Online Marketing – Why Write Website Content for Lead Generation

Become a Lead Magnet

Lead generation for small business owners is needed to maintain a fresh supply of sales prospects. Whether a company uses offline promotional methods or online marketing strategies to acquire new sales leads, a professional web content writer can help small business owners increase website traffic and brand awareness. Mobile Copywriter is one of the best content writing companies to get a small business website found on Google and other search engines.

Web Marketing for Small Business Owners – Why Writing Helps?

Major brands and large conglomerates are using the power of the Internet to scale a variety of products and verticals. Companies are spending millions of dollars to reach consumers and business-to-business Internet shoppers at cheaper rates than traditional advertising methods provide.

Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Bing Ads are used everyday for display advertising and for pay-per-click advertisements. The costs for Internet ads are frequently too expensive for small business owners to consistently maintain. Without a large advertising budget, entrepreneurs are typically outbid by companies with buckets of cash for online advertising.

Ads appearing at the top of a search engine’s first page are generally the most expensive for a specific keyword or phrase. The highest bidder gets the best placements on the first page of Google and other search engines.

Here is why writing helps small business owners. Using search engine optimization and content marketing strategies, small business owners can target specific keywords or a particular niche to compete against larger firms.

Using tips from one of the best SEO copywriters in 2015 could enable small business owners to generate leads with website content versus online advertising. Web content writing helps small business owners communicate with readers who are searching online for certain products and services.

Getting started with a competent content writer is half of the battle. Rather than using some spare time for creating or marketing content, a small business owner would be wise to obtain website content from a professional article writing service. Eloquently created website content will engage readers and attract search engines, as well.

How Can Small Business Owners Benefit From Online Marketing?

Online marketing strategies will enable a business owner to rank above websites without a content marketing strategy in place. Without a reliable content marketing strategy, it’s unlikely that a website will secure one of the 10 search results shown on Google’s first page.

Small business owners will reap a variety of benefits from an online marketing strategy. Features such as greater website recognition, more website traffic, additional leads and lower marketing costs per sale are some of the benefits that a small business owner realizes with proven promotional methods for online marketing.

Using Website Content for Online Marketing and Lead Generation

Website content from a professional SEO copywriter is the best way to quickly launch a lead generation campaign via online marketing strategies. Small business owners may use a variety of article writing services from Mobile Copywriter for web marketing.

Contact Mobile Copywriter to inquire about website content, press releases, blog writing services and content marketing for small business owners.

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Web Content Writing and Content Marketing for a Small Business

Writing Pen

Internet marketing can provide targeted website traffic for a small business in 2015. To ensure that a brand receives sufficient recognition, small business owners will need a reliable method for distributing various types of content across social media networks and other marketing channels. Hiring a professional SEO company for web content writing and content marketing can increase brand awareness and target website traffic for a small business in 2015.

Mobile Copywriter Offers Original Content Marketing Services

High-quality content and uniqueness is what Google and other search engines seek to deliver for web-based search results. In 2015, small business owners must understand that major search engines will continue to list poorly created content near the bottom of their search engine results. Mobile Copywriter gets small business websites to appear on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Without using magical formulas or industry-related secrets to get ranked on Google, Mobile Copywriter is best known for web content creation methods that generate user engagement, brand awareness and increased website traffic.

Small business owners are encouraged to hire an original content marketing service for blogs, press releases, web page content and for article writing services.

Hire a Cheap Article Writing Service or a Professional SEO Copywriting Company

Fortune 500 companies are increasingly hiring advertising agencies and professional copywriters to secure a ranking on the first page of Google. Small business owners can hire an affordable SEO service for local Internet marketing strategies. A cheap article writing service will usually deliver value that’s equal to the amount that a small business is willing to pay. How much website traffic can a business owner expect to generate from content that’s worth $10 or less?

Make a decision to hire the best web content writer for brand awareness and content marketing strategies. Mobile Copywriter provides SEO copywriting tips and content marketing services to help small business owners reach first page rankings on Google. Entrepreneurs should avoid working with cheap article writing services, as a professional content writing company will take the time that’s necessary to produce high-quality materials.

Cheap article writing services will never promise anything that’s beyond basic content creation. Professional SEO copywriting delivers engaging content that readers frequently decide to save and share.


Competition will be fierce for business throughout 2015. Online marketing can produce targeted website traffic for small business owners. Mobile Copywriter offers an array of content marketing budgets for small business owners who want more Internet leads, website traffic and first page Google rankings.

Small business owners can put the best SEO copywriting strategies in 2015 into an online advertising campaign from Internet marketing York-PA specialists.

Contact Mobile Copywriter today to begin a campaign for brand awareness in 2015, for targeted website traffic and for lead generation strategies that compel buyers to call small business owners.

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6 Home Selling Tips for Real Estate Agents

Sell More Real Estate

Selling a home in 2015 will be easier for agents who generate a sufficient amount of leads. Whether you’re selling your own listings or properties that appear on the MLS, you’ll need an effective strategy to get prospective buyers to call you. Several home selling tips for real estate agents could generate more sales in 2015.

Tip #1: Ask Yourself Why You Intend to Sell Houses in 2015

Prior to doing anything that’s related to real estate sales, you’ll need to understand why it’s important for you to sell homes in 2015. If your reasons are solely based on income, it’s achievable, but stronger commitments will help reinforce your goals. For instance, if selling homes in 2015 will enable you to improve your standard of living, pay for your child’s tuition, fund an overdue vacation in 2016, or position you for an earlier retirement date, you can reflect on these goals throughout the year. Specific reasons for the utilization of money will increase your opportunity for success.

Tip #2: Make a List of Your Home Selling Goals for 2015

While many real estate agents would presume that selling as many homes as possible is an effective strategy, you must have a goal that’s recorded for accountability purposes. Without writing your goals down, the best intentions are merely beliefs, desires or wishes. Take a few hours or even a full day to make a list of your home selling goals for 2015. Throughout the year, it’s easier to reflect upon your progress toward documented goals.

Tip #3: Create an Action Plan to Achieve Your Home Selling Goals in 2015

It’s quite noble to say that you’ll sell more real estate in 2015 than ever before, but the possibilities may evolve around specific methods to achieve the goal. For instance, some real estate agents may decide to advertise with direct mail, bulletin boards or billboards. You might decide to conduct quarterly real estate seminars or to hire a real estate copywriter to craft compelling documents that seduce prospective buyers to call you. Knowing the approach that you intend to use will be a third of the home selling battle in 2015. Another third of the challenge will be to act upon the approach that you intend to pursue. The final third will require your cultivation of selling strategies to turn prospective leads into home buyers in 2015.

Tip #4: Determine Your Ideal Client

Identifying your ideal client can increase your home selling success. For instance, instead of sending info to an entire zip code, you can prospect for buyers who fit certain demographics. If you want to sell luxury homes in 2015, you should target households with above-average income levels. Marketing toward newly married couples in targeted areas might enable you to sell more homes in 2015. Do you want to market towards professionals, first-time home buyers, move-up buyers or couples who are looking to downsize? A selling niche might impact your home sales, too. Word-of-mouth usually travels among a buyer’s sphere of influence, as a buyer’s friends, family members, co-workers and social media contacts are likely to hear about a successful real estate settlement that you managed. Knowing who your ideal clients are could generate a greater return on your investment.

Tip #5: Make it Happen

Without any negative thoughts or excuses, you can reach your goal to sell more houses in 2015. Success is attainable for anyone who has a realistic plan, a needed product or service and the passion to reach specific goals. When you decide to make it happen, you’ll find the time, resources and the energy to reflect upon why you need to sell more houses in 2015.

Tip #6: Utilize Internet Marketing to Sell More Homes in 2015

Before visiting a real estate office, prospective buyers are likely to conduct an online search for homes within a certain neighborhood and price range that will meet their needs. If your listings or web pages are near the top of the search engine, buyers might call you for assistance. Mobile Copywriter specializes in web-based marketing. Using the details that a prospective buyer is likely to search for within specific markets enables Mobile Copywriter to improve website rankings on Google and other top search engines.

Hiring Mobile Copywriter for content marketing strategies, real estate copywriting, article writing services, newsletters or press releases can increase your presence on the Internet. Get found online faster with an experienced real estate copywriter.

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3 Tips for Marketing a Small Business Website – Mobile Copywriter

3 Marketing Tips

Get found online and you’ll notice how much a first page Google ranking is worth in 2015. Whether you operate a home-based business or a mobile operation, professional SEO copywriting in 2015 will improve your online marking results.

Marketing a small business website is one of the most important task that an entrepreneur must perform. Without marketing, consumers may never hear about your company’s products or services. Like never before, the Internet provides amazing methods for marketing a small business website. Using a methodical approach toward Internet marketing strategies, Mobile Copywriter creates informative content to help its clients get found online in 2015.

Now is the Time to Get Help With Marketing a Small Business Website

As an entrepreneur, you might fight any number of challenges on an average day. Whether you are dealing with procurement issues, customer complaints, budgeting, taxes, human resources, inventory problems or sales strategies, an SEO copywriter who is skilled at marketing a small business website can devise a strategy that generates targeted leads online for your company.

Avoid spinning your wheels in an attempt to master blogging, web content writing and search engine optimization. Now is the time to focus on what you do best. Outsourcing web content marketing and other time-consuming tasks to a specialist can increase your productivity where it’s most needed.

Many websites are largely invisible to most consumers who rarely click beyond the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing. If your website does not appear within the search results for products or services that your company provides, then you should immediately contact an expert about marketing a small business website. The sooner that you take action, you may begin to receive a larger market share of business that you deserve. Go after it now!

Tip # 1 – Create Stellar Website Content

Ranking on the first page of Google we be virtually impossible with poor website content. In fact, good website content rarely gets found online. When millions of search results are returned for certain keywords, will Google list your website on its first page? High-quality website content is needed to attract both readers and search engines.

Tip # 2 – All Content is Not Created Equally

Simply piecing together a few dozen words will not cut it for marketing a small business website. In 2015, Google wants to deliver high-quality content to users who support its services. Throwing away your money to cheap article writing services in 2015 will be a waste of your time. Hire an experienced content writing specialist who knows what it will take to get your website found online.

Tip # 3 – Do the Math – Establish a Content Marketing Budget for 2015

Determine the amount money that your company can earmark for online marketing. While making your projections, you should factor in the impact of a first page Google ranking for your small business website. Use your average profit per sale to help determine the number to online sales that are needed to pay for your content marketing budget.

A first page Google ranking offers more than increased website traffic for small business owners. Brand awareness increases for websites that appear on the first page of Google. Some consumers may notice your website within the search results and decide to click onto other websites. It’s par for the course. However, as your website gains recognition for various keyword terms, consumers may identify with your brand or your company more often.


Small business websites require responsive Internet marketing strategies to get found online in 2015. Outsourcing your company’s marketing for a small business website could enable you to display the high-quality article writing services of an SEO copywriting professional. Align your business with the best content marketing company to get found on Google in 2015. Contact Mobile Copywriter about strategies for marketing a small business website.

Real Estate Writer Uses SEO Articles to Increase Website Traffic

Sell More Real Estate

Real estate agents who use progressive methods to increase website traffic might notice higher commission checks. Whether real estate marketing ideas are directed toward first time home buyers or toward luxury properties, a professional article writer can provide compelling content that captivates a reader’s attention. Mobile Copywriter offers professionally crafted real estate articles that are search engine optimized for a specific niche.

Target Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents who provide services for a specific niche could benefit from professional SEO articles that are designed for targeted marketing. For instance, a real estate writer could produce engaging content for an agent who primarily works with move up buyers. Several unique article strategies could be used to enrich readers who are searching the Internet for information about retirement homes, living in a certain city or about buying an investment property. An increase in website traffic may be realized through target marketing for real estate agents.

Hiring an Experienced Real Estate Writer

Time is of the essence for real estate agents who want to propel their business model. However, the amount of time that’s required for real estate article writing and web content marketing is extremely demanding. Hiring an experienced real estate writer who understands SEO article writing and keyword density is important for an agent who seeks to increase website traffic.

Costs for Professional SEO Articles

Without question, a real estate writer who has considerable experience may charge more money for professional SEO articles. Similar to many specialties, a real estate writer might advertise 100 professionally produced articles for $5 to $10. Some companies might commission a real estate writer to generate 300-word articles for $14 to $25. Real estate agents who swarm upon companies to obtain the lowest cost for professional SEO articles might be disappointed. Imagine viewing a restaurant’s menu that displayed a 16-ounce steak for $1. At first glance, many customers might begin to wonder if there is something wrong with the product.

Professional real estate writers who provide flawless SEO articles are worth a decent fee. While the costs for professional SEO articles will vary, real estate agents who spend more than $25 per article might realize increased website traffic and a higher search engine ranking on Google.

Writing a Professional Real Estate Article for Increased Website Traffic

A real estate agent might believe that anyone with a college degree is capable of writing a professional real estate article. Generally, creative writing courses are great for crafting fiction-based novels. However, it takes a completely different skill set to remain proficient for search engine optimization.

Search engines constantly update their algorithms to refine the most reputable results for a user’s query. A professional SEO writer must adapt to the latest Google algorithms to remain competitive. Mobile Copywriter is among the most recognized firms for writing a professional real estate article for increased website traffic.

Writer’s block might cause a real estate agent to leave out important details for a web-based article. Hiring Mobile Copywriter for real estate articles ensures that readers and search engines are given a pleasant amount of details.

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Article Writing to Get Found Online – Mobile Copywriter

Writing Pen

Get a website found online within all of the major search engines, and your competitors may begin to take notice. Many small business websites fail to appear within the first 100 search engine results. As you’re probable aware, Google search results will display 10 listings per page. If your website does not appear within the first 100 search engine results, your prospective website visitors would need to click beyond the tenth page of Google to find your website.

Are you able to perform flawless article writing? If so, you must consistently write blog posts and website articles that appear online. Content is king for increasing your website traffic. Yesterday’s news is old, right? Search engines think so, too. You’ll need an abundance of quality website content to outshine your competitors. However, you must devote an ample amount of the time for article writing to get found online.

Get More Website Traffic for a Small Business

Article writing is one of the surest, yet most difficult methods to get more website traffic for a small business. Your competitors who appear on the first page of Google have met certain benchmarks of success.

Here are some of the items that could improve your website ranking online:

· Frequent content contributions
· Links to relevant content
· Error-free writing
· Blog posts
· Social networking

Experiment With A/B Testing to Measure Your Website Results

A variety of website results may materialize from specific actions that you perform. A/B testing or split testing allows you to analyze the usage of certain keywords, phrases, fonts, various on-page metrics for blogs, articles and other content. If you notice that certain actions lead to more website traffic or social media shares, you may want to implement similar actions for your future content projects.

Hire an Article Writing Company to Get Found Online

Professional article writing companies hire SEO copywriters to get websites found online. If you are too busy for web content creation, you can contact an article writing company that gets websites ranked on Google and other search engines. Mobile Copywriter search engine optimization services are designed to help small business owners improve their website traffic.


Your business can benefit from frequent article writing that increases your website’s exposure. Before you can increase your website sales, you’ll need to need to build additional website traffic. Help is available for website owners who want to get found online. You can contact Mobile Copywriter today for professional article writing services that your readers will cherish.

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Tips to Dominate Local Search With Content Writing – Mobile Copywriter

Dominate Local Search (1)

Local search results provide outstanding opportunities for marketing a small business. Whether you operate a local retail store or a mobile business, local search results may provide daily leads for your sales force. I think that you’ll agree with me on this next point.

Display ads on the Internet and pay-per-click leads require a sufficient amount of funds to cover a content marketing budget. However, some small business owners with limited resources might decide to randomly initiate Internet marketing strategies throughout the year.

Here’s the sad new. After several attempts toward a failed process, many small business owners get fed up with the idea of lead generation on the Internet.

Here is the good news.

You no longer need to worry about how you can devise the correct method or timing for a new Internet ad campaign. Our 7-Step Content Marketing System eliminates the guesswork to achieve brand awareness on the Internet for small business owners.

Use Content Writing to Get Found Online

Lack of visibility is a major reason that many business owners never quite achieve their Internet marketing goals. We provide world-class content writing strategies to help increase your company’s brand awareness and website traffic, too.

Using social media marketing for local businesses and first page rankings on Google, we’re able to build the website recognition for virtually any business.

Our content writers incorporate many of the best search engine optimized copywriting strategies for marketing a local business in 2016. If you are looking for a low-cost way to get found online, content writing is one of the best methods for getting ranked on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

Avoid Cheap Content Writers to Improve Local Search Results

There’s a reason that the best SEO copywriters in 2016 and content writing experts charge significantly more money than generalists who often promise high-quality article writing services for less than five cents per word. Some writers will crank out loads of content that search engines hate for a penny per word or less.

You should not rely on cheap content writers to improve your local search results. If you have had poor results with content writing mills or writers from other countries, you can hire a US-based professional content writer to get found online faster. Mobile Copywriter has a reliable team of content writing experts to help you dominate your local market for customers who are searching for your products or services online.

Apply Local Search Engine Optimization

How does local SEO work? Local SEO places a primary focus on targeted areas for business. For instance, you might plan a local SEO campaign for lead generation within your city, county, state or zip code.

Local search engine optimization can significantly improve your company’s website traffic. While many companies are seeking global business opportunities, you can use the Internet to improve your local customer base. We can help you build your company’s local SEO versus regular SEO. Mining for local website traffic and local Internet leads might substantially improve the annual profits for your business.

Get a Google Places Page

Among our top tips for dominating local search results, you may also want the best Google Places page in your local business market. Ensuring that information about your business is properly displayed on your Google Places page and other websites could help improve your company’s ability to dominate local search results.


Honestly, Internet marketing takes a lot of work. Making the commitment to implement the above strategies could improve your sales in your local market. If you need assistance or you’re ready to work with the best copywriter to get found online faster, you may contact us today for more information.

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Low-Cost Mortgage Internet Leads – Content Marketing Strategies

Mortgage Internet Leads

Internet leads for mortgage companies can cost a fortune. Whether a mortgage company needs leads for purchase transactions or leads for refinance loans, targeted Internet leads may be used to create an enormous pipeline of new deals. With a strategic approach to content marketing, loan officers and mortgage brokers could have an abundant supply of fresh mortgage leads,

Develop a Niche for Specific Mortgage Internet Leads

Many lenders will purchase Internet leads for any prospective borrowers with a decent credit score and a pulse. However, companies that specialize in certain niches might realize better returns on their investment.

For instance, a lender that specializes in jumbo mortgage loans will usually avoid viewing mortgage leads for loan requests that are less than $150,000. However, mortgage companies that specialize in FHA lending or loans for first-time home buyers will typically jump at the chance to arrange financing for low-cost homes and mid-priced homes, as well. A specialization also helps to build a mortgage company’s branding for certain loan products.

Developing a lending niche enables a mortgage company to become undisputed experts on certain products. Referrals and word-of-mouth opportunities may also increase, as loan officers might become more knowledgeable than other local competitors.

Get Low-Cost Reverse Mortgage Leads Online

Several mortgage companies have an exclusive focus on reverse mortgage leads. For mortgage companies that are lending in residential areas with reduced levels of home equity, as well as a large number of retired homeowners, reverse mortgage lending offers an ideal niche. Targeted Internet leads for reverse mortgage candidates may provide an excellent opportunity to acquire low-cost homeowner leads.

How Much do Mortgage Internet Leads Cost?

Prices for mortgage leads will vary by type, age, specific features and the lead source. Many mortgage companies rely on pay-per-click leads or leads from list providers. List brokers might charge $10 to $30 or more for each mortgage Internet lead. Pay-per-click mortgage leads could cost upwards of $50 per click on Google and other search engines.

Internet leads are very precious to mortgage companies, as a certain level of accountability is required due to the average cost per record. Obtaining low-cost mortgage Internet leads could increase a company’s profitability.

Wasted Money on Mortgage Internet Leads

When buying leads on the Internet, mortgage companies plan to engage in outbound marketing methods. Many factors could impact a loan officer’s odds of closing a decent percent of Internet leads. Frequently, mortgage Internet leads are not exclusive. Generally, it’s a race between three or four competing companies to generate a pre-approval for identical borrowers.

The process often annoys a large number of borrowers, voicemail boxes get overloaded with messages from multiple loan officers and the lowest priced lender usually wins. Purchased mortgage Internet leads might be rendered useless if other companies offer lower interest rates and fees.

Using Content Marketing Strategies to Generate Mortgage Leads Online

Vibrant content marketing strategies provide leverage for mortgage lenders and for most small business owners. Content marketing strategies for mortgage lenders will focus on inbound marketing methods. Digitally created materials are used to engage prospective borrowers to contact a specific mortgage lender.

Web-based content that’s properly optimized may be used to generate Internet leads for several years. Generally, for the cost of several pay-per-click leads, a mortgage company could have obtained SEO optimized content that continuously works to increase website traffic and engagement with warm prospects.


Inbound marketing strategies offer unique opportunities for lead generation. Traditional marketing methods, such as direct mail, cold-calling and display advertisements have become inferior promotional methods when compared to inbound phone calls from digitally created content.

Mobile Copywriter creates blogs, web page content and press releases to generate low-cost Internet leads for mortgage companies, HVAC companies, merchant processing companies and for a variety of small business owners.

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Article Writing Services for Small Business Owners – Mobile Copywriter

Writing Pen

Article Writing Services

Small business owners frequently need article writing services for a variety of reasons. Whether a busy schedule or challenging topics delay an entrepreneur from creating new website content, we are here to provide professional support.

Our team delivers high quality article writing services for small business owners. With a dedication to accuracy, factual content and reader engagement, we’re among the most affordable article writing companies for small business owners.

Knowing that a knowledgeable professional will deliver writing assignments on time could enable an entrepreneur to concentrate on other areas of business. Mobile Copywriter provides the following article writing services:

· Search Engine Optimization
· Blog Content
· Newsletters
· Press Release

Search Engine Optimization

SEO articles are best created to attract readers via the Internet. A knowledgeable SEO copywriter sparsely uses keywords, content structure and Internet marketing strategies to improve website traffic and brand awareness for small business owners.

A large part of search engine optimization revolves around research. Knowing how to develop content that ranks on the first page of Google is an important step toward getting a small business found online.

Professional SEO copywriters are able to incorporate creative marketing strategies with website content that readers and search engines can discover quicker.

Blog Content

Blogs provide many value-added benefits for small business owners. Readers might visit a website more frequently, if a blog contains informative content that’s consistently updated. We create blog posts that mimic the style, tone and voice for specific types of websites. Blog content that engages readers to share information with others is helpful for entrepreneurs who want to increase website traffic and to build a stronger brand.

Blogs are useful for a website’s search engine ranking. Well written blog posts might attract high quality backlinks for a small business website, too. A regular blogging schedule could build a website’s popularity among consumers and search engines.

Hiring a professional article writing service with USA-based writers for blog content is recommended for small business owners who require competitive pricing for authoritative materials.


Quarterly updates offer opportunities for small business owners to share announcements, new products and helpful tips with readers via a newsletter. For instance, a landscaping company could provide ideas to help homeowners improve the curb appeal for various exterior property areas. Similarly, a heating and air conditioning company might share tips to save money on energy costs via a seasonal newsletter.

Professional article writing services can generate content for a variety of topics to keep readers updated with useful information. Current customers and prospective buyers who find value within a small business newsletter might decide to make a purchase that’s based on a recent article.

We can craft engaging newsletters for any type of small business. A persuasive and compelling article writing style is a part of the formula that separates us from other SEO article writing companies.

Press Release

Newsworthy content may receive the maximum amount of exposure with a press release. Media representatives who are looking for favorable stories to share might decide to circulate a well-timed press release about a small business.

Press releases are easy to share on social media networks. Within several hours, a popular press release could virally spread important information, a promotion or a special announcement.

Mobile Copywriter creates timely and informative press release articles for small business owners. When properly used, a press release is a great tool for marketing and informing the public about small business developments.

Small business owners are encouraged to inquire about our professional article writing services.

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