Writing Articles to Increase Website Traffic – Post #444

Writing Articles


Article writing services provide helpful ways for a local company to increase website traffic. When products or services are promoted online, a local company can share search-engine friendly content that readers love to discover. Internet marketing professionals recommend writing articles to increase website traffic and to get found online faster.

Why Writing Articles Will Increase Website Traffic for a Small Business?

Professionally written web articles that are search engine optimized can secure premier rankings on Google. Content that gets a lot of visibility has a higher probability of generating website traffic versus content that does not rank well in the search engines.

Some companies could write more than five articles and blog posts each day without breaking into the top 10 pages of Google’s search engine results. A competitor that employs an experienced digital marketing team may have the ability to create a single piece of content each month that ultimately ranks well in the search engines. So, where is the reassurance that writing articles for a content marketing strategy will ever work for a small business?

There is not a guarantee that a business of any size will have success with content creation or local marketing. However, business owners can hire a copywriter online to generate inbound marketing leads versus employing and entire team of creative professionals.

Outsourcing certain content creation tasks to an expert could enable a company to focus on sales and customer service. It is a prudent idea to hire SEO copywriters who are writing articles for mortgage companies, insurance firms, real estate agent, dentists, plumbers, HVAC contractors and other small businesses.

Working with SEO copywriters who can create content that is search-engine friendly is a great way to increase website traffic ahead of competitors who are trying to do-it-themselves.

Writing Articles to Get Found Online Can Increase Website Traffic

Contrary to popular belief, web content that fails to go viral could still make a meaningful impact with a targeted audience. Although, for desktop computer users and for mobile users to locate a company’s content, it is extremely important to get found online for targeted keywords and keyword phrases. Anyone can start writing articles that sound good. However, writing articles to get found online is a completely different story.

Hiring a copywriting expert is the best way to increase a company’s visibility online. In fact, small and medium-sized businesses that enlist the services of a professional copywriter will save time and money. While there is not a race toward the top of local search engine rankings, companies that get found online sooner than other competitors may increase website traffic, generate Internet leads and obtain online sales in a shorter time frame.

Why SEO Copywriters are Writing Articles Online for Small Business Owners

Article writing success takes time and patience to obtain profitable business results online. Typically, a small business owner will not have the time to allocate toward article writing for the long haul. When it comes to making the decision about what to write, when to write and where the writing will have the most rewards, many small business owners are not prepared to create a consistent wave of content every week.

SEO copywriters can write articles and content for web pages, blog posts, social media posts, press releases and for newsletters. Busy entrepreneurs can hire copywriters who are writing articles online that are designed to increase awareness, build trust and generate leads for local businesses.

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SEO Company Uses Content Creation Services for Lead Generation

Content Creation Services For Lead Generation


Starting a lead generation campaign is time consuming for business owners. Outsourcing a company’s content creation services can result in more inbound leads. Mobile Copywriter combines its strengths as an SEO company, Internet marketing firm and high-quality article writing service to provide affordable lead generation strategies for local businesses.

What are the Best Lead Generation Methods Online?


Blogging – Informative blog posts are a great way to generate leads online. When website visitors subscribe to a company’s blog, a variety of ideas and helpful tips could compel readers to return for future blog posts. Mortgage and real estate professionals can close more deals with weekly blog posts.

Landing Pages

Landing Page – Using a landing page to obtain contact information for a website visitor is ideal for lead generation. While some web pages are designed to provide information, products or services, a landing page serves as a brief form to quickly capture a visitor’s name, email address, interests or other details. Copywriters create landing pages that convert more online sales.

Lead Generation Website

Lead Generation Website – A lead generation website can enhance a company’s opportunities to connect with web-based buyers. Using a search engine optimized website will enable a business to attract leads for many keyword terms and phrases. Sales professionals who work for real estate agencies, insurance firms, mortgage companies, HVAC contractors, dentists, accounting firms, merchant processing companies, law firms and other businesses can obtain an SEO website for lead generation.

Share on Twitter

Social Media – Networking via popular social media platforms can enable an entrepreneur to generate additional sales leads. Interacting with a network of social media followers may lead to more website traffic and business opportunities.

Use a Variety of Content Creation Services for Lead Generation

Content creation services can attract visitors toward a small business website or a blog. Using a multipronged approach to discover what works is a great way to test certain content creation assets. To obtain more online sales, a local business can try some of the best ways to generate Internet leads.

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5 Top Tips to Rank on the First Page of Search Engines With Content

Rank in Search Engines


As a small business owner, you are probably in a competitive industry if your website does not rank on the first page of the major search engines. If you are frustrated with the process of search engine optimization, you may enjoy the helpful tips within this blog post for small business owners. You can take a few steps to improve your website’s ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Want to know how to increase website traffic for a small business?

You are not alone. The answer puzzles some of the hardest working small business owners. However, you can follow the recommended actions to achieve greater success.
A stronger search engine ranking could result in more website traffic and Internet leads. Using the 5 tips below may result in better search engine rankings for your website.

Tip 1) Avoid Thin Article Content

Google considers article content or blog posts that are 200 words or less as thin content. Essentially, the author had very little to write about the topic. Therefore, Google provides more favorable rankings for content that exceeds 200 words.

Bonus Tip – Mobile Copywriter Recommends That Small Business Owners Focus Their Content Creation Efforts on Producing Twice the Standard, or at least 400-word items. (By the way, this post has 646 words)

Tip 2) Eliminate Outdated Information

Aged information becomes stale. Not only will search engines reduce a web page ranking for outdated information, your readers want and deserve content that is refreshing. You must take the time to constantly improve content that appears on your website.

Bonus Tip – Outsourcing Certain Content Assignments Could Ensure That You Hard Earned Website Rankings Continue to Improve. Small Business Owners Can Outsource Their Content Creation Assignments to Mobile Copywriter.

Tip 3) Proofread Everything Several Times to Avoid Grammatical Errors

Maintaining a website that is error-free is easier said than done. However, search engines want to deliver the highest quality results to its users. So, when a search engine spider crawls a web page, it can tell whether the content resembles content from Copyblogger or the work of an unpolished writer.

Bonus Tip – Use Spell Check and Online Grammar Tools When You Are Creating Content for Your Website or Blog.

Tip 4) – Use Authoritative Content

For obvious reasons, you want to create content that is credible. Know that search engines can largely tell when a page contains a writer’s ramblings and opinions. Similarly, modern search engine rankings suggest that it’s more than evident that researched website content is highly distinguishable.

Bonus Tip – Do Not Rush the Content Creation Process. Take the Time That You Need to Produce High-Quality Article Writing. Additionally, If You Need to Hire Affordable Content Writers, You Should Avoid $5 Article Producers Who Must Rush Each Assignment to Make a Living.

Tip 5) – Maintain a Content Creation Schedule

Consistently adding valuable content to your website will give readers new materials to review. After all, no one wants to continuously return to a website that has not been updated for several months or more.

Social media is so engaging because many of its users are very inquisitive. There is a resounding desire for consumers and for business owners to keep their pulse in tune to ideas and influencers who remain on the cutting edge.

Bonus Tip – Submit New Website Content Each Week. Search Engine Rankings Are Generally Higher For Small Businesses With Frequent Website Contributions.


Your website can rank on the first page of the search engines when your content includes relevant keywords, phrases and the above tips. SEO factors such as page speed and backlinks are also important for a small business website to get found online.

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