Copywriting and Content Marketing to Increase Website Traffic – Post #424

Copywriting And Content Marketing


Achieving a first page search engine ranking is the best way to obtain organic Internet leads. However, additional online sales may be realized with an increase in website traffic. High-quality copywriting and content marketing services can attract more visitors to a small business website.

SEO Copywriting and Content Marketing Services to Get Found Online

Entrepreneurs who understand their businesses better than anyone else may provide superb products and services. Incidentally, online marketing and persuasive copy might not be your greatest strengths. Working with copywriting and content marketing experts could enable your website to get found online much faster.

Copywriters who specialize in search engine optimization can create sales-oriented content that obtains top-level search engine rankings. Unless your writing is flawless, you should look into hiring copywriters who provide high-quality content writing services.

Search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are looking for authoritative content to display in the upper portions of their search engine results pages (SERPs).

Low-quality and marginal content will never get anywhere near the first page of the SERPs. If your current website content and blog posts are not attracting quality website visitors and qualified Internet leads, you can hire a copywriter to get better results.

Great blog posts and web page content will not get found online if web-based users are unable to locate your information.

Does Your Company Need SEO Copywriting and Content Marketing Services?

Many entrepreneurs are unsure about trying new online marketing strategies. However, waiting to reach the first page of Google or to naturally increase website traffic without a proven keyword marketing plan could result in many missed opportunities. The best way to determine if your business needs copywriting and content marketing to increase website traffic is to perform a few basic tasks.

Step 1. Write down the names of your top 5 products or services.

Step 2. Add your city and state to the end of the listed items. (such as, SEO Copywriter York, PA)

Step 3. Perform a Google search using one of items that you listed, along with your city and state.

Step 4. Look on the first page of Google and the second page to see if your website appears within the organic
search engine results.

Step 5. Repeat the process for the remaining items.

Step 6. Contact Mobile Copywriter if your website does not appear in Google’s first page search engine results.

Ranking on the first page of the major search engines will provide better opportunities for you to increase website traffic for your business.

Based in York, PA, Mobile Copywriter is the nation’s best SEO copywriting and content marketing service to generate website traffic and Internet leads for small businesses.



Generate Online Sales With Targeted Marketing Strategies

Targeted Marketing Strategies


Proven promotional concepts may be used to sell more products and services via the Internet. Website owners only have a few seconds to capture a reader’s attention. Mobile Copywriter helps small business owners generate online sales with the best targeted marketing strategies.

Use Content Creation to Market a Small Business Website

Revenue is need to keep a small business afloat. While many entrepreneurs are scrambling to find the next great strategy to get found online or to spread the word about a new promotion, business owners who are on the cutting edge are leveraging their time. Content marketing is the best way to distribute information that readers are searching for online. We use eloquent content creation methods that are easy for readers and search engines to find via the Internet.

Reach a Larger Audience Online

Targeted marketing enables merchants and local service businesses to reach a specific audience online. Purpose-driven marketing methods are aimed toward building brand awareness and visibility.

Using high-quality website content and search engine optimization, our targeted marketing strategies enable small businesses to reach a larger audience online. For example, a website that appears at the top of the major search engines will be recognized more often than web pages that are less visible. A first page Google ranking in competitive industries could be worth thousands of dollars to a small business.

Get Found Online and Generate Online Sales With Targeted Marketing Strategies

Reaching the intended audience online is great for companies with something valuable to offer. Informative content creation often leads to repeat website visits. As readers begin to follow a company’s posts and social shares, a higher level of trust may be earned. We produce website content that readers will quickly find online. Engaging content that readers love will eventually lead to more sales. Contact Mobile Copywriter for call-to-action content to obtain Internet leads and to generate online sales with targeted marketing strategies.
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Website Search Optimization for Local Businesses

Website Search Optimization


Local companies can increase brand awareness and online visibility with a variety of search engine marketing strategies. When a website has the primary elements that are needed to attract web users and search engines, a local business owner will realize more traffic via the Internet. Mobile Copywriter uses proven methods to enhance local website search optimization results for small and mid-sized businesses.

Get Found Online in the Local Search Results

A small business could largely increase its earnings by generating more sales from local buyers. When a consumer or a representative from a commercial business wants to find a plumber, an insurance company or an HVAC contractor, a search engine visit usually ensues. Companies that aim to get found online will need website search optimization for popular keywords. Ranking on the first page of the local search results is the best way for a small business to build brand awareness and online visibility.

SEO Copywriting for Website Search Optimization

When successfully performed, website search optimization can generate targeted traffic and Internet leads. Copywriters create content that is search engine optimized to attract attention from web-based users and online shoppers. SEO copywriting is also used to supply high-quality content that will rank favorably among the major search engines.

Working with a professional SEO copywriter could enable entrepreneurs to obtain creative content that engages readers to make contact with a local business. Remember, search engines are ranking the best website content above other results. Additionally, SEO copywriting is crafted toward a call-to-action. When website content is used to get found online, a small business might receive inbound Internet leads from local buyers.

Hire a Copywriter for Website Search Optimization

Small business websites may be missing some of the critical elements that are needed to rank on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. For quality website search optimization, small business owners can contact Mobile Copywriter for professional content creation.
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Content Writing-First Page Google Ranking for Small Business Website

ContentWriting-First Page Google First Page Ranking


Visibility is needed for a small business website to get found online. Among the most popular search engines, Google is where consumers frequently visit to look for local products and services. Mobile Copywriter offers content writing services to get your business found on the first page of Google.

Marketing a Small Business Website

Sure, you have a strategy to bypass millions of competing websites to get found online within the top ten search results that naturally appear on Google. Internet marketing may require much more activity than you might expect. It might take a year or longer to get your small business website to appear on the first page of Google.

Some Internet marketing gurus might tell you that ranking on Google can occur within a matter of days. However, we inform our clients to expect at least a year of solid marketing to get a small business website to rank on the first page of Google for competitive keywords. While, we may be able to get your website to rank on the major search engines much faster than one year, if it happens sooner, you are not mad.

Knowing that your website may take more than a couple weeks to outrank several fierce competitors is good information versus having a pile of smoke or pipe dreams for you to review. We are experienced Internet marketers who are aware of what it takes to reach the first page of Google.

Content Writing–First Page Google Ranking

A first page Google ranking is very valuable real estate for many small businesses. Content writing is one of the best ways to obtain a first page ranking on Google and other search engines. We are able to create and to market content that readers and search engines enjoy. Contact Mobile Copywriter so that your business can get a high-quality content writing-first page Google ranking.

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Increasing Online Sales With Professional Content Creation

Professional Content Creation


Marketing agencies are often contacted for high quality website content. A large portion of the work is frequently outsourced to web designers and content writing companies. For more affordable pricing, small business owners can hire Mobile Copywriter for professional content creation.

Selling Products and Services Online

As the information superhighway, the Internet has become the primary resource that consumers use to find all types of products and services. While relaxing at home or surfing the Internet at work, consumers can search for a home mortgage loan, heating repair services, clothing, travel destinations and for many additional items. A vibrant Internet marketing strategy is needed to reach consumers who are looking for specific products and services online.

Our local marketing support enables small businesses to successfully compete against large corporations. Obtaining a first page Google ranking can enhance a company’s opportunities for selling products and services online.

Website Traffic for Increasing Sales Online

Visibility and trust are needed for a company to generate more sales online. Many entrepreneurs will spend money toward a small business website with the expectation that endless streams of online orders will be received. With low website traffic levels, a small business is less likely to realize an increase in online sales.

Targeted website traffic is the ideal way to attract serious buyers to a blog or a web page. An increase in website traffic could result in a proportionate amount of Internet leads and online sales. We help small businesses generate targeted Internet leads from interested buyers.

Increasing Website Traffic and Online Sales With Professional Content Creation

Content is king. Websites are worthless without content. Generally, the most authoritative websites will command higher search engine rankings and more website traffic than inferior sites. The exception exists when paid advertisements are used to promote a website.

Professional content creation services from Mobile Copywriter commands attention from readers and the largest search engines. With customized content, a small business can form a local marketing strategy to dominate the competition. Contact us about affordable content creation services for small business owners.

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Mobile Business Marketing – Get Found Online – SEO Copywriting

Mobile Business Marketing


Content marketing for a mobile business website provides a unique way to get found online. A variety of Internet marketing strategies may be used to build brand awareness and website traffic for a small business owner. Mobile Copywriter provides amazing web content marketing strategies and search engine optimized copywriting services that command prompt results. Mobile entrepreneurs can obtain business marketing support to rapidly build any type of small business.

Direct Response Marketing Online

Customer engagement is the ultimate goal of direct response marketing. Whether a small business owner wants content that invites readers to opt-in for email, newsletters or blog updates, Mobile Copywriter has direct response marketing tactics that engages users to take immediate action.

Marketing that fails to build brand recognition or sales should be rendered as useless and discontinued immediately. Anyone who aims for a direct response has to compel readers to request more information. SEO copywriting gets faster marketing results for small business owners.

Return on Investment With Content Marketing

Priceless opportunities exist for entrepreneurs who are willing to step outside of their comfort zone. Merely doing the same things as nearby competitors can limit a business owner’s success. The rave about content marketing is alive and invigorating for B2B firms and for direct to consumer companies. Content marketing is here to stay because it’s engaging and provides a measurable form of connection with prospective buyers. Many types of content are evergreen and might provide an infinite return on investment for a small business owner.

Simply put, content marketing works. For example, certain specialty products may deliver a modest amount of immediate returns. However, some specialty products may deliver a larger return on investment over the course of a few years. Consumers are more likely to retain items such as coffee mugs, ink pens, key chains and mouse pads for longer periods than printed materials. Branded marketing items can constantly remind consumers about a local company or an individual. Websites that consistently appear near the top of search engine results will help to increase a company’s brand recognition, too.

Content marketing provides a continuous supply of information to targeted prospects for a mobile business owner. The specific return on investment will vary among industries, but content marketing is less expensive than most promotional methods that many small business owners rely upon.

SEO Copywriting Benefits for Mobile Business Owners

Developing quality content takes a tremendous amount of time and creativity. The notion that anyone can slap a few words together is largely incorrect. As evidenced by Google, web content that’s not viewed as highly credible will not appear on the first page of its search engine results.

More than ever, mobile business owners need website content that compels visitors to place an order for various products or services. Managing the marketing process is more challenging for entrepreneurs who are constantly on the go. Outsourcing the small business content marketing needs and SEO copywriting services to Mobile Copywriter is a great way to get found online faster. Small business owners who need one of the best Internet marketing firms for ranking on the first page of Google hire Mobile Copywriter for fast results.

With SEO copywriting, small business owners can command a larger share of local business in 2016. SEO copywriting offers Internet marketing strategies that save entrepreneurs both time and their hard-earned money. Copy that ranks faster on Google will be seen sooner than websites that display less than stellar content. Small business owners who capitalize on Internet marketing strategies can outpace many local competitors. The SEO copywriting process results in targeted website traffic, increased brand recognition, more sales leads and higher profit margins for small business owners.

Mobile business owners can maximize their content marketing budget for 2016 with SEO copywriting that increases conversions. Knowing where to spend money on content marketing is vital to a mobile business owner. It’s important to know the difference between informational content and sales copy. Many journalists provide flawless forms of informative writing that fails to get readers to take some sort of action.

Professional SEO copywriting tips are observed and sprinkled within digitally created documents via Mobile Copywriter to help its clients reach the first page of Google rankings. The goal of copywriting is to obtain a direct response or engagement that reminds the reader of the product, service, brand or company.

Why Market a Business to Get Found Online?

Consumers and business customers use the Internet to search for everything such as real estate, mortgages, dentists, movie tickets, tax preparers, music, cars, insurance, painters, schools and copywriters. Without the ability to get found online, a small business is less likely to succeed. Imagine trying to find McDonald’s without the golden arches. Mobile business owners must have an online presence to compete in 2016 and beyond.

Having a website is not enough. Marketing is necessary for a website to remain visible among other business owners who want to get found online, as well. Mobile Copywriter provides SEO content for ranking on Google faster.

Marketing a mobile business to get found online is proactive way to dominate local communities.

Get a First Page Google Ranking to Obtain More Leads Online

Mobile business owners need leads to thrive in 2016. Short of expensive lead generation strategies, mobile business owners can obtain organic Internet leads via Google. As the most widely used search engine resource, Google does not charge a fee for organic results. To make money online, Google sells advertising space. Ads primarily appear on the top or the bottom of its search engine results page. Organic results are shown on the left side of its results page. For popular search terms, Google might display two to four ads above and below its organic results.

A first page Google ranking should be viewed as precious real estate, as there is a limited amount of space. Google provides 10 free organic results on its first page. Since most users will not click beyond the first page of Google, entrepreneurs must compete for a premier ranking to obtain more organic Internet leads.

Content is King for Business Owners Who Want to Get Found Online

Google has robots that constantly crawl the Internet for new information. Google will discover both quality content and poor content. It knows where place a value on website content. Authoritative website content for Google will appear higher in the search engine rankings. Mobile business owners who want to get found online can hire expert content writers and SEO copywriters to create materials that rank on Google faster.

Local Marketing for Mobile Businesses

Mobile business owners can obtain additional local customers with robust marketing initiatives. A variety of Internet marketing strategies may be used to complement an entrepreneur’s offline promotional strategies. Frequent updates to a small business blog could generate interest for certain products and services. Article writing services for a company newsletter or email marketing might garner additional phone calls, too.

Periodically updating the content that appears on a small business website is needed to display fresh information for readers and for search engines to discover. Professional website content from Mobile Copywriter can help any business obtain faster local marketing results.

Social Media for Small Business Owners

Social media marketing is great for small businesses. Engaging with local members in a social media network could increase an entrepreneur’s sales and opportunities to share all sorts of content. Whether daily entries or scheduled posts are made, entrepreneurs should embrace the power of social media. The largest companies in the US cannot afford to ignore platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Linkedin.

Small business owners should participate in social networking, too. Mobile entrepreneurs are typically too busy to keep up with regular social media marketing and content marketing schedules. Mobile Copywriter is a professional SEO article writing service that coordinates the content and social media activities for small business owners.

Social media encourages users to interact and share information. Building a social media network with thousands of followers has enormous value. Within minutes, a promotion or a major announcement may be shared within a user’s social media network.


Content marketing and SEO copywriting is effective for mobile business owners who want to get found online. In 2016, content writing for business is needed to compete in local market areas. Small business owners may get found online and get found on Google faster with web content writing and marketing services from Mobile Copywriter.

Specializing in content for mortgage companies, real estate, merchant processing companies, cleaning companies, financial services, credit card companies, phone companies and service businesses, Mobile Copywriter is the best SEO copywriting service in Pennsylvania.

As a York, PA, Internet marketing specialist, Mobile Copywriter provides services for businesses in Harrisburg, Lancaster, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Affordable SEO services are not only offered in PA, but small business owners in MD, FL, NY, NJ, CA, AZ, VA, TX, CO, IL, MA and in most areas of the United States will receive competitive content marketing rates, as well.

Marketing is essential to small business growth. To get found online and to increase website traffic for a small business, contact Mobile Copywriter today for more information.




3 Tips for Marketing a Small Business Website – Mobile Copywriter

3 Marketing Tips

Get found online and you’ll notice how much a first page Google ranking is worth in 2015. Whether you operate a home-based business or a mobile operation, professional SEO copywriting in 2015 will improve your online marking results.

Marketing a small business website is one of the most important task that an entrepreneur must perform. Without marketing, consumers may never hear about your company’s products or services. Like never before, the Internet provides amazing methods for marketing a small business website. Using a methodical approach toward Internet marketing strategies, Mobile Copywriter creates informative content to help its clients get found online in 2015.

Now is the Time to Get Help With Marketing a Small Business Website

As an entrepreneur, you might fight any number of challenges on an average day. Whether you are dealing with procurement issues, customer complaints, budgeting, taxes, human resources, inventory problems or sales strategies, an SEO copywriter who is skilled at marketing a small business website can devise a strategy that generates targeted leads online for your company.

Avoid spinning your wheels in an attempt to master blogging, web content writing and search engine optimization. Now is the time to focus on what you do best. Outsourcing web content marketing and other time-consuming tasks to a specialist can increase your productivity where it’s most needed.

Many websites are largely invisible to most consumers who rarely click beyond the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing. If your website does not appear within the search results for products or services that your company provides, then you should immediately contact an expert about marketing a small business website. The sooner that you take action, you may begin to receive a larger market share of business that you deserve. Go after it now!

Tip # 1 – Create Stellar Website Content

Ranking on the first page of Google we be virtually impossible with poor website content. In fact, good website content rarely gets found online. When millions of search results are returned for certain keywords, will Google list your website on its first page? High-quality website content is needed to attract both readers and search engines.

Tip # 2 – All Content is Not Created Equally

Simply piecing together a few dozen words will not cut it for marketing a small business website. In 2015, Google wants to deliver high-quality content to users who support its services. Throwing away your money to cheap article writing services in 2015 will be a waste of your time. Hire an experienced content writing specialist who knows what it will take to get your website found online.

Tip # 3 – Do the Math – Establish a Content Marketing Budget for 2015

Determine the amount money that your company can earmark for online marketing. While making your projections, you should factor in the impact of a first page Google ranking for your small business website. Use your average profit per sale to help determine the number to online sales that are needed to pay for your content marketing budget.

A first page Google ranking offers more than increased website traffic for small business owners. Brand awareness increases for websites that appear on the first page of Google. Some consumers may notice your website within the search results and decide to click onto other websites. It’s par for the course. However, as your website gains recognition for various keyword terms, consumers may identify with your brand or your company more often.


Small business websites require responsive Internet marketing strategies to get found online in 2015. Outsourcing your company’s marketing for a small business website could enable you to display the high-quality article writing services of an SEO copywriting professional. Align your business with the best content marketing company to get found on Google in 2015. Contact Mobile Copywriter about strategies for marketing a small business website.

First Page Website Ranking on Google in 2015 – Small Business Success Tips

Google First Page Ranking

Ranking on Google will be challenging for small businesses in 2015. Large companies are predicted to hire content marketing firms and professional copywriters to form stronger customer relationships. Getting a small business website ranking on Google will be more difficult throughout 2015.

As you might imagine, small business owners are generally over-optimistic about the amount of website traffic they are likely to receive. Without a solid Internet marketing strategy, small business owners are relying on random referrals from the major search engines for additional website visitors.

Targeted website traffic directs prospects to your website who are looking for products and services that your business provides. Web design firms are often contacted to help small business owners with their website traffic.

Top web designers usually spend the bulk of their time concentrating on the infrastructure for new websites and for existing websites. Many web designers hire article writing services, SEO copywriters, Internet marketing experts and other web-based writers for quality web page content.

You can skip the middleman! The Internet enables you to find the best SEO copywriter for small business owners in 2015 who can get a first page website ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Getting web page content from a copywriter for targeted website traffic is essential to rapidly growing your business throughout 2015.

Google offers free organic search results on its first page for high-quality content. Free leads from Google provides low-cost Internet marketing solutions for many small business owners.

What Type of Content is Good for a Small Business Website?

Authentic website content that accurately describes your company’s products, services and values are more likely to generate a reservoir of interested prospect, as well as top search engine rankings. Whether your company provides goods or specialized services, you’ll need quality web content to grow your small business website in 2015.

Several types of content are recommended for a small business website. Blogs, web page content, newsletters, press releases and article writing are ideal for generating targeted website traffic.

Content Marketing for Business in 2015

Now that you have a website that is filled with useful information, you’ll need to share your materials with an army of supporters and followers. Content marketing experts and SEO copywriters can increase your website’s engagement through a variety of online resources.

If you’re like most small business owners in 2015, you’ll be too busy to maintain regular content submissions to the most popular blogs, media resources, bookmarking websites and dozens of social media networks.

Outsourcing your small business content writing and content marketing tasks could lead to more productive use of your time. Hiring a professional article writing service for SEO copywriting support may lead to more sales, too.


You have the ability to change the direction of your business in 2015. Securing a first page Google ranking is among our top small business success tips for 2015. Let us help you get more business in 2015. Contact Mobile Copywriter today for details about our targeted Internet marketing strategies for small business owners.

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Web Content Writing Company in York, PA Gets Local Internet Marketing Results

Get found on the first page of Google results and obtain more website traffic with a comprehensive Internet marketing strategy for local businesses. Continuing to use outdated marketing methods can quickly saddle a company’s growth. From mailing cost to the production of print advertisements, a small business owner typically allocates a significant amount of their marketing budget toward lead generation. Through low-cost marketing methods, Mobile Copywriter uses a 7-step process to increase brand awareness and website traffic for small businesses.

Benefits of Professional Content Writing

Ranking on Google’s first page is serious business. Getting there is an exercise in futility for most business owners. If it were easy, any business could flip a switch and magically appear on the first page of Google. However, Google frowns on web content creators who use black hat methods to arbitrarily inflate search engine rankings. Hiring a professional content writing company ensures that a small business owner engages users with information that’s useful, shareable, compelling and grammatically correct.

Mobile Copywriter gives small business owners the tools that are used via national conglomerates and Fortune 500 companies at a much lower cost. Our article writing services and SEO copywriting services are second to none. Don’t risk time and hard-earned money with inexperienced or cheap web content writers. Professional content writing delivers higher quality and value-added benefits, such as branding and more website traffic.

Web Content Writing For First Page Google Ranking

We are leaders at writing web content for mobile business owners and entrepreneurs. Using our web content system, a small business owner can rapidly increase their lead generation and sales strategies. Based in York, PA, Mobile Copywriter is the among the fastest growing web content writing and SEO copywriting companies in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States.

Web Content Marketing

A great document is only as useful as its visibility. In addition to our professional article writing services, Mobile Copywriter excels at distributing the content online. High-quality web content marketing services get increased engagement for small business clients.

When to Hire a Web Content Writer or a Web Content Marketing Specialist?

As information continues to evolve around Internet marketing strategies and web content writing, small business owners who generate authoritative content on a continuous basis are more likely to rank on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. Entrepreneurs who are ready to dominate the competition with high-impact Internet marketing strategies should hire competent web content writers as quickly as possible.

Costs of Professional Web Content Writing

Professional content writing that’s produced by USA-based writers can range from a penny per word to several dollars per word. Mobile Copywriter eliminates the need for small business owners to experiment with cheap article writing services. Our prices for professional content writing and content marketing services are more competitive than other firms who can produce good SEO copywriting that compels viewers to take action.


The value of a first page Google ranking might yield an infinite return on the cost of professional web content writing. Mobile Copywriter can spread the word about certain announcements, product developments and service offerings for small businesses. We deliver results with local Internet marketing initiatives for business owners who desire more web-based leads. To get more Internet leads, contact Mobile Copywriter today for SEO copywriting and content marketing that increases website traffic for small businesses.

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Blogging for Success in a Service Business

Share your passion about anything with a #Blog. See these #Blogging #Success #Tips:


Service businesses frequently require a variety of content marketing strategies to inform prospective clients and existing clients about new developments, informative updates and promotional deals. Rather than being viewed as an annoyance factor, many customers appreciate regular updates from businesses that keep them informed. Blogging is an economical way for business owners to maintain a connection with their customers. As the founder of Mobile Copywriter, I have observed many service businesses with outdated blogs. In this blog post, I share some of the challenges that service business owners experience with regular blog updates.


Lack of Time for Blogging


A busy entrepreneur might focus most of his energy on sales and operations. The time that’s needed to craft a blog gets brushed aside week-after-week and month-after-month. Before long, the initial goals for a blog could begin to fizzle. Service business owners must allocate time for blogging or hire a writing specialist for the task. Ideally, a professional SEO article writer should be hired to maintain weekly or monthly blog posts. Blogging for success in a service business may even require several daily blog posts to outshine nearby competitors.


Limited Blog Updates Due to Writer’s Block


Writer’s block occasionally baffles some of the best wordsmiths. On a typical day, service business owners may have many things to juggle that are more important than gazing into a word document for possible writing ideas. Let’s face it, everyone would create multiple blog posts each day, if the right thoughts and words magically appeared on the computer screen. The more frequently that a person writes, the easier it becomes to hurdle writer’s block in a smooth stride to the finish line. Professional writers generally spend an enormous amount of time conducting research and developing content for a variety of subjects. Hiring a professional SEO article writer instead of dealing with writer’s block could enable a service business owner to concentrate on other tasks.


Blogging Costs are Too Expensive


In many businesses, you pay for what you get. For instance, a power washing company might charge $150 to clean the entire exterior structure of a home. A company that charges $350 might provide a better value or service guarantee than the firm with a super low price point. Blogging, professional SEO article writing and web content marketing costs may range from $1 to over $300 for a 300-word document. Writers are independent business owners who provide a valuable service, too. Would you trust a service business that provided professional auto painting for only $25? Most professional bloggers usually charge more than 10 cents per word. So, a business owner might get marginal quality for a 300-word blog post that’s priced for less than $30. However, a blogger who charges 20 cents per word would require $60 per 300-word blog post. At a minimum of one blog post per month, a business owner might be able to secure a rate of $60. Blog posts that occur twice per month would cost $120. As the number of blog posts increase, a business owner’s costs would multiply. For less than the daily costs of a flavored latte, a service business owner could have a blog that’s published on a bi-weekly basis. Avoiding the myths that echo blogging costs are too expensive could enable a business owner to deliver regular content to its customers.


Why is Blogging Such a Big Deal for a Business?


Many entrepreneurs are realizing that blogging for success in a service business is extremely necessary. Prior to making a purchase many consumers will perform a search query using Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines. Quality content is needed for a business to appear within the search engine results page (SERPs). Blogging on a consistent basis provides fresh content for SERPs to locate. Consumers often select the search results that are delivered on the first few pages for a specific query. If the website for a service business does not rank within the first few pages of a search engine, consumers are unlikely to find information about that particular company. Blogging is a big deal for service businesses, as it increases the opportunity for consumers and for search engines to locate a website.


Will a Blog or Website That Looks Great Attract a Lot of Visitors?


Not necessarily! While an aesthetically appealing blog or website is a plus, search engines will not find a website without content. A prudent business owner should seek to obtain a blog or a website that looks great and includes a robust amount of content. Many service business owners spend a disproportionate amount of their budget toward the design elements of a website. Blogging for success in a service business will require the frequent creation of new materials. A knowledgeable SEO writer can craft engaging content for a blog or a website.


Social Media Marketing Versus Blogging


Blogging and social media marketing utilize different strategies. However, with a blended effort, a service business owner could generate more website traffic. A blog post that resonates with social media followers might be shared among thousands of viewers. If the post goes viral, a service business could generate increased website traffic, additional leads or higher sales revenues. A web content marketing professional or an SEO copywriter who understands article writing for the web could integrate a successful blogging and social media marketing campaign for a service business.


Benefits of Regular Blog Posts


Blogging provides a low-cost method for business owners to keep consumers up-to-date on certain industry developments or promotional incentives. A blog also provides a voice that invites comments, objections and useful feedback. A service business can discover some of the things that are important to consumers via certain blog posts. Additional blogging benefits include:


  • Quick content delivery
  • Shareable information
  • Improved search engine recognition
  • Ability to gain followers
  • Increased industry authority



A digital connection with consumers is important for small, medium and large businesses. With the help of a copywriting professional, a service business owner could expand the popularity of their website. As consumers rely on mobile devices more frequently, service business owners may need to hire a copywriter who can explain difficult concepts that website visitors and social media followers can easily understand. Contact Mobile Copywriter for information about blogging for success in a service business.


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