywords and website articles are useless if the content is not highly visible online. To generate sales leads on the Internet, a small business must be able to get found online for its most popular products and services. Contact Mobile Copywriter today about creative marketing ideas to get found online and about affordable content that generates sales leads online.
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Internet Leads: Best Ways to Increase Online Engagement

Increase Online engagement


Gaining a connection with prospective customers is half of the battle for online marketers. So, how would you get the process started? A display of high-quality content that features a call-to-action is the way to get the ball rolling with consumers who might buy your products or services. Mobile Copywriter is dedicated to finding the best ways to increase online engagement with local buyers.

Generating Internet Leads

Smart marketers have typically tried a variety of online marketing tactics to reach local consumers. After attempting to generate low-cost Internet leads through various resources, content writing usually stands out among the most viable alternatives. Embracing a reliable strategy to generate Internet leads could set a small business owner ahead of local entrepreneurs. We use a proven method for content marketing success that minimizes the guesswork for generating Internet leads for small business owners.

Social Media Networking

Networking with social media followers is a great way to increase online engagement with local consumers. Whether using Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, a small business owner could engage with a multitude of followers who are interested in a variety of products or services. While instant sales may not occur, social media provides opportunities to increase online engagement with followers who might want to buy your products or services at some point in time.

Weekly Blog Posts to Increase Online Engagement

A small business blog provides a great way to communicate with subscribers and prospective buyers. Posting weekly blog content is a premier way to increase engagement with website visitors who might want to make a purchase from your company. We help small business owners with local Internet advertising and content marketing solutions that generate Internet leads.

While a systemized approach is recommended to increase online engagement with local consumers, you can save a lot of time and money with a process that avoids trial and error. Contact Mobile Copywriter about generating low-cost Internet leads and about the best ways to increase online engagement with web-based users.


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Local Marketing Strategy: Lead Generation With Organic Search Engine Results

Organic Search Engine Results


Organic search engine results are provided when a user performs a web-based query. In many cases, Internet ads also appear above and below the non-sponsored search engine results. Small businesses can work with Mobile Copywriter to create a local marketing strategy.

Generating Leads Online

Paid advertising campaigns enable small business owners to generate leads online. While some categories for sponsored Internet leads are affordable, marketers can spend a fortune for competitive terms. Local pay-per-click ads are expensive for terms, such as legal leads, insurance leads and mortgage leads.

Free Internet Leads From Search Engines

Creative content marketing strategies are used to generate free Internet leads. Non-sponsored websites that are reflected within a search engine results page are recognized as free listings or organic search engine results. With high-quality content writing and marketing services, a small business website can obtain free Internet leads from search engines. We provide local Internet marketing solutions to increase website traffic and online sales.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars each month on display ads or toward pay-per-click ads, entrepreneurs can generate daily Internet leads with a customized local marketing strategy.

Local Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

Using content that is relative to a company’s products or services, we can create a local marketing strategy that will resonate with website visitors. Sharing engaging content that informs readers about a company’s recent activities, competitive advantages and current promotional offers is an ideal way to connect with local buyers. Our local marketing strategy for small businesses gets results quickly.

Hire Search Engine Marketing Experts to Generate Organic Search Engine Results

Small business owners and marketing managers can outsource certain lead generation tasks to a search engine marketing expert. To get daily Internet leads, it takes time and a lot of content to consistently generate organic search engine results. Among the best local Internet marketing services in PA, Mobile Copywriter helps small businesses generate organic search engine results via Google, Yahoo and Bing. Contact us today for a local marketing strategy to get found on the most popular search engines in the United States.

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Hire a Copywriter for Call-to-Action Content Writing

Hire a Copywriter
Hire a Copywriter

Copywriter generated content can increase engagement for small business owners who want specific messages to resonate with website readers. Whether a sales page, website articles or press releases are needed to gain traction online, a copywriting expert can craft exceptional content that compels readers to take some sort of additional steps. Now is the best time to hire a copywriter.

Why Hire a Copywriter?

In a nutshell, copywriters create call-to-action content and marketing pieces that lead to increased sales conversions and higher profits for small business owners. Enlisting the support of an affordable copy-producing expert typically results in the best content writing services and Internet marketing strategies for a small business budget. Within a professional copywriter’s toolbox are search engine optimization skills and analytical-based research to identify the best keywords for a blog or the best keywords for web page content.

What is the Buzz About SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting is a content creation method that attracts search engine attention with user-friendly information. For the past few years, SEO copywriting has generated quite a buzz. Some people love the results from SEO copywriting services. Getting more website traffic and increased brand awareness can do wonders for an entrepreneur with a limited marketing budget. However, there are some individuals who feel that search engine optimization is overrated.

One thing remains clear. Consumers are spending more time on mobile devices and on the Internet. Smart business owners want to use the power of Internet marketing to connect with online shoppers. Two primary methods are used to attract prospective buyers to a company’s website. Small business Internet leads are usually generated from paid advertising initiatives or via free Internet leads.

Advertisements that appear on some search engine results pages are generally shown above or beneath the free search engine results. Savvy business owners can use SEO copywriting to obtain free Internet leads. Known as organic search results, free Internet leads may be generated from targeted marketing campaigns.

At the moment, for results that appear on the first page of Google and other popular search engines, such as Yahoo and Bing, only 10 organic Internet results are shown for a specific web-based search.

The challenge for many businesses is to get found online amongst millions of competing websites. SEO copywriting provides the best way to get the word out about an online business. Most online shoppers trust Google’s first page search results. As a result, the majority of web-based users rarely click onto the second page of Google’s search engine results.


Online competition is fierce for local sales and for global sales, too. Beyond having an attractive website or blog, small business owners need to get found online, maintain the attention of readers and feature a call-to-action that ultimately increases sales.

Mobile Copywriter provides outstanding SEO copywriting services, blog writing services and a variety of affordable content writing services for small business owners.

Use the button below hire a copywriter for call-to-action content writing that excites readers to make online purchases from your company.

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Increase Website Traffic With Free Internet Leads

Free Internet Leads


Organic search engine rankings can provide free Internet leads for a small business. Whether you own an HVAC business, an insurance agency, a real estate firm, a mortgage company or you operate another type of business, a fresh supply of targeted Internet leads could create a lifeline for your sales team. Revenues are more likely to increase when sales reps are not scrambling throughout the week to find high-quality Internet leads.

Most Business Owners Want to Increase Website Traffic

Similar to a Black Friday Sales Event, your website could attract a massive number of prospects who are eager to do business with your company. However, if you are a business owner who has spent a large portion of your funds on the design elements of your website, you might experience huge disappointments. Many retail business owners and web-based business owners have been led to believe that a nicely built storefront will attract people who frequently visit and make repeat purchases.

A retail store with a great appearance is not guaranteed to generate any sales. The same logic is true for a small business website that looks fabulous. Marketing usually separates business owners with flat sales from firms with robust sales revenues. Using a consistent content marketing strategy is the best way for a small business owner to increase website traffic.

Get Free Internet Leads From Organic Search Engine Results

Organic results are provided when a web-based user performs an online search. Within a matter of seconds, a user will see a list of results that are related to a specific inquiry. There are usually two types of results that a user can expect to receive. The first results are typically advertisements that are relevant to the user’s search query. Paid advertisements are billed to a business when certain ads are displayed or clicked by a web user. Organic rankings are the second type of search engine results. Small business owners do not pay for website traffic that is generated from organic search engine results.

Entrepreneurs with a limited marketing budget can implement digital marketing strategies to obtain organic Internet leads. Your sales reps can make better use of their time by reaching out to targeted prospects who are interested in your products or services. Free Internet leads should also increase your company’s profit margins.

Instead of spending an enormous amount of money on Internet leads, your small business may be able to increase website traffic, generate more Internet leads and close more sales.


Whether you are operating a start up or a company that has been in business for a few years, you can improve your website ranking. A diligent approach to content creation, keyword usage, web page articles, blogs, press releases and social media may direct more business toward your company. Mobile Copywriter can help you with professional insight that increases website traffic for your business and generates Organic Internet leads.

Are you ready to supercharge your website traffic? Use the button below to get more information about free Internet leads.


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Oil-Tree Marketing Concept

Searching for Hot Leads


Content marketing provides an economical way for small business owners to enhance brand awareness and to generate Internet leads. Using a variety of low-cost marketing ideas, entrepreneurs can implement several effective strategies to get found online. As a unique method to compete against larger businesses, Mobile Copywriter developed a content creation strategy that is known as the “Organic Internet Leads – Tree Marketing Concept” — to help smaller companies.

About Organic Internet Leads

Organic Internet leads are free search engine driven results. When a web-based user performs an online search with a specific word or a phrase, search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing will display a list of 10 results per page. For competitive search terms, a variety of advertisements may appear above and below the organically displayed results.

Organic listings are recognized as natural search engine results. Companies such as Google and Yahoo use complex algorithms to methodically create search engine rankings. Based on a user’s keyword entry or keyword phrase, a search engine will return a chronological list of results that are based on authoritative content and relevant information.

Unlike display ads, organic Internet leads are shown without any cost to the website owner. Additionally, a website owner will not incur any costs when a web-based user clicks onto organic Internet results. However, using pay-per-click strategies for lead generation, a website owner pays a fee to the corresponding search engine for each website visitors who arrives via a click-able hyperlink.

Why Use an Organic Internet Leads Strategy Versus Paid Advertisements?

Paid advertisements can provide a reliable stream of Internet leads. However, a website owner usually needs a war chest that is filled with a large amount of cash to compete against companies with enormous marketing budgets. Using a strategy that generates free Internet leads or organic Internet leads can last for longer time frames than traditional marketing methods.

Creative content marketing strategies from Mobile Copywriter are designed with evergreen concepts in mind. Using content that attracts online shoppers and search engines for many years is the goal. However, small business owners who primarily rely upon pay-per-click ads or display ads may receive less website traffic or Internet leads, as the result of being outbid by competitors or a depleted marketing budget.

“Oil–Tree Marketing Concept” to Get Found Online

Small business owners are frequently searching for prominent ways to get found online. During a typical week, an entrepreneur might have a limited amount of time for content creation, blogging or sending a timely press release to well-known media outlets. Many small business owners are unsure of the advantages of Internet marketing. However, the ease of transitioning from traditional advertising methods to digital marketing concepts usually keeps them intrigued.

An occasional dive into Facebook advertising, Google pay-per-click ads or Yahoo display advertising might yield results that are undesirable. Paid forms of online marketing require lots of research to gain a competitive edge. Organic Internet leads are formulated as brand awareness builds, website traffic increases and as visitors are guided to take some form of action. Perhaps, a website visitor will become a social media follower, subscribe to an email list, register for a newsletter or decide to make an online purchase.

The initial goal of the “Oil-Tree Marketing Concept” is to help an entrepreneur get a website found online. Why? Because, great website content is only valuable to folks who get an opportunity to see it. Enhanced brand awareness for relevant information that a company shares could result in increased website traffic.

How Does the “Oil-Tree Marketing Concept” Work?

A harvesting approach is used to begin the “Oil-Tree Marketing Concept.” As a farmer would sow a row of seeds with the right mixture of fertilizer,water and other ingredients, small business owners should consider using the “Oil-Tree Marketing Concept” as a weed-free path toward a more fruitful business, versus a mixed bag of purposeless content.

Mobile Copywriter reviews a business owner’s goals, creates an actionable strategy and begins the process for the “Oil-Tree Marketing Concept.” Here is how it’s done:


As shown on the image above, Mobile Copywriter begins to formulate its marketing ideas from the ground up.

· Goals
· Strategy
· Process

The website is the hub or core that support online activity. Mobile Copywriter uses a branching theory for the nucleus of a vibrant content distribution strategy.

· Base
· Relevant Branches

Content that is used to engage website visitors is built around a variety of related subjects.

· Topics

The “Oil-Tree Marketing Concept” provides the ultimate strategy for sales professionals who need targeted Internet leads. For instance, a mortgage loan officer can concentrate on building content around specific topics for home buyers to get more purchase leads. Through informative content creation methods, a loan officer can share details about debt consolidation or a term reduction via a refinance loan. Additionally, topics that discuss ways to improve a prospective borrower’s credit rating might generate Internet leads for a mortgage company.

The following image reflects a sample display of the “Oil-Tree Marketing Concept” for a mortgage company.

Oil-Tree Marketing Concept

Best Types of Businesses for the “Oil-Tree Marketing Concept”

Mobile Copywriter aims to help small business owners who need low-cost marketing ideas to compete against local competitors and against larger regional companies. While most businesses can benefit from the strategies used to generate more website traffic and more online sales, the following entities are some of the best types of businesses for the “Oil-Tree- Marketing Concept.”

· Mortgage Companies
· Insurance Companies
· Home Improvement Companies
· Merchant Processing Companies
· Commercial Cleaning Companies
· Moving Companies
· Landscaping Companies
· Real Estate Agencies
· PR Firms
· Accounting Firms
· Law Firms
· Payday Lenders
· HVAC Contractors
· Plumbers
· Electricians
· Roofers
· Travel Agencies
· Home Builders
· Car Dealers
· Locksmiths
· Mobile Businesses
· Limousine Businesses
· Home-Based Businesses
· Ecommerce Businesses


Research has shown that most web-based users will not click beyond the results that are displayed on a search engine’s first page. An improvement in a company’s website ranking could enable a business to get found online faster. With a first page ranking on popular search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, a website owner will have an opportunity to receive more Organic Internet leads. Our methods prove that leads can grow on trees!

Yes, I want organic Internet leads!


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