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Google's Search Engine Results


Consumers and B2B companies rely on authoritative search engine results. When surfing the Internet for helpful tips, local restaurants, mortgages or term life insurance, web-based users want to quickly receive a variety of reliable resources. Google’s search engine results are the best assortment of recommended websites for specific keywords.

Why a Small Business Should Get Found Online in Google’s Search Engine Results?

Whenever someone needs to find something online, they simply, “Google it.” In addition to its massive branding efforts and its online advertising business, Google is the leading platform that delivers free search engine results.

According to recent data from Comscore, Google receives approximately two thirds of the search requests in the United States. Microsoft was reported to receive nearly 20 percent of the search engine requests in the U.S, followed by Yahoo with roughly 10 percent of the search requests.

Small businesses should be visible where prospective buyers are hanging out, and with two thirds of web-based users initiating Google searches, it makes a lot of sense to get found online via Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

Ranking on the First Page of Google’s Search Engine Results

Now, more than ever, small businesses need to concentrate on building brand awareness and search engine visibility. Retailers from many industries are beefing up their web presence to get connected with as many shoppers as possible. Service industry giants are pushing to increase their market share, too.

Besides the spaces for paid advertisements, Google’s first page will only accommodate 10 organic (free) spaces. Content is king. Google constantly reshuffles its rankings to display the websites with the most authoritative content.

More than 90 percent of web-based users rely upon Google’s first page search engine results, and surfers rarely click onto additional Google SERPs. Knowledge of this should motivate small business owners to get found online via Google as fast as possible.

Hiring Copywriters for Ranking in Google’s Search Engine Results

Ranking on the first page of Google for popular keywords can change the trajectory for a company with flat online sales. For instance, the owner of a private airline would have an extremely difficult time trying to get found online for terms such as “lowest airfares” or “airfare rates.” However, copywriters who specialize in search engine optimization would be able to perform keyword research to find the most appropriate terms to get found on Google.

Many small business owners waste a great deal of time and money hoping to receive higher search engine rankings. Working with experienced SEO copywriters could enable a local business to generate more website traffic, more local leads and more online sales.

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SEO Service for Free Google Internet Leads

Google Internet Leads


Online sales may significantly improve for websites with enhanced search engine page rankings. Free Google Internet leads are clicked when online shoppers are searching for items to buy. Mobile Copywriter provides affordable SEO services and high-quality content writing for companies that want to rank on the first page of Google and other search engines.

Get Found on Google for More Online Sales

Let’s face it, the retail shopping experience will continue to lose popularity with folks who are looking to save time and money. Some of the largest brick and mortar stores are consistently closing a record number of locations, in favor of selling online. Retailers are aware that the Internet has captured the attention of the largest percent of prospective buyers.

To stay in front of a targeted audience, a business needs to have a strong online presence. As the most reputable search engine for high-quality resources, Google is where a business website needs to get found online. Ranking at the top of Google for popular keywords and for uncompetitive terms could enable a company to make much more money online.

Need help? We show small and mid-sized business owners how it is done. Instead of shelling out thousands of dollars each month to generate a consistent level of online sales, entrepreneurs can benefit from a search engine optimized service to generate free Google Internet leads. Using SEO website content is one of the best ways to get found on Google.

Free Google Internet Leads via an SEO Service

Many business owners are unaware of the savings that free Google Internet leads provide. Having used pay-per-click ads and other paid advertising methods for so long, small business owners are often reluctant to try other marketing ideas to generate Internet leads. As a trusted search engine for credible references, Google offers free search engine results for its users.

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Local SEO Copywriter to Get Found in Google Search Results

Local SEO


Ranking in the top-level search engine results can provide massive traffic for a small business website. An increasing number of companies are searching for the best ways to get found in Google’s search engine results. Business owners who are frustrated with their website’s search engine ranking are encouraged to hire a local SEO copywriter.

Why Local SEO?

Many small business owners are seeking world dominance within their niche. However, on a more practical level, a small business can engage with a local audience that needs a variety of products and services. For instance, while Mobile Copywriter has clients throughout the Unites States, we are recognized among the best article writing services in Pennsylvania.

A concentrated search engine optimization strategy is easier to implement in local areas versus throughout the nation. Additionally, small business can expect to pay less money for local SEO. As a US-based professional services firm, we offer affordable local SEO to small and mid-sized businesses.

Get Found Online in the Google Search Results

Some small business owners have tried just about everything to get ranked on the first page of Google. It is not easy to perform, as millions of small business owners are competing against larger companies for 10 organic slots that appear on Google’s first page. To rank within Google’s premier search engine results, a business owners needs content that is authoritative and relative to information that web-based users are seeking.

Putting up a website and waiting for traffic to appear has cost many entrepreneurs thousands of dollars. Business owners who have taken the cheapest routes to obtain low-cost website content and free online tools are usually disappointed, too. However, working with a search engine optimization expert can lead to more promising results.

Hire a Local SEO Copywriter to Get Found on Google

Generally, a strong search engine ranking takes more time and effort than most business owners are willing to allocate. Working with a professional firm can ensure that a small business website receives high quality SEO services.

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Online Marketing – Why Write Website Content for Lead Generation

Become a Lead Magnet

Lead generation for small business owners is needed to maintain a fresh supply of sales prospects. Whether a company uses offline promotional methods or online marketing strategies to acquire new sales leads, a professional web content writer can help small business owners increase website traffic and brand awareness. Mobile Copywriter is one of the best content writing companies to get a small business website found on Google and other search engines.

Web Marketing for Small Business Owners – Why Writing Helps?

Major brands and large conglomerates are using the power of the Internet to scale a variety of products and verticals. Companies are spending millions of dollars to reach consumers and business-to-business Internet shoppers at cheaper rates than traditional advertising methods provide.

Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Bing Ads are used everyday for display advertising and for pay-per-click advertisements. The costs for Internet ads are frequently too expensive for small business owners to consistently maintain. Without a large advertising budget, entrepreneurs are typically outbid by companies with buckets of cash for online advertising.

Ads appearing at the top of a search engine’s first page are generally the most expensive for a specific keyword or phrase. The highest bidder gets the best placements on the first page of Google and other search engines.

Here is why writing helps small business owners. Using search engine optimization and content marketing strategies, small business owners can target specific keywords or a particular niche to compete against larger firms.

Using tips from one of the best SEO copywriters in 2015 could enable small business owners to generate leads with website content versus online advertising. Web content writing helps small business owners communicate with readers who are searching online for certain products and services.

Getting started with a competent content writer is half of the battle. Rather than using some spare time for creating or marketing content, a small business owner would be wise to obtain website content from a professional article writing service. Eloquently created website content will engage readers and attract search engines, as well.

How Can Small Business Owners Benefit From Online Marketing?

Online marketing strategies will enable a business owner to rank above websites without a content marketing strategy in place. Without a reliable content marketing strategy, it’s unlikely that a website will secure one of the 10 search results shown on Google’s first page.

Small business owners will reap a variety of benefits from an online marketing strategy. Features such as greater website recognition, more website traffic, additional leads and lower marketing costs per sale are some of the benefits that a small business owner realizes with proven promotional methods for online marketing.

Using Website Content for Online Marketing and Lead Generation

Website content from a professional SEO copywriter is the best way to quickly launch a lead generation campaign via online marketing strategies. Small business owners may use a variety of article writing services from Mobile Copywriter for web marketing.

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