Blogging for Success in a Service Business

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Service businesses frequently require a variety of content marketing strategies to inform prospective clients and existing clients about new developments, informative updates and promotional deals. Rather than being viewed as an annoyance factor, many customers appreciate regular updates from businesses that keep them informed. Blogging is an economical way for business owners to maintain a connection with their customers. As the founder of Mobile Copywriter, I have observed many service businesses with outdated blogs. In this blog post, I share some of the challenges that service business owners experience with regular blog updates.


Lack of Time for Blogging


A busy entrepreneur might focus most of his energy on sales and operations. The time that’s needed to craft a blog gets brushed aside week-after-week and month-after-month. Before long, the initial goals for a blog could begin to fizzle. Service business owners must allocate time for blogging or hire a writing specialist for the task. Ideally, a professional SEO article writer should be hired to maintain weekly or monthly blog posts. Blogging for success in a service business may even require several daily blog posts to outshine nearby competitors.


Limited Blog Updates Due to Writer’s Block


Writer’s block occasionally baffles some of the best wordsmiths. On a typical day, service business owners may have many things to juggle that are more important than gazing into a word document for possible writing ideas. Let’s face it, everyone would create multiple blog posts each day, if the right thoughts and words magically appeared on the computer screen. The more frequently that a person writes, the easier it becomes to hurdle writer’s block in a smooth stride to the finish line. Professional writers generally spend an enormous amount of time conducting research and developing content for a variety of subjects. Hiring a professional SEO article writer instead of dealing with writer’s block could enable a service business owner to concentrate on other tasks.


Blogging Costs are Too Expensive


In many businesses, you pay for what you get. For instance, a power washing company might charge $150 to clean the entire exterior structure of a home. A company that charges $350 might provide a better value or service guarantee than the firm with a super low price point. Blogging, professional SEO article writing and web content marketing costs may range from $1 to over $300 for a 300-word document. Writers are independent business owners who provide a valuable service, too. Would you trust a service business that provided professional auto painting for only $25? Most professional bloggers usually charge more than 10 cents per word. So, a business owner might get marginal quality for a 300-word blog post that’s priced for less than $30. However, a blogger who charges 20 cents per word would require $60 per 300-word blog post. At a minimum of one blog post per month, a business owner might be able to secure a rate of $60. Blog posts that occur twice per month would cost $120. As the number of blog posts increase, a business owner’s costs would multiply. For less than the daily costs of a flavored latte, a service business owner could have a blog that’s published on a bi-weekly basis. Avoiding the myths that echo blogging costs are too expensive could enable a business owner to deliver regular content to its customers.


Why is Blogging Such a Big Deal for a Business?


Many entrepreneurs are realizing that blogging for success in a service business is extremely necessary. Prior to making a purchase many consumers will perform a search query using Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines. Quality content is needed for a business to appear within the search engine results page (SERPs). Blogging on a consistent basis provides fresh content for SERPs to locate. Consumers often select the search results that are delivered on the first few pages for a specific query. If the website for a service business does not rank within the first few pages of a search engine, consumers are unlikely to find information about that particular company. Blogging is a big deal for service businesses, as it increases the opportunity for consumers and for search engines to locate a website.


Will a Blog or Website That Looks Great Attract a Lot of Visitors?


Not necessarily! While an aesthetically appealing blog or website is a plus, search engines will not find a website without content. A prudent business owner should seek to obtain a blog or a website that looks great and includes a robust amount of content. Many service business owners spend a disproportionate amount of their budget toward the design elements of a website. Blogging for success in a service business will require the frequent creation of new materials. A knowledgeable SEO writer can craft engaging content for a blog or a website.


Social Media Marketing Versus Blogging


Blogging and social media marketing utilize different strategies. However, with a blended effort, a service business owner could generate more website traffic. A blog post that resonates with social media followers might be shared among thousands of viewers. If the post goes viral, a service business could generate increased website traffic, additional leads or higher sales revenues. A web content marketing professional or an SEO copywriter who understands article writing for the web could integrate a successful blogging and social media marketing campaign for a service business.


Benefits of Regular Blog Posts


Blogging provides a low-cost method for business owners to keep consumers up-to-date on certain industry developments or promotional incentives. A blog also provides a voice that invites comments, objections and useful feedback. A service business can discover some of the things that are important to consumers via certain blog posts. Additional blogging benefits include:


  • Quick content delivery
  • Shareable information
  • Improved search engine recognition
  • Ability to gain followers
  • Increased industry authority



A digital connection with consumers is important for small, medium and large businesses. With the help of a copywriting professional, a service business owner could expand the popularity of their website. As consumers rely on mobile devices more frequently, service business owners may need to hire a copywriter who can explain difficult concepts that website visitors and social media followers can easily understand. Contact Mobile Copywriter for information about blogging for success in a service business.


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Mobile Copywriter is expanding its SEO copywriting services in MD and FL. To meet the demand for quality website content, we’re offering low-cost article writing services for small business owners. If your website is not on the first page of Google, you can hire a web page writer who gets fast results.


Thin Content will not Rank Well Online


The Internet is full of information from business owners who want increased website traffic. Far too often, an entrepreneur will blast their promotions via blogs, web pages and social media. In recent years, anyone could post a large volume of content that was stuffed with keywords to obtain a fairly decent website ranking. However, with continuous updates to its algorithm, Google wants to find quality of quantity.


How will Google Find MY Website?


Google will have no trouble finding a website that’s published on the Internet. Whether or not your website is featured in the most prominent search results is another story. Websites with high-quality content are more likely to appear on the first page of Google search results.


How will Customers Find My Website?


Here is the bad news. In most cases they won’t. If you operate in a similar fashion to your competitors, 99 percent of your customers will never make it to your website. More than a million businesses throughout the world are competing for to appear on the first page of Google. In every business category, competitors are anxious to improve search engine rankings. There are only ten spots that Google displays on its first page of search results.


There is a demand from new business owners to get found online. Existing businesses want to do whatever it takes to appear on the first page of Google before their competition is too far ahead. Truthfully, most business owners never experience the full potential of their website.


Millions of new blogs and websites are created each day. The competition for local customers is rapidly growing. To will the game of online marketing, business owners should hire an SEO copywriter. An experienced web page writer could enable a small business owner to relax and to cherry pick from an assortment of targeted website leads.


For most businesses, customers will only find their website when a specific domain name is entered into the search engines. This is a huge mistake that prevents small businesses from growing. If a customer knows your name, they are not getting random search results. The customer is asking Google to specifically locate “your” business. In most cases, that’s very easy for Google to perform, as Google maintains the amount largest search engine network in the world. True results are evident when searches are conducted for terms such as SEO copywriter in York, PA or real estate copywriting York, PA.


You will notice an increase in website traffic and leads when Google results show your website for products and services that your company provides versus searching for the name of your business.


Increase Website Traffic With Affordable SEO Copywriting Services


Your website should generate leads like a well-oiled machine. To eliminate mediocre results, you can hire a web page writer who commands first page Google rankings with SEO copywriting. For less than the cost of a daily latte, your business can get affordable SEO copywriting services in PA, MD, FL and throughout the United States.


Based in York, PA, Mobile Copywriter is the fastest growing web page writer for small businesses in the US. Contact us today to get more website traffic with a higher page rank on Google. Make the decision to grow your business now!


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Targeted Website Traffic and Marketing Ideas for a Home Online Business

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Starting a home online business requires a strategy for success. While the overhead costs are usually lower for home-based businesses, an entrepreneur must have desirable products, services and prices to compete against other entities. Targeted website traffic may be generated via unique marketing ideas for a home online business in 2015.


Generating Internet Leads for an Online Business


Unlike a retail operation that depends on foot traffic for in-store sales, an online business needs consistent Internet traffic to maintain its sales. With a sufficient amount of targeted website traffic, an online business can focus on conversion strategies. To make money in a home-based business, an insurance agent needs to target Internet leads for insurance.


While insurance Internet leads would seam like an obvious choice for an insurance agent, an SEO copywriter can use specific keywords to generate targeted website traffic for insurance leads. For instance, an SEO copywriter or a web content writer could develop blogs, articles and press releases that incorporate terms such as, auto insurance leads, homeowner insurance leads, health insurance leads or life insurance leads.


Generating Internet leads for an insurance agent who focuses on a specific niche could save a business owner time and money. Mobile Copywriter uses creative marketing ideas to get Internet leads for insurance agents. We can generate web content to obtain mortgage Internet leads, too. Whether a loan professional needs to find home buyer leads or mortgage leads for refinancing, we can help. Our marketing strategies may be used to cultivate targeted website traffic for any type of Internet leads.


Online business owners may use a variety of Internet marketing ideas to increase website traffic in 2015. Internet leads are less expensive to obtain than direct mail and most forms of print advertisements.


Website Marketing Plans to Make Money Online in 2015


While making money online seams like a novel concept, a home-based business owner should devise a website marketing plan for success. Web-based businesses are essentially electronic storefronts. Without the traditional signage or visibility that a brick-and-mortar business features, a website owner needs several creative marketing ideas to get the word out about various products and services.


A website marketing plan could incorporate the use of blogs, web pages, press releases, social media, forums, contests and newsletters. Competition will be fierce for business owners who want to make money online in 2015. Mobile Copywriter offers support for entrepreneurs, small business owners and for professional service providers who desire increased website traffic.


Creative Marketing Ideas for a Home Business to Get Found on Google


A small online business needs massive publicity to obtain consistent website traffic. Creative marketing ideas could get a home business to rank on the first page of Google. Mobile Copywriter provides professional web content writing and affordable SEO copywriting services for home online businesses and for small business owners.




Making money from a home-based business is easier with a website marketing plan, targeted website traffic and Internet leads. A professional SEO copywriting company uses creative promotional methods to help small businesses with original content marketing strategies.

Contact Mobile Copywriter to get a business ranked online, to get more Internet leads and to get increased website traffic in 2015.


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Best SEO Copywriter 2015 – Get Found Online – First Page Google Ranking

Increasing  your website traffic is a great way to grow your sales revenue. Learn how here


Get found online with SEO copywriting to generate more Internet leads and web-based sales. Whether offering a product or service, small business owners need a reliable digital marketing strategy to compete against other companies. The best SEO copywriters have insightful knowledge about ranking on the first page of Google and other top-level search engines.


Get Found Online in 2015


Why is it important to get found online in 2015? Consumers begin to formulate buying decisions with certain results from their online research. If consumers rarely see a small business website that appears beyond the first page of Google, an entrepreneur is unlikely to obtain a large share of online sales.


SEO copywriting is one of the best Internet marketing strategies to get found online. A knowledgeable SEO copywriter can craft website content that mimics the style and tone of a small business website. A constant supply of relevant website content will continue to engage readers and help to obtain a first page Google ranking.


First Page Google Ranking


Google wants reputable websites to appear within its top search engine results page. The best SEO copywriters in 2015 want to give Google exactly what it desires — solid information that’s written in a logical and error-free manner. Punctuation, grammar, headings, keywords, tags and other content variables play a large role toward securing a first page Google ranking.


Getting a small business website found online or on the first page of Google is a critical step for entrepreneurs who want enhanced Internet marketing strategies for lead generation and increased website traffic in 2015.


A first page Google ranking is essential for online selling success. Hiring the best SEO copywriter for ranking on Google could rapidly improve the brand awareness for a small business website.


Brand Awareness in 2015


Google is becoming more efficient, as consumers rely upon its services to find trusted results for specific web-based searches. So when a consumer or a B2B customer enters a keyword or a phrase, Google will quickly return the most authoritative results within its database. Getting Google and online shoppers to recognize a specific website is more difficult than most business owners might imagine.


In general, website recognition takes time and a methodical approach toward success. Some SEO companies use unethical tactics to obtain quick results. However, poor SEO website involvement usually results in severe penalties from Google. Brand awareness in 2015 will require small business owners to invest in content writing and Internet marketing strategies that captivate online shoppers, Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines, too.


Aiming to increase branding for a small business is best performed with an SEO copywriting expert. Entrepreneurs can save both time and money by working with the best SEO copywriter to get found online. A quick Google search will deliver results for several premier SEO companies and article writing services.




In 2015, SEO copywriting is still relevant for a small business website to get found online. Experienced SEO copywriting professionals can help an entrepreneur secure a first page Google ranking with reliable content writing and Internet marketing strategies.


SEO copywriting can improve a consumer’s ability to recognize a brand. With an assortment of custom blogs, web page materials and press release content, a small business owner can remain at the top of a consumer’s mind for certain products and services. Brand awareness via SEO copywriting can build a company’s value, trust, website visitors and social media followers.


Based in York, PA, Mobile Copywriter offers affordable SEO services and Internet marketing strategies that elevate small business websites to more favorable search engine rankings. For the best SEO copywriting services in PA, MD, FL, NJ, NY, CA, GA, MA, VA AZ, TX and throughout most of the US, small business owners may contact Mobile Copywriter to get found online faster.


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5 Real Estate Copywriting Tips for Lead Generation and Local Branding

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Lead generation for real estate agents is an ongoing task. Informed professionals who aim to master some of the integral elements of time management will often seek Internet marketing support. The best real estate copywriters for increasing brand awareness and website traffic might be skilled at lead generation, too.


Which web design firm, advertising agency or copywriting company should a real estate agent hire to get found online faster? If you think that Mobile Copywriter should be at the top of the list, you are right! But, here is why the obvious choice is a great one.


Web design firms and advertising agencies frequently outsource the content portion for many projects to article writing services and SEO copywriters. Going directly to the source will save you a boatload of money. Additionally, you are likely to notice a faster turnaround for your articles, blogs and marketing collateral. Using our 5 real estate copywriting tips for lead generation and local branding could have an immediate impact on your small business sales.


Use Content Marketing Services for Increased Engagement and Brand Awareness


As a licensed real estate agent, your services may be requested to list a luxury home or to assist a first-time home buyer. Whether you have promotional methods that are currently supplying a few prospects each week or you are tired of bogus inquiries, you’ll get more leads with a vibrant content marketing strategy.


Hiring an SEO copywriter to implement a content marketing strategy will enable you to concentrate on relationship-building activities with targeted prospects who may need your services right away or sometime in the near future.


As you reduce your current time commitment for marketing activities, you’ll gain more occasions to engage and interact with local buyers and sellers. That’s precisely how many top producers work smarter versus harder to obtain consistent accolades year-after-year.


Post New Blog Content Each Week


Readers who visit your blog or website may frown upon your latest blog posts that shows a submission date from two months ago. As a real estate professional and an independent business owner, it’s your duty to supply consistent information to viewers who are coming to your website for guidance.


Many real estate agents say that a lack of time is the primary reason for failing to update their blog each week or at least twice a month. Fresh information that’s posted to your blog on a regular basis could lead to a buyer-initiated phone call about one of your weekly home-selling success tips.


Rather than disappointing your readers, you can get scheduled blog posts completed by a copywriter who highlights your services as the best in the local market area.


Consult With a Search Engine Optimization Expert


What is search engine optimization? Search engine optimization is the application of friendly techniques that are most likely to improve the overall ranking for a website. Why is there such a buzz about SEO? Everyone uses the Internet these days to locate information on a variety of products or services. An SEO expert uses specific strategies to tweak certain metrics for a website.


Real estate agents may consult with an SEO expert about enhancing the performance of a real estate website. Instead of staying up-to-date with ongoing technical changes, you can hire an SEO expert to implement, measure and to test a variety of components that impact your website’s ability to achieve a favorable search engine ranking.


Submit Newsworthy Information to Media Outlets


Sharing your plans or success with local media outlets could lead to a few more sales each year. A well-crafted press release might be seen by thousands of readers. Many real estate agents underestimate the value of submitting newsworthy information to media outlets. An SEO copywriter with press release writing experience has the expertise to convey your story in an industry-recognized format that commands attention.


Begin a Targeted Marketing Campaign Via the Internet


Casting a wide net for lead generation may yield a supply of low-quality leads. However, a targeted marketing campaign could produce leads for specific services that you offer. A variety of digital marketing strategies may be used to obtain targeted leads online.


Real estate copywriters who understand SEO and digital marketing strategies can help you begin a targeted marketing campaign via the Internet. Real estate agents can depend on Mobile Copywriter for high-quality Internet leads. Offering affordable SEO services, Mobile Copywriter creates engaging materials for real estate agents who need lead generation support and help with local brand recognition. If you’re ready to build your real estate business via the Internet, contact us today for more information!


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Get Found Online: Content Marketing Tips for Small Business

#Content #Marketing will be essential for #Brand #Awareness and for small #Business in #2015 Our services can increase your #Website #Traffic

Content marketing enables small businesses to deliver information to new and existing customers. Whether a B2B enterprise needs a low-cost credit card processing company or a consumer is searching for a heating and air conditioning contractor, an effective content marketing strategy can produce many leads and raving fans. Getting found online is about brand recognition and website traffic. A healthy combination of these two elements can improve the sales revenue for retail establishments, service providers and for mobile entrepreneurs.


Content Marketing Tip # 1 – Content is King


In the battle among companies for the best looking website or the best SEO expert, content reigns supreme. Content is king, because search engines are asked to find the information (content) that a user is seeking. With exceptions to technologies, such as facial recognition software, most users are not submitting pictures, and asking the search engines to find similar images. Great search engine results are provided according the query that a user initiates. Building awesome content is a solid marketing idea.


Content Marketing Tip # 2 – Use Images More Often


Eye-catching images generally attract web users more quickly than text. Creating marketing materials that include images could improve the viewing experience for the typical web user. Images that are seamlessly integrated into blogs, website pages, articles and print advertisements may be used to separate large blocks of text that might seem too content-rich for readers who want to quickly scan certain documents. Integrating images that are relevant to the surrounding content is a winning tip toward creating sharable materials.


Content Marketing Tip # 3 – Frequent Promotions Can Increase Sales


One-hit wonders are fairly rare. Some business owners have a grand-opening event and believe that customers will continue to fill their stores, after the free food is gone from opening day. Will customers continue to shop at a new business? It depends on many factors. Quality products and knowledgeable staff members who are friendly could influence whether repeat business is likely to occur. However, existing and prospective customers must be aware of the products and services that a business has to offer. Frequent promotions could help increase sales for a small business. A small business increases its ability to get found online with regular search engine submissions.


Content Marketing Tip # 4 – Blog Consistently


Daily bloggers who produce quality content can get found online more often than a blogger who submits low-quality content on a quarterly basis. Quality should always be considered before quantity, however, a blogger who submits low-quality posts on a weekly basis is more likely to get found online than a blogger with low-quality posts on a monthly basis. Consistency is a fundamental key for small business blogging success. Beyond getting found online, frequent blog posts are often anticipated from subscribers who are eagerly awaiting new information. Small business owners often welcome the idea to start a blog. If the blog fails to gain massive followers within a few months, the typical business owner might shift his attention to other activities. It’s no secret that blogging takes time and a lot of work, but with a dedicated approach, a small business blog can get found online by Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines, too.



Content Marketing Tip # 5 – Email Can Generate Website Traffic and Sales


Email marketing strategies are terrific for increasing small business sales. Sending consistent email messages to targeted groups could ignite the website traffic for a small business owner. Several popular vendors offer software systems that enable entrepreneurs and bloggers to customize a variety of email campaigns. Email messaging enables business owners to send product information and promotional links to their websites. A small business could get found online with the increased website exposure. Content that’s sent via email could also enhance the sales conversion rates for small business owners, as well.


Content Marketing Tip # 6 – Make Online Videos


Online videos offer a variety of formats to deliver digital messages. A small business owner can display visual content that engages websites users to learn more about certain products and services. YouTube and other video streaming services offer excellent opportunities for content creation and sharing. Studies have shown that online videos are great for SEO and for website owners to get found online.


Content Tip # 7 – Make Slideshow Presentations


Slideshows enable business owners to feature images that are surrounded by content that gives viewers an electronic presentation. Developing a variety of slideshows is a great way for small businesses to captivate an audience and to get found online more frequently.


Content Marketing Tip # 8 – Social Networking


Small business owners should regularly engage in social networking activities. Social media enables users to follow thought leaders, share information and learn about other users with similar interests. Social media fosters a superb environment for marketing a small business via profile information, shared posts and communication among followers.


Content Marketing Tip # 9 – Article Writing


Article writing is ideal for small business communication. Whether sending press releases, newsletters, white papers or a sales letter, small business owners can connect with prospective customers through professional article writing. It’s essential to feature high-quality articles for a business to get found online. Additionally, flawed content materials could lead prospective customers to question the workmanship of a service provider. Hiring an article writing service that is punctual, recognizes the best SEO practices and generates well-researched content could increase the opportunity for a small business website to get found online. When combined with content marketing, article writing is a reliable way for a small business to promote its products, services and new updates.


Content Marketing Tip # 10 – Outsourcing


Getting external help for a company’s content production and content marketing needs. Many business owners are overwhelmed with their existing duties. Outsourcing is an ideal way to avoid the delay of a consistent content generation system. Additionally, outsourcing could land ideas that exceed the normal responses that are pitched during a company’s typical brainstorming session.


Mobile Copywriter content marketing tips are used to help small businesses get found online. Contact us today to get more website traffic, to get targeted leads, to earn more money and to get ahead of the competition.


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Content Writing for Service Businesses – Get Found Online

Get found online to increase website traffic and sales for your small business. Content writing services from professional SEO copywriters could increase your website’s visibility in the search engines.

Mobile Copywriter offers SEO copywriting, blogging and article writing services to drive targeted website traffic toward small businesses.


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