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Google's Search Engine Results


Consumers and B2B companies rely on authoritative search engine results. When surfing the Internet for helpful tips, local restaurants, mortgages or term life insurance, web-based users want to quickly receive a variety of reliable resources. Google’s search engine results are the best assortment of recommended websites for specific keywords.

Why a Small Business Should Get Found Online in Google’s Search Engine Results?

Whenever someone needs to find something online, they simply, “Google it.” In addition to its massive branding efforts and its online advertising business, Google is the leading platform that delivers free search engine results.

According to recent data from Comscore, Google receives approximately two thirds of the search requests in the United States. Microsoft was reported to receive nearly 20 percent of the search engine requests in the U.S, followed by Yahoo with roughly 10 percent of the search requests.

Small businesses should be visible where prospective buyers are hanging out, and with two thirds of web-based users initiating Google searches, it makes a lot of sense to get found online via Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

Ranking on the First Page of Google’s Search Engine Results

Now, more than ever, small businesses need to concentrate on building brand awareness and search engine visibility. Retailers from many industries are beefing up their web presence to get connected with as many shoppers as possible. Service industry giants are pushing to increase their market share, too.

Besides the spaces for paid advertisements, Google’s first page will only accommodate 10 organic (free) spaces. Content is king. Google constantly reshuffles its rankings to display the websites with the most authoritative content.

More than 90 percent of web-based users rely upon Google’s first page search engine results, and surfers rarely click onto additional Google SERPs. Knowledge of this should motivate small business owners to get found online via Google as fast as possible.

Hiring Copywriters for Ranking in Google’s Search Engine Results

Ranking on the first page of Google for popular keywords can change the trajectory for a company with flat online sales. For instance, the owner of a private airline would have an extremely difficult time trying to get found online for terms such as “lowest airfares” or “airfare rates.” However, copywriters who specialize in search engine optimization would be able to perform keyword research to find the most appropriate terms to get found on Google.

Many small business owners waste a great deal of time and money hoping to receive higher search engine rankings. Working with experienced SEO copywriters could enable a local business to generate more website traffic, more local leads and more online sales.

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SEO Company Uses Content Creation Services for Lead Generation

Content Creation Services For Lead Generation


Starting a lead generation campaign is time consuming for business owners. Outsourcing a company’s content creation services can result in more inbound leads. Mobile Copywriter combines its strengths as an SEO company, Internet marketing firm and high-quality article writing service to provide affordable lead generation strategies for local businesses.

What are the Best Lead Generation Methods Online?


Blogging – Informative blog posts are a great way to generate leads online. When website visitors subscribe to a company’s blog, a variety of ideas and helpful tips could compel readers to return for future blog posts. Mortgage and real estate professionals can close more deals with weekly blog posts.

Landing Pages

Landing Page – Using a landing page to obtain contact information for a website visitor is ideal for lead generation. While some web pages are designed to provide information, products or services, a landing page serves as a brief form to quickly capture a visitor’s name, email address, interests or other details. Copywriters create landing pages that convert more online sales.

Lead Generation Website

Lead Generation Website – A lead generation website can enhance a company’s opportunities to connect with web-based buyers. Using a search engine optimized website will enable a business to attract leads for many keyword terms and phrases. Sales professionals who work for real estate agencies, insurance firms, mortgage companies, HVAC contractors, dentists, accounting firms, merchant processing companies, law firms and other businesses can obtain an SEO website for lead generation.

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Social Media – Networking via popular social media platforms can enable an entrepreneur to generate additional sales leads. Interacting with a network of social media followers may lead to more website traffic and business opportunities.

Use a Variety of Content Creation Services for Lead Generation

Content creation services can attract visitors toward a small business website or a blog. Using a multipronged approach to discover what works is a great way to test certain content creation assets. To obtain more online sales, a local business can try some of the best ways to generate Internet leads.

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