Marketing a Mobile Website to Generate Free Internet Leads

Marketing A Mobile Website


Fresh Internet leads provide an opportunity for sales professionals to make a presentation. With free Internet leads, an unlimited number of customer introductions should create a high volume of online sales for local businesses. Mobile Copywriter uses a proven system for marketing a mobile website.

Why Start a Campaign to Generate Free Internet Leads?

When a web-based user needs to shop for certain products or to locate a service provider, an online query is likely to occur with Google, Yahoo, Bing or other popular search engines. Websites that appear at the top of the search engine results can receive a large share of local Internet leads. Starting a campaign to generate free Internet leads is a prudent way to grow a small business online.

Marketing a Mobile Website With Professional Copywriting Services

To generate free Internet leads, a small business will need to increase its website traffic. While many search engine marketers advocate paying for pay-per-click ads and for social media ads, a small business can allocate a portion of its advertising money toward professional copywriting services. Our rates for marketing a mobile website are extremely affordable for local businesses.

Hire an SEO Copywriter to Increase Traffic for a Mobile Website

Copywriters who specialize in search engine optimization can work with a local entrepreneur to create an Internet marketing strategy that increases website traffic. Ironically, many business owners stare at computer monitors, smartphones, tablets and laptop devices to find potential buyers. Unless a company has web pages that appear on the first page of the major search engines for relevant products and services, it is very unlikely that buyers will stumble onto a website that is located on page 10 of Google.

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Get a Mobile Website That Generates Sales Leads

Mobile Website


Online sales are advantageous for small businesses and for companies that are located in rural areas. Resembling an electronic catalog, a mobile website is an essential marketing tool for small business owners. Using a dynamic content marketing system, Mobile Copywriter designs, builds and markets affordable websites that generate sales leads.

Making a Mobile Website

It’s very wise for a small business owner to invest in a high-quality website. With built-in components to adjust to various screen sizes, a mobile website has responsive features for mobile device users. Making a mobile website that seamlessly fits on smartphones, laptops, tablets and desktop computers is recommended for better user experiences.

Adding SEO to a Mobile Business Website

A website that is search engine optimized will have opportunities to rank ahead of competing small business websites. SEO article writing may be used to generate content that attracts readers to a small business website. Adding SEO to a mobile business website is an excellent way to generate sales leads online.

Marketing a Mobile Business Website

While a mobile business website might have a ton of features and valuable content, it must be marketed in a manner to get found online. Many entrepreneurs use social media marketing to promote a blog or a website. However, a consumer is more likely to perform a Google search on a mobile device for specific products and services versus a search for the item on a social media platform.

SEO copywriting is great for sales-oriented content that helps persuade a website visitor to make a purchase or to take other actions. Our search engine optimized copywriting services are ideal for marketing a mobile website.

How Much Does a Mobile Website Cost?

A variety of factors are needed to determine the approximate costs for a mobile website. Prices are generally based on the design and the functionality of the website. Other items are also considered in the mobile website costs for a small business, such as the number of web pages and the amount of content that is desired.

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