Content Marketing Strategies to Increase Loan Officer Salaries – Post #416

Loan Officer Salaries


Hourly pay rates are typical for many professional jobs. However, mortgage loan officers rarely work traditional banking hours from 9 to 5. Using the power of digital marketing, it is possible to increase loan officer salaries with high-quality website content.

Who is Responsible for Increasing Loan Officer Salaries?

The answer may largely depend on a company’s compensation structure. Salaried loan officers might receive minimal bonuses and commissions. Mortgage professionals who are paid on a commission-only basis could receive a generous level of compensation for funded transactions.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, loan officers had median earnings of $63,650 in 2016. With earnings that are more than 30 percent above median pay rates in the United States, loan officer salaries may provide a comfortable lifestyle for motivated professionals.

In a nutshell, loan officers must hustle to make huge earnings in the mortgage industry. Professionals who roll up their sleeves to do whatever it takes to find new applicants and referral sources are bound to exceed the production levels of unmotivated order takers.

Owing the responsibility for personal production is a top characteristic among originators with the highest loan officer salaries. So, it is wise to avoid waiting for fancy television commercials, mail campaigns or telemarketers to generate mortgage leads. For loan officers who want to take control of their earnings, vibrant content marketing strategies offer winning solutions.

Best Content Marketing Ideas to Skyrocket Loan Officer Salaries

Content is king! It allows companies and individuals to build trust and relationships with prospective customers. High-quality content writing can attract targeted mortgage leads for purchase and refinance transactions. Shown below are ideas that can skyrocket loan officer salaries with professional content writing.

  • Web page content
  • Weekly blog posts
  • Press releases
  • Social media networking

While some lenders and loan officers will attempt to create their own content, it is not advisable. The best results in any profession are usually performed by an expert.

For instance, an experienced loan processor or an underwriter could probably write a home loan for a new mortgage applicant. However, it’s probably not the best use of a processor’s time, and some specific options or disclosures may be overlooked.

The same logic is applicable for content that is used to market a website. When other companies are competing to get found online, it makes sense to have a content marketing expert handling the assignment.

There is no reason to have a beautiful website that does not generate Internet leads. Companies that are not generating website traffic and Internet leads are clearly using the wrong content marketing strategy.

The best content marketing strategies add higher visibility and brand awareness for small business websites. Copywriters are skilled in content creation methods that entice readers to pick up the phone or to fill out a contact form on a company’s website.

Working with a copywriter who understands how to promote content in ways that are search engine friendly can quickly increase loan officer salaries.

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Mortgage Marketing Strategies to Make Over $100,000 Per Year – Post #408

Mortgage Marketing Strategies


Loan originators have opportunities to earn more than six-figures per year. However, many originators are content with minimal earnings and job security. Mobile Copywriter is on a mission to share mortgage marketing strategies that help loan originators make over $100,000 per year.

Is it Possible for Average Loan Originators to Earn Over $100,000 Annually?

Absolutely. With dedication and persistence, a mortgage loan originator can consistently earn six figures. Rather than merely dreaming about larger commissions checks or about regulations that can hamper production, loan originators can focus on mortgage marketing strategies to close more business.

By the numbers, a loan originator would need to have average earnings of $25,000 per quarter or earnings of $8,334 month to reach $100K annually. While the earnings may seem out of reach, a motivate loan originator could hit these figures with ease.

Reaching $25,000 in earnings for one quarter would require closing $2,500,000 in business for commissioned loan officers (assuming a 1 percent rate of commission). For loan officers who earn a salary and a commission, reaching $25,000 in earnings for one quarter would require closing less than $3,200,000 in business (assuming a .50 percent rate of commission and a base salary of $3,000 per month).

Based on an average loan size of $250,000, a loan officer who only receives commission would need to close 10 loans per quarter. An ideal mix of closings might resemble 3 loans closed in month number one, followed by 4 closings in month number two and 3 loans closed in month number three.

In exchange for a base salary, a loan officer who receives a lower commission rate would need to close 13 loans per quarter (based on the above example). The ideal mix of closings might resemble 4 loans closed in the first month, followed by 4 loans closed in the second month and 5 loans closed in the third month.

With a sufficient amount of daily leads, a loan originator who can submit a new deal each day will grow their pipeline by 20 loans per month (excluding weekends). That amounts to 60 new loans per quarter. However, with only half as much production (30 loans originated per quarter), closing 10 to 13 loans per month is still a very manageable task.

Hiring a Copywriter for Mortgage Marketing Strategies to Get Free Leads

Copywriters can create content to generate free inbound leads. Using website content, blog posts and press releases, a copywriter can design compelling materials that motivate prospective borrowers to take action. We use a 7-Step Process for Content Marketing Success that increases website traffic and builds engagement with local home buyers.

Effective mortgage marketing strategies deliver insightful tips and valuable information that readers enjoy. With a social media marketing strategy and search engine optimized copywriting, a loan originator will easily be able to close more business. Hire a mortgage copywriter for targeted leads. Our system helps loan originators obtain enough leads to earn more than six-figures per year.

Contact Mobile Copywriter for lead generation strategies and get more information about increasing sales production.

Copywriter for Mortgage Marketing and Qualified Internet Leads

Mortgage Marketing


Mortgage professionals can close more loans with qualified Internet leads. Whether borrowers are seeking to buy a home or to refinance, it is a good chance that an online search will be conducted to find a reputable mortgage lender. Loan officers and mortgage lenders who want to appear at the top of Google and other search engines can hire Mobile Copywriter for mortgage marketing and for low-cost lead generation strategies.

Why is Mortgage Marketing Necessary?

Mortgage marketing helps to spread the word about reputable home lenders. While it is great to have a variety of referral sources, lenders should also have a way to generate qualified Internet leads. Consumers who are not working with a real estate agent or a local homebuilder will peruse popular search engines to find an affordable mortgage lender.

As consumers are searching for keyword terms, such as low-rate mortgage loans, refinance home loan California, reverse mortgage loans or FHA mortgage loans, lenders who have perfected mortgage marketing online will receive more Internet leads than companies who do not rank on the first page of the search engines. Our content marketing process works wonders for mortgage companies.

View our 7-Step Process for Content Marketing Success

Mortgage Marketing Can Generate Organic Internet Leads

Mortgage lenders have often tried an assortment of paid advertising methods that have failed to deliver a favorable return on investment. The costs for pay-per-click ads, display advertisements, live lead transfers and list brokers can quickly deplete a lender’s marketing budget. However, free search engine results can generate organic Internet leads.

Search engines charge advertisers a hefty fee for website traffic. As search engine users click onto an online advertisement, a fee is charged for the referral to the website. A large percentage of web-based users are immune to online advertisements. On the typical search engine results page, the organic website results are displayed between the sponsored ads.

Companies that invest in mortgage marketing strategies will have significant opportunities to generate free website traffic and organic Internet leads. We use targeted marketing strategies to help mortgage companies obtain free Internet leads.

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