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Mortgage Leads


Fresh mortgage leads provide new prospects for loan originators to contact. Instead of constantly working on stale leads that are ineffective, lending professionals can obtain purchase money, refinance and reverse mortgage leads from targeted borrowers. Working with Mobile Copywriter is the best way to get mortgage leads online from borrowers who are looking to obtain financing.

Why Generate Mortgage Leads Online?

Prospective home buyers are using the Internet to find reputable lending sources. Borrowers who want to obtain a reverse mortgage loan or funds to refinance are also likely to perform search engine queries on Google, Yahoo and Bing to locate local mortgage professionals. A strong search engine presence can enable mortgage brokers and lenders to generate qualified leads online.

Lending professionals often realize cost advantages and faster turnaround time frames when generating mortgage leads online. Deciding to place billboard ads or to invest in direct mail campaigns are typically more expensive. Additionally, it could take prospective borrowers several weeks to receive materials that took time to create, print, review and mail.

Our methods for generating qualified leads online will work much faster!

Inbound Mortgage Leads Online Versus Pay-Per-Click

Brokers and lenders can spend thousands of dollars per month on live transfer leads and pay-per-click leads. Many companies that sell marketing leads online will offer the same leads to four or more lenders. Without having a list of high-quality leads, lending professionals will need to convert a satisfactory amount of mortgage leads into closed transactions to realize a profit.

A similar scenario exists for pay-per-click leads. Clicks from customers who are merely surfing the Internet could cost a lender more than $50 per click. The costs for live transfer leads and for pay-per-click leads can really add up quickly.

However, inbound mortgage leads online are generated from prospective borrowers who are reaching out to a lender to request more information. A variety of content marketing methods may be used to generate inbound mortgage inquiries.

Order Website Content From SEO Copywriter for Mortgage Leads Online

Brokers and lenders can get local mortgage inquiries online from borrowers who are motivated to obtain a home loan. Copywriters who specialize in search engine optimization can create website content that attracts mortgage leads online for purchase, refinance and reverse mortgage transactions.

Deciding to order website content online from SEO copywriters can lead to stronger engagements with prospective borrowers. Contact Mobile Copywriter today for web-based strategies to build a mortgage business. Use the blue button below to connect with us now!

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SEO Firm Generates Mortgage Leads Online

Mortgage Leads Online


Specialized Internet marketing strategies enable knowledgeable professionals to obtain free sales leads. Without spending thousands of dollars each month toward online advertising, an entrepreneur could realize a higher return on investment with a variety of evergreen marketing materials. Mobile Copywriter is an online marketing company and an SEO firm that generates mortgage leads online for its clients.

Why Should Lenders Generate Mortgage Leads Online?

Traditional lead generation campaigns are expensive to maintain for local mortgage companies. Many offline promotional methods consist of printed materials, postage costs and mailing lists. A mortgage company might routinely mail brochures, newsletters, postcards or flyers. However, the expenses are far greater than online promotional methods.

While it may only take a few responses for an offline mortgage campaign to realize a profit, a strategy that targets web-based users may be much more profitable. In many instances, consumers are likely to throw promotional mail into a trashcan. Whereas, mortgage leads online are generated from consumers who enter specific keywords into a search engine, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Hiring a An SEO Firm for Copywriting and Lead Generation Services

Getting qualified mortgage leads through a lending website is a lot easier than it sounds. Many mortgage websites are not properly optimized with content and keywords to attract local Internet leads. Additionally, a lot of mortgage lenders and mortgage brokers are using similar types of website information.

For the above reasons, many mortgage lenders and loan originators will buy mortgage Internet leads or spend an enormous amount of money on pay-per-click ads. Hiring an SEO firm for mortgage companies or a copywriter for mortgage companies is the best way to compete for free internet leads from local search engine results.

Connect with Mobile Copywriter to get fresh mortgage leads online. As an affordable SEO firm, we help small business owners increase website traffic and online sales. Get info today!

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Why Hire A Web Content Writer to Increase Online Sales ?

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Selling online enables small businesses to compete with larger companies. In fact, many clever small business owners may realize higher profit margins than certain nationally known retailers. Web content writing offers an opportunity for small business owners to gain recognition on the Internet.

Buyers are using Google to search for information about specific products and services. Favorable pricing and a stellar reputation could increase online sales for your business. An experienced web content writing company can help promote your company online.

Sounds Good, but how do I Increase Online Sales?

It’s fair to say that most small business owners ponder the exact thought — how do I increase online sales? Small business owners who attempt to wing it are less like to achieve noticeable results, and conclude that online sales are not a viable possibility.

However, with unique Internet marketing strategies, you can increase your online sales. Unique materials are more likely to stand out against traditional marketing pieces. Web content writing enables a web content specialist to write information in a manner that describes your offer in a search-engine friendly manner. Google wants to list your website at the top of its search engine results page, if your content is authoritative, informative and displayed in a well-organized manner.

Mobile Copywriter provides web content writing that sells and professional article writing services. Give your business a competitive edge with premier services from Mobile Copywriter.

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How Will Services From Mobile Copywriter Help My Business?

If your business needs to increase online sales, Mobile Copywriter offers several services to drive traffic toward your website. While we can help improve website rankings on Google for a small business, Mobile Copywriter specializes in industries, such as real estate, financial services and technology.

How Can Mobile Copywriter Increase Online Sales for Real Estate Agents?
Real estate agents who want to gain more leads will benefit from increased exposure. Mobile Copywriter uses real estate copywriting services to prepare newsletters, press releases, SEO articles and other Internet marketing strategies. As a professional real estate copywriter, Mobile Copywriter aims to boost your website ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Additionally, a professional real estate agent must continuously update her website, “About” page and listing info. Generally, agents who concentrate on face-to-face selling will run out of time to add content to add to their website. You can hire Mobile Copywriter to ensure that your website remains robust with fresh content that is available 24 hours per day.

What Strategies Does Mobile Copywriter Employ to Increase Online Sales for Financial Companies?

Specific strategies vary by specialty, but the overall thrust is aimed toward building web-based traffic. If you need content for a mortgage-related business, Mobile Copywriter will produce materials that invite prospects to request more information about debt consolidation, home buying or refinancing programs.

Payday lenders may require web content writing that urges a reader who needs a short-term loan to take action immediately. Mobile Copywriter will craft materials that garner responsive attention from the search engines, too.

Credit card companies and debt resolution firms can utilize services from Mobile Copywriter to improve the awareness of certain products and to help increase online sales.

With so Many Technology Articles on the Internet, How Can Mobile Copywriter Increase Online Sales for Technology Companies?

Consumers demand information for the latest and the greatest products. Article writing services specializing in technological content are plentiful. Mobile Copywriter prepares collateral for mobile phone companies who want to increase online sales. As new smartphones and other products become available, phone retailers and independent sales organizations should use web content writing services to highlight the benefits of certain products. The largest mobile phone companies use a copywriter to develop digital marketing services and print advertisements to increase their market share. Small business owners can use web content writing services from Mobile Copywriter to increase online sales.

Merchant credit card processing companies can hire Mobile Copywriter to craft information about certain card-reading devices, transaction costs and the ease of use for small businesses.

Web Content Writing Services From Mobile Copywriter Helps Service Businesses

If you own a service related business, Mobile Copywriter is ready to help improve your online sales. Whether you own a landscaping, painting, HVAC, computer repair, electrical, plumbing, locksmith, car detailing, accounting firm, carpet cleaning or other type of service business, contacting Mobile Copywriter is your initial step to increase online sales.

Take Action to Increase Online Sales for Your Business

Hiring a knowledgeable writer who understands web content writing for your industry is an important component toward increasing online sales for your business.

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Low-Cost Mortgage Internet Leads – Content Marketing Strategies

Mortgage Internet Leads

Internet leads for mortgage companies can cost a fortune. Whether a mortgage company needs leads for purchase transactions or leads for refinance loans, targeted Internet leads may be used to create an enormous pipeline of new deals. With a strategic approach to content marketing, loan officers and mortgage brokers could have an abundant supply of fresh mortgage leads,

Develop a Niche for Specific Mortgage Internet Leads

Many lenders will purchase Internet leads for any prospective borrowers with a decent credit score and a pulse. However, companies that specialize in certain niches might realize better returns on their investment.

For instance, a lender that specializes in jumbo mortgage loans will usually avoid viewing mortgage leads for loan requests that are less than $150,000. However, mortgage companies that specialize in FHA lending or loans for first-time home buyers will typically jump at the chance to arrange financing for low-cost homes and mid-priced homes, as well. A specialization also helps to build a mortgage company’s branding for certain loan products.

Developing a lending niche enables a mortgage company to become undisputed experts on certain products. Referrals and word-of-mouth opportunities may also increase, as loan officers might become more knowledgeable than other local competitors.

Get Low-Cost Reverse Mortgage Leads Online

Several mortgage companies have an exclusive focus on reverse mortgage leads. For mortgage companies that are lending in residential areas with reduced levels of home equity, as well as a large number of retired homeowners, reverse mortgage lending offers an ideal niche. Targeted Internet leads for reverse mortgage candidates may provide an excellent opportunity to acquire low-cost homeowner leads.

How Much do Mortgage Internet Leads Cost?

Prices for mortgage leads will vary by type, age, specific features and the lead source. Many mortgage companies rely on pay-per-click leads or leads from list providers. List brokers might charge $10 to $30 or more for each mortgage Internet lead. Pay-per-click mortgage leads could cost upwards of $50 per click on Google and other search engines.

Internet leads are very precious to mortgage companies, as a certain level of accountability is required due to the average cost per record. Obtaining low-cost mortgage Internet leads could increase a company’s profitability.

Wasted Money on Mortgage Internet Leads

When buying leads on the Internet, mortgage companies plan to engage in outbound marketing methods. Many factors could impact a loan officer’s odds of closing a decent percent of Internet leads. Frequently, mortgage Internet leads are not exclusive. Generally, it’s a race between three or four competing companies to generate a pre-approval for identical borrowers.

The process often annoys a large number of borrowers, voicemail boxes get overloaded with messages from multiple loan officers and the lowest priced lender usually wins. Purchased mortgage Internet leads might be rendered useless if other companies offer lower interest rates and fees.

Using Content Marketing Strategies to Generate Mortgage Leads Online

Vibrant content marketing strategies provide leverage for mortgage lenders and for most small business owners. Content marketing strategies for mortgage lenders will focus on inbound marketing methods. Digitally created materials are used to engage prospective borrowers to contact a specific mortgage lender.

Web-based content that’s properly optimized may be used to generate Internet leads for several years. Generally, for the cost of several pay-per-click leads, a mortgage company could have obtained SEO optimized content that continuously works to increase website traffic and engagement with warm prospects.


Inbound marketing strategies offer unique opportunities for lead generation. Traditional marketing methods, such as direct mail, cold-calling and display advertisements have become inferior promotional methods when compared to inbound phone calls from digitally created content.

Mobile Copywriter creates blogs, web page content and press releases to generate low-cost Internet leads for mortgage companies, HVAC companies, merchant processing companies and for a variety of small business owners.

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