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Increase Online Sales




Website marketing strategies for small business owners are often met with various levels of success. However, entrepreneurs who are using proven methods to increase website traffic will have the best opportunities to get local Internet leads. Mobile Copywriter uses a reliable content creation process to help its clients increase online sales.


Create an Awesome About Page


Before making an online purchase from an unknown enterprise, a consumer is likely to review website information that provides some background details about the company.


Taking the time to create an “About” page could enable website visitors to gain greater levels of insight toward a company’s industry experience, accolades, knowledge, values and its mission.


Since consumers prefer to buy from trusted companies, it is a wise idea to write an awesome “About” page that helps to build brand awareness and to increase online sales for a local business.


Use a Conversational Tone to Engage With Website Visitors


Compelling content that provides valuable information for website visitors may lead to higher levels of user engagement and substantially increase online sales. So, rather than using terms that a reader will need to research to understand, content creators are advised to employ a conversational tone.


In some industries, it is rather easy to explain and to share information. For instance, many writers in the fashion industry, sports or the entertainment industry have very few reasons to use overly technical terms to impress website visitors, blog readers or social media followers. Generally, a basic overview of certain topics can keep website visitors engaged online.    


However, in other industries, many readers are confused by content that appears on websites for certain services, such as personal finance (mortgage loans, insurance, investments, auto financing, taxes, banking) law, education, health, dentistry and a variety of home contractors (plumbers, HVAC, professional cleaners, electricians).


Simplifying website content into information that is easy to consume is the best way to increase engagement with online shoppers. We help local business owners dispense healthy chunks of content that website visitors enjoy. It is the best way to ensure that website visitors are eager to return to review and to share valuable content.


Add Call-to-Action Copy to Increase Online Sales


On a sales floor, it is common knowledge that asking for the sale increases the probability of closing the deal. Online, it is more important to ask for the sale. Because, in-person sales are largely closed on the buyer’s emotional state. When shopping online, a buyer is subconsciously planning to peruse several websites to gather information about a specific product or a service.  


Solving a problem or proving information that helps website visitors is the fastest way to increase online sales. Call-to-action copy subtly guides website visitors toward a phone number, a contact form, a lead magnet or another item to obtain an immediate response.


Content writing that simply adds a “buy now” button to solicit a purchase will rarely work. However, when compelling forms of content align with information that users are searching for online, business owners will realize increased engagement with website visitors.

Post Consistent Types of Content Toward a Targeted Audience


Companies that operate within a particular niche are encouraged to post content that relates to specific products or services. Deviating away from the types of content that attracted readers to a website might lead to lower levels of trust and poor user experiences.  


When a user performs a Google search with specific keywords or a phrase, it is imperative to ensure that the information that a user is seeking is present on the specific results page where the user is directed.


Keep in mind that the majority of all web pages that are not related to certain keywords or search phrases will not appear within favorable search engine rankings, anyway.   


Search engine optimization experts refer to a term that is known as Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI. The process is a mathematical analysis of similar terms that relate to the main keywords on a website.


The targeted audience for a mortgage broker might occasionally search for the term “private money” versus “mortgage lender” “home loans” or local mortgage broker.”


Entrepreneurs who consistently add valuable content that readers are searching for can expect to build an audience that regularly consumes and shares specific information. Additionally, the enhanced engagement should help increase online sales for small and mid-sized businesses.


Refresh Stale Web Pages With Search Engine Optimized Content for Mobile Users


It is important to create content that is easy to scan for users who are constantly on the go. Mobile marketing in 2018 will require companies to provide concise details to users who want a quick overview of certain products and services. Therefore, the creation of blog posts and web page content with more than 2,000 words is likely to become a practice from the past for marketers who aim to increase online sales via mobile users. 


Marketers and small business owners should know that Google largely frowns on websites that display stale, duplicated, irrelevant and thin forms of content. Conversely, the search engine giant periodically rewards websites (via higher search positions) that are frequently adding high-quality content for web-based users to discover.


Aside from paid advertising, content that is search engine optimized is the easiest to find online. It is important to remember that mobile users have surpassed the amount of daily desktop users. Therefore, it pays for nearly every type of business to get found online via mobile search engine results.


Among the best ways to get found in mobile search is to hire an experienced content writer or an SEO copywriter who knows how to increase website traffic for local businesses.


Mobile Copywriter helps local business owners obtain more Internet leads from website visitors who are searching online for specific products and services. The bulk of our clients are mortgage, insurance and legal professionals. However, we also help a variety of contractors, entertainers and small business owners who want to build stronger relationships with local prospects.


Use the button below to contact us now for search engine optimized content that motivates website visitors to make an online purchase.


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Best SEO Company for Local Website Traffic

Best SEO Company


Targeted website traffic may be used to close more online sales. Connecting with nearby residents is a great way to increase brand awareness and to engage with local buyers. Mobile Copywriter uses the best search engine optimizations methods to attract local Internet leads.

Why Work With the Best SEO Company?

Reputable companies are known to get real results. Sure, everyone claims to have the world’s best SEO company. However, we deliver solid website rankings on Google, increase website traffic and generate more local Internet leads than many of our competitors. Best of all, the methods that we use are search-engine friendly. Add in the value of high-quality content, sales pages, lead generation websites and weekly blog posts at an affordable price to get a complete view of our SEO copywriting services.

Many SEO companies subcontract the bulk of their content creation to cheap writing services. When the content fails to obtain top search engine rankings, a small business will realize a waste of time and money. Speaking of money, our costs for SEO services are less than the amount that many local SEO companies charge. Imagine being able to work with one of the best SEO companies in the US for affordable SEO prices.

Hire SEO Copywriting Company to Increase Website Traffic

Website traffic is one of the most important variables for online sales conversions. However, it helps to have quality website traffic. Hiring an SEO copywriting company is the best way to reach nearby consumers with content that compels interested buyers to follow a specific call-to-action.

Gaining a sufficient amount of search engine visibility takes time, patience and skill. Perform some due diligence before hiring an Internet marketing professional. Research Google and other search engines to find copywriters for services such as brand recognition, Internet lead generation and for increasing website traffic.


Small business owners rely on us for affordable web page content, SEO services and for weekly blog content.

Contact Mobile Copywriter to hire the best SEO company in Pennsylvania.

We offer SEO and professional copywriting services in York, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Maryland, Florida, New Jersey, New York, California, Texas and throughout North America.
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Online Marketing – Why Write Website Content for Lead Generation

Become a Lead Magnet

Lead generation for small business owners is needed to maintain a fresh supply of sales prospects. Whether a company uses offline promotional methods or online marketing strategies to acquire new sales leads, a professional web content writer can help small business owners increase website traffic and brand awareness. Mobile Copywriter is one of the best content writing companies to get a small business website found on Google and other search engines.

Web Marketing for Small Business Owners – Why Writing Helps?

Major brands and large conglomerates are using the power of the Internet to scale a variety of products and verticals. Companies are spending millions of dollars to reach consumers and business-to-business Internet shoppers at cheaper rates than traditional advertising methods provide.

Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Bing Ads are used everyday for display advertising and for pay-per-click advertisements. The costs for Internet ads are frequently too expensive for small business owners to consistently maintain. Without a large advertising budget, entrepreneurs are typically outbid by companies with buckets of cash for online advertising.

Ads appearing at the top of a search engine’s first page are generally the most expensive for a specific keyword or phrase. The highest bidder gets the best placements on the first page of Google and other search engines.

Here is why writing helps small business owners. Using search engine optimization and content marketing strategies, small business owners can target specific keywords or a particular niche to compete against larger firms.

Using tips from one of the best SEO copywriters in 2015 could enable small business owners to generate leads with website content versus online advertising. Web content writing helps small business owners communicate with readers who are searching online for certain products and services.

Getting started with a competent content writer is half of the battle. Rather than using some spare time for creating or marketing content, a small business owner would be wise to obtain website content from a professional article writing service. Eloquently created website content will engage readers and attract search engines, as well.

How Can Small Business Owners Benefit From Online Marketing?

Online marketing strategies will enable a business owner to rank above websites without a content marketing strategy in place. Without a reliable content marketing strategy, it’s unlikely that a website will secure one of the 10 search results shown on Google’s first page.

Small business owners will reap a variety of benefits from an online marketing strategy. Features such as greater website recognition, more website traffic, additional leads and lower marketing costs per sale are some of the benefits that a small business owner realizes with proven promotional methods for online marketing.

Using Website Content for Online Marketing and Lead Generation

Website content from a professional SEO copywriter is the best way to quickly launch a lead generation campaign via online marketing strategies. Small business owners may use a variety of article writing services from Mobile Copywriter for web marketing.

Contact Mobile Copywriter to inquire about website content, press releases, blog writing services and content marketing for small business owners.

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Web Content Writing and Content Marketing for a Small Business

Writing Pen

Internet marketing can provide targeted website traffic for a small business in 2015. To ensure that a brand receives sufficient recognition, small business owners will need a reliable method for distributing various types of content across social media networks and other marketing channels. Hiring a professional SEO company for web content writing and content marketing can increase brand awareness and target website traffic for a small business in 2015.

Mobile Copywriter Offers Original Content Marketing Services

High-quality content and uniqueness is what Google and other search engines seek to deliver for web-based search results. In 2015, small business owners must understand that major search engines will continue to list poorly created content near the bottom of their search engine results. Mobile Copywriter gets small business websites to appear on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Without using magical formulas or industry-related secrets to get ranked on Google, Mobile Copywriter is best known for web content creation methods that generate user engagement, brand awareness and increased website traffic.

Small business owners are encouraged to hire an original content marketing service for blogs, press releases, web page content and for article writing services.

Hire a Cheap Article Writing Service or a Professional SEO Copywriting Company

Fortune 500 companies are increasingly hiring advertising agencies and professional copywriters to secure a ranking on the first page of Google. Small business owners can hire an affordable SEO service for local Internet marketing strategies. A cheap article writing service will usually deliver value that’s equal to the amount that a small business is willing to pay. How much website traffic can a business owner expect to generate from content that’s worth $10 or less?

Make a decision to hire the best web content writer for brand awareness and content marketing strategies. Mobile Copywriter provides SEO copywriting tips and content marketing services to help small business owners reach first page rankings on Google. Entrepreneurs should avoid working with cheap article writing services, as a professional content writing company will take the time that’s necessary to produce high-quality materials.

Cheap article writing services will never promise anything that’s beyond basic content creation. Professional SEO copywriting delivers engaging content that readers frequently decide to save and share.


Competition will be fierce for business throughout 2015. Online marketing can produce targeted website traffic for small business owners. Mobile Copywriter offers an array of content marketing budgets for small business owners who want more Internet leads, website traffic and first page Google rankings.

Small business owners can put the best SEO copywriting strategies in 2015 into an online advertising campaign from Internet marketing York-PA specialists.

Contact Mobile Copywriter today to begin a campaign for brand awareness in 2015, for targeted website traffic and for lead generation strategies that compel buyers to call small business owners.

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Tips to Dominate Local Search With Content Writing – Mobile Copywriter

Dominate Local Search (1)

Local search results provide outstanding opportunities for marketing a small business. Whether you operate a local retail store or a mobile business, local search results may provide daily leads for your sales force. I think that you’ll agree with me on this next point.

Display ads on the Internet and pay-per-click leads require a sufficient amount of funds to cover a content marketing budget. However, some small business owners with limited resources might decide to randomly initiate Internet marketing strategies throughout the year.

Here’s the sad new. After several attempts toward a failed process, many small business owners get fed up with the idea of lead generation on the Internet.

Here is the good news.

You no longer need to worry about how you can devise the correct method or timing for a new Internet ad campaign. Our 7-Step Content Marketing System eliminates the guesswork to achieve brand awareness on the Internet for small business owners.

Use Content Writing to Get Found Online

Lack of visibility is a major reason that many business owners never quite achieve their Internet marketing goals. We provide world-class content writing strategies to help increase your company’s brand awareness and website traffic, too.

Using social media marketing for local businesses and first page rankings on Google, we’re able to build the website recognition for virtually any business.

Our content writers incorporate many of the best search engine optimized copywriting strategies for marketing a local business in 2016. If you are looking for a low-cost way to get found online, content writing is one of the best methods for getting ranked on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

Avoid Cheap Content Writers to Improve Local Search Results

There’s a reason that the best SEO copywriters in 2016 and content writing experts charge significantly more money than generalists who often promise high-quality article writing services for less than five cents per word. Some writers will crank out loads of content that search engines hate for a penny per word or less.

You should not rely on cheap content writers to improve your local search results. If you have had poor results with content writing mills or writers from other countries, you can hire a US-based professional content writer to get found online faster. Mobile Copywriter has a reliable team of content writing experts to help you dominate your local market for customers who are searching for your products or services online.

Apply Local Search Engine Optimization

How does local SEO work? Local SEO places a primary focus on targeted areas for business. For instance, you might plan a local SEO campaign for lead generation within your city, county, state or zip code.

Local search engine optimization can significantly improve your company’s website traffic. While many companies are seeking global business opportunities, you can use the Internet to improve your local customer base. We can help you build your company’s local SEO versus regular SEO. Mining for local website traffic and local Internet leads might substantially improve the annual profits for your business.

Get a Google Places Page

Among our top tips for dominating local search results, you may also want the best Google Places page in your local business market. Ensuring that information about your business is properly displayed on your Google Places page and other websites could help improve your company’s ability to dominate local search results.


Honestly, Internet marketing takes a lot of work. Making the commitment to implement the above strategies could improve your sales in your local market. If you need assistance or you’re ready to work with the best copywriter to get found online faster, you may contact us today for more information.

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Best SEO Copywriter 2015 – Get Found Online – First Page Google Ranking

Increasing  your website traffic is a great way to grow your sales revenue. Learn how here http://www.mobilecopywriter.com/Blog.html?entry=mobile-business-marketing-to-get#.VNuEiuj0DMI


Get found online with SEO copywriting to generate more Internet leads and web-based sales. Whether offering a product or service, small business owners need a reliable digital marketing strategy to compete against other companies. The best SEO copywriters have insightful knowledge about ranking on the first page of Google and other top-level search engines.


Get Found Online in 2015


Why is it important to get found online in 2015? Consumers begin to formulate buying decisions with certain results from their online research. If consumers rarely see a small business website that appears beyond the first page of Google, an entrepreneur is unlikely to obtain a large share of online sales.


SEO copywriting is one of the best Internet marketing strategies to get found online. A knowledgeable SEO copywriter can craft website content that mimics the style and tone of a small business website. A constant supply of relevant website content will continue to engage readers and help to obtain a first page Google ranking.


First Page Google Ranking


Google wants reputable websites to appear within its top search engine results page. The best SEO copywriters in 2015 want to give Google exactly what it desires — solid information that’s written in a logical and error-free manner. Punctuation, grammar, headings, keywords, tags and other content variables play a large role toward securing a first page Google ranking.


Getting a small business website found online or on the first page of Google is a critical step for entrepreneurs who want enhanced Internet marketing strategies for lead generation and increased website traffic in 2015.


A first page Google ranking is essential for online selling success. Hiring the best SEO copywriter for ranking on Google could rapidly improve the brand awareness for a small business website.


Brand Awareness in 2015


Google is becoming more efficient, as consumers rely upon its services to find trusted results for specific web-based searches. So when a consumer or a B2B customer enters a keyword or a phrase, Google will quickly return the most authoritative results within its database. Getting Google and online shoppers to recognize a specific website is more difficult than most business owners might imagine.


In general, website recognition takes time and a methodical approach toward success. Some SEO companies use unethical tactics to obtain quick results. However, poor SEO website involvement usually results in severe penalties from Google. Brand awareness in 2015 will require small business owners to invest in content writing and Internet marketing strategies that captivate online shoppers, Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines, too.


Aiming to increase branding for a small business is best performed with an SEO copywriting expert. Entrepreneurs can save both time and money by working with the best SEO copywriter to get found online. A quick Google search will deliver results for several premier SEO companies and article writing services.




In 2015, SEO copywriting is still relevant for a small business website to get found online. Experienced SEO copywriting professionals can help an entrepreneur secure a first page Google ranking with reliable content writing and Internet marketing strategies.


SEO copywriting can improve a consumer’s ability to recognize a brand. With an assortment of custom blogs, web page materials and press release content, a small business owner can remain at the top of a consumer’s mind for certain products and services. Brand awareness via SEO copywriting can build a company’s value, trust, website visitors and social media followers.


Based in York, PA, Mobile Copywriter offers affordable SEO services and Internet marketing strategies that elevate small business websites to more favorable search engine rankings. For the best SEO copywriting services in PA, MD, FL, NJ, NY, CA, GA, MA, VA AZ, TX and throughout most of the US, small business owners may contact Mobile Copywriter to get found online faster.


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