First Page Website Ranking on Google in 2015 – Small Business Success Tips

Google First Page Ranking

Ranking on Google will be challenging for small businesses in 2015. Large companies are predicted to hire content marketing firms and professional copywriters to form stronger customer relationships. Getting a small business website ranking on Google will be more difficult throughout 2015.

As you might imagine, small business owners are generally over-optimistic about the amount of website traffic they are likely to receive. Without a solid Internet marketing strategy, small business owners are relying on random referrals from the major search engines for additional website visitors.

Targeted website traffic directs prospects to your website who are looking for products and services that your business provides. Web design firms are often contacted to help small business owners with their website traffic.

Top web designers usually spend the bulk of their time concentrating on the infrastructure for new websites and for existing websites. Many web designers hire article writing services, SEO copywriters, Internet marketing experts and other web-based writers for quality web page content.

You can skip the middleman! The Internet enables you to find the best SEO copywriter for small business owners in 2015 who can get a first page website ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Getting web page content from a copywriter for targeted website traffic is essential to rapidly growing your business throughout 2015.

Google offers free organic search results on its first page for high-quality content. Free leads from Google provides low-cost Internet marketing solutions for many small business owners.

What Type of Content is Good for a Small Business Website?

Authentic website content that accurately describes your company’s products, services and values are more likely to generate a reservoir of interested prospect, as well as top search engine rankings. Whether your company provides goods or specialized services, you’ll need quality web content to grow your small business website in 2015.

Several types of content are recommended for a small business website. Blogs, web page content, newsletters, press releases and article writing are ideal for generating targeted website traffic.

Content Marketing for Business in 2015

Now that you have a website that is filled with useful information, you’ll need to share your materials with an army of supporters and followers. Content marketing experts and SEO copywriters can increase your website’s engagement through a variety of online resources.

If you’re like most small business owners in 2015, you’ll be too busy to maintain regular content submissions to the most popular blogs, media resources, bookmarking websites and dozens of social media networks.

Outsourcing your small business content writing and content marketing tasks could lead to more productive use of your time. Hiring a professional article writing service for SEO copywriting support may lead to more sales, too.


You have the ability to change the direction of your business in 2015. Securing a first page Google ranking is among our top small business success tips for 2015. Let us help you get more business in 2015. Contact Mobile Copywriter today for details about our targeted Internet marketing strategies for small business owners.

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Why Original Content Marketing Services Are Best for Your Business

Web content provides information about a service, a product or an idea. Whether you decide to update a website with your own content marketing techniques or to hire an SEO copywriter to devise an Internet marketing strategy, you should have a consistent flow of fresh information. Uniquely created materials for your business can stand out from information that’s circulated among a variety of websites.

Original Content Marketing Services

When a user performs a web-based search for a specific term, Google aims to deliver the most appropriate results for the request. For instance, if the query is related to rocket science, Google may provide results for NASA, major research universities or for several industry-recognized experts. Copying the information onto your website will not boost you to the top of the search engines. In fact, you’ll probably notice a reduced website ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

If you are seeking positive search engines results, an SEO copywriter can provide original content marketing services. Information that’s exclusively generated for your website may be promoted and shared with others. However, you’ll be credited via the search engines with relative information that first appears on your website.

Benefits of original content marketing:

· Search engine recognition
· Fresh content for website visitors
· User engagement
· Shareable information
· Increased website traffic
· Thought leadership

Small Business Connection With Consumers and Commercial Clients

Web content marketing enables a small business owner to make instant connections with consumers and commercial clients. Think about the image that a disconnected business portrays to its customers. You might envision a lack of leadership, poor customer service and lousy workmanship. However, a website that has not been updated in months or a blog that displays a post from last season could be disastrous for a small business.

Competitive entrepreneurs want to embrace technological advances to stay ahead of the business next door. Research has shown that business owners are devoting a substantial portion of their content marketing budget toward Internet marketing and online advertising. A variety of digital marketing strategies can enable a small business owner to stay connected with consumers and commercial clients, too.


Few web page visitors will continue to view search results on Google that are displayed beyond the sixth page. Many users only review results that are listed on Google’s first two pages. Imagine the amount of website traffic and leads that your business could receive with a premier search engine ranking on Google.

To improve your website ranking on Google, you can hire SEO writers or a web content writer who can deliver original content marketing services for your business. Contact Mobile Copywriter today for details about authoritative materials that will engage your website visitors to take action.

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Shark Tank Proven – Internet Marketing Strategies for Small Business Owners

As seen on “Shark Tank,” the hit ABC TV show, entrepreneurs who are struggling to raise capital or to obtain local business may build an online selling machine that generates sales via the Internet. Low-cost marketing ideas are great for entrepreneurs who are starting a new business in 2015. Knowing how to steer clear of the crowd is a key ingredient for success.

Bootstrapping for Small Business Owners

Business magazines are filled with thousands of overnight success stories about entrepreneurs who made it to the big leagues within one to two years. Each success story could be followed by 100 or more business owners who closed up shop for a variety of reasons. Bootstrapping is largely a mindset that requires small business owners to maximize their resources to the fullest. Here are some of the ways that enable small business owners to tighten their laces:

· Bulk purchasing
· Networking
· Comparison shopping
· Buying bare essentials
· Bartering
· Crowd funding
· Outsourcing
· Web-based selling

Small Business Owners May Use Internet Marketing Strategies to Get Found Online in 2015

Using proactive strategies, small business owners can get found online with Internet marketing. A robust marketing system could drive daily traffic toward a website for a home based business in 2015, a retail business, a warehouse or toward a mobile enterprise.

With a search engine optimized website, the world could truly become the entrepreneurial oyster for a small business owner who is driven for success. An SEO copywriter can prepare web page content that increases the opportunity for a small business to get found on Google and other search engines.

Content Creation for Targeted Website Traffic

Interesting topics that appear on social media, blogs and company websites might compel readers to submit an inquiry for more information or to purchase certain products online. The best SEO copywriters in 2015 are knowledgeable about content creation strategies that have the potential to drive massive amounts of targeted traffic toward a client’s website. It’s important to display custom content on a website to rank well within the search engines. Hiring a professional SEO copywriter ensures that high quality standards are reflected across a variety of digital formats.


With or without an appearance on “Shark Tank,” entrepreneurs can obtain Internet marketing support for scaling a small business to greater heights. Mobile Copywriter uses the best strategies for SEO copywriting in 2015.

York, PA Internet marketing services via Mobile Copywriter are offered for clients throughout Pennsylvania, Florida, Maryland and for most areas within the United States.

Small business owners may contact Mobile Copywriter about improving brand recognition, ranking online or to get found on Google faster.

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Web Content Writing Company in York, PA Gets Local Internet Marketing Results

Get found on the first page of Google results and obtain more website traffic with a comprehensive Internet marketing strategy for local businesses. Continuing to use outdated marketing methods can quickly saddle a company’s growth. From mailing cost to the production of print advertisements, a small business owner typically allocates a significant amount of their marketing budget toward lead generation. Through low-cost marketing methods, Mobile Copywriter uses a 7-step process to increase brand awareness and website traffic for small businesses.

Benefits of Professional Content Writing

Ranking on Google’s first page is serious business. Getting there is an exercise in futility for most business owners. If it were easy, any business could flip a switch and magically appear on the first page of Google. However, Google frowns on web content creators who use black hat methods to arbitrarily inflate search engine rankings. Hiring a professional content writing company ensures that a small business owner engages users with information that’s useful, shareable, compelling and grammatically correct.

Mobile Copywriter gives small business owners the tools that are used via national conglomerates and Fortune 500 companies at a much lower cost. Our article writing services and SEO copywriting services are second to none. Don’t risk time and hard-earned money with inexperienced or cheap web content writers. Professional content writing delivers higher quality and value-added benefits, such as branding and more website traffic.

Web Content Writing For First Page Google Ranking

We are leaders at writing web content for mobile business owners and entrepreneurs. Using our web content system, a small business owner can rapidly increase their lead generation and sales strategies. Based in York, PA, Mobile Copywriter is the among the fastest growing web content writing and SEO copywriting companies in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States.

Web Content Marketing

A great document is only as useful as its visibility. In addition to our professional article writing services, Mobile Copywriter excels at distributing the content online. High-quality web content marketing services get increased engagement for small business clients.

When to Hire a Web Content Writer or a Web Content Marketing Specialist?

As information continues to evolve around Internet marketing strategies and web content writing, small business owners who generate authoritative content on a continuous basis are more likely to rank on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. Entrepreneurs who are ready to dominate the competition with high-impact Internet marketing strategies should hire competent web content writers as quickly as possible.

Costs of Professional Web Content Writing

Professional content writing that’s produced by USA-based writers can range from a penny per word to several dollars per word. Mobile Copywriter eliminates the need for small business owners to experiment with cheap article writing services. Our prices for professional content writing and content marketing services are more competitive than other firms who can produce good SEO copywriting that compels viewers to take action.


The value of a first page Google ranking might yield an infinite return on the cost of professional web content writing. Mobile Copywriter can spread the word about certain announcements, product developments and service offerings for small businesses. We deliver results with local Internet marketing initiatives for business owners who desire more web-based leads. To get more Internet leads, contact Mobile Copywriter today for SEO copywriting and content marketing that increases website traffic for small businesses.

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HVAC Internet Leads – Increases Profitability

Internet marketing leads for HVAC
Internet marketing leads for HVAC

Air conditioning contractors are in high demand during warm weather periods. If a busy schedule limits your time to write blogs, press releases, newsletters, website articles or other types of content writing for HVAC leads, you may obtain help from a top content marketing and article writing service. Using a specialized format for generating HVAC leads on the Internet, Mobile Copywriter helps small business owners get found online faster.

Build Your Supply of HVAC Leads Now

Procrastination is a primary reason for small business failures. Most business owners expect their websites to generate leads on a daily basis. However, an equal emphasis is not placed on fresh website content to attract a loyal fan base.

For instance, a consumer could improve the operational efficiency of their air-handling unit by frequently changing the filter or by subscribing for a seasonal maintenance plan.

While some consumers might think that year-round maintenance is expensive, HVAC contractors are well aware of the benefits of preventive maintenance that saves consumers money in the long run.

Similarly, now is the time to invest in your business. We are content writing experts who use the power of Internet marketing strategies to generate a constant leads supply for HVAC contractors.

Service-oriented business owners have had negative experiences with Internet marketing. Trial and error is required in many cases to find the sweet spot for a reliable promotional method. Direct mail does not work for many HVAC contractors. Cold calling is virtually useless for HVAC companies, as well.

Google makes over 95 percent of its revenue from web-based advertising. Your business can make more money with Internet leads using the right support system.

Increasing Profits for HVAC Companies With Targeted Internet Leads

You’ll need a lot of website content to attract local HVAC leads from the Internet. However, traditional marketing practices encourage small business owners to blast their messages to the masses.

Don’t listen to anyone who uses boilerplate marketing ideas. You need a robust marketing method that drives targeted HVAC leads to your website. While every residence and business will eventually need air conditioning or heating repairs, you’re aware that everyone is not interested at the current moment.

We are the best copywriters for Internet leads because we use professional content writing to educate consumers who are looking for specific services right now. Your business will enjoy higher profit margins by helping consumers who are searching the Internet for HVAC contractors. When your company appears on the first page of Google for air conditioning repairs or emergency HVAC services, you will receive a larger share of local Internet leads for heating and air conditioning companies.

As Internet marketing York, PA, content writing experts, Mobile Copywriter offers affordable SEO copywriting services for small business owners. Contact us for help growing your HVAC company with low-cost HVAC Internet leads.

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Marketing a Mobile Business? Hire SEO Content Writer – Get Found Online

Internet Marketing

Entrepreneurs who operate a mobile business should seek a variety of ways to continuously attract prospective buyers. Ongoing marketing initiatives are ideal for entrepreneurs who spend a considerable amount of time on the road. Mobile Copywriter provides professional SEO content writing to help small business owners get found online.

Content Writing Creates Value

Does each page of your website provide a sufficient amount of information to satisfy the reader’s reason for clicking on a specific page? This should be at the top of your list for content creation, lead generation and marketing strategies.

Each web page and blog should be viewed as precious real estate for your business. A professional SEO content writer can create evergreen materials that have the potential to drive web-based traffic to your website for many years.

As a mobile business owner, you may have a limited amount of time or resources to properly address the needs or concerns of prospective buyers. However, your website can provide answers for many frequently asked questions. A solid content writing strategy will provide ideas, tips resources and answers to commonly asked questions for visitors who land on your blog or website.

Communicating in a manner that’s easy for web-based visitors to grasp is one of the most important reasons for hiring a professional content writer who creates online materials of value. Using affordable content writing solutions is a great way to market a mobile business, contracting service, mortgage company, product-oriented business or a variety of real estate services.

Search Engine Optimized Content Writing Gets More Website Traffic for Businesses

Web content writing is not created equally. While most form of detail-oriented prose may be used to astonish your blog readers or social media followers, you’ll need a generous amount of keywords and long-tail keyword phrases to attract the search engines.

We constantly hear about small business owners who can’t get found online for products and services that they offer. Yet, you will see them in the search results when you type the exact name of their website into a major search engine. Your competitors will also appear in the search results if you type their names into the search engines, too.

The grass is truly greener for small business owners who make the decision to differentiate themselves from the competition. Appearing in the search results ahead of local businesses will give your company a competitive advantage.

Content writing that integrates the best SEO copywriting practices will be helpful for entrepreneurs who want to generate low-cost leads online. Optimized content is specifically designed to garner search engine recognition. Done correctly, SEO content writing aims to provide eloquently crafted information for readers to devour, while highlighting certain terms for search engines to hone in on.


You should get a favorable return on your investment when hiring a professional SEO content writer. High-quality content writing is rarely impacted by algorithm changes among the major search engines. Google, can tell whether a website writer uses a get rich quick approach or a professional writing service gets small businesses found online with reputable content marketing strategies.

Today, you may inquire about SEO copywriting and content marketing systems from Mobile Copywriter that helps small business owners get found online faster.

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Generate Internet Leads – Web Content Marketing Strategy

Getting the lead

Increasing revenue is a fundamental task for growing a business of any size. It’s fairly common knowledge that a business is either growing or it’s fading. Generating high quality leads can improve your company’s conversion ratio. A solid web content marketing strategy uses a combination of proven tasks that will attract qualified leads for your business.

Know Your Target Audience

Rather than using a shotgun approach to develop new business, you’re likely to obtain more favorable results using a marketing strategy that reaches your target audience with a laser focus. Are your primary customers young or old? Does your business largely cater toward women or men? Are the bulk of your company’s revenues from business-to-business sales? Are your services aimed toward customers who’ll pay for quality or toward value-oriented shoppers? Having some demographic details and information about your typical client can enable you to develop a targeted marketing strategy.

Mobile Copywriter directs its marketing efforts toward service businesses, mortgage companies, credit card processing companies and real estate agents who want to improve their abilities to get found online.

Adjusting Your Approach

Marketing success is rarely based on random tactics that may be applied for all businesses. Quite often, you might find success with targeted initiatives that wildly exceed your expectations. However, you’ll need to adjust your approach for marketing campaigns that largely result in learning experiences. Time is money. Therefore, repetitive actions that fail to deliver the desired results should be eliminated!

Goal Setting

Performance may be measured according to your specific goals. For instance, if your goal is to become ranked on the first page of Google, but your website is shown on page 6 for certain search results, you have a starting point and a destination. Perhaps, you can strive for a ranking on Google’s second page within two months. A solid content marketing strategy could lead to a ranking on the first page of Google with an approach that incorporates the consistent delivery of quality content. Getting seen on the first page of Google is a primary goal for business owners who want to generate organic Internet leads. As a business owner or an executive, you might set a goal to reduce the amount of money that is allocated toward pay-per-click advertising. Organic Internet traffic can save thousands of dollars on Internet marketing and improve a company’s visibility online. Ultimately, your decision to set a goal could lead to increased website traffic and revenues.

About Content Marketing

Is the buzz about content marketing overrated among SEO copywriters? The truth is that more and more business owners are embracing the importance of a solid web content marketing strategy. Unlike print advertisements that get thrown away like yesterday’s news, your business can generate digital content that is evergreen. Blogs, articles, images, email and videos may be used to build a timeline for your business. Your website can showcase new developments, products and features that are important to your clients. If you are wondering about content marketing as a short-term fad or as a long-term strategy, you should know that content marketing is here to stay. Executives from service businesses to large-scale retailers are discovering the power that content marketing delivers.

Effective Content Marketing Strategies

To maximize your content marketing strategy, you’ll need a generous amount of blogs, articles, and website content to build trust among your readers. It’s important to know the types of content that will keep your audience engaged. For some websites, readers will return to find the joke of the day or posts that make them laugh. Other readers may frequently visit your website for new tips, inspirational messages, instructional content or for other types of information. An effective content marketing strategy should contain a mixture of the following:

· Original content that’s to relative your product or services
· Evergreen materials
· Shareable data

Implementing Your Content Marketing Strategy

The beauty of content marketing is the ease of implementation. Web-based content may be uploaded instantaneously. Within minutes you can post a new blog, update your website content or share information among your social media followers. The challenge is to frequently provide authentic materials that readers can embrace, while using a professional format that ranks well within the search engines. Copywriters and Internet marketing professionals are excellent resources for companies that rely on creative insights from external thought leaders.

If your team misses the mark on its sales goals or lead development, you might discover some amazing results via outsourcing. Certain projects could have a huge staffing requirement for a small business. If you needed to hire a creative director, content writers, editors and Internet marketing professionals to implement a winning content marketing strategy, your company’s payroll costs might skyrocket. In addition to saving money on benefits and training, you can outsource your company’s content marketing needs to professional service providers who are reliable and experienced. Whether you begin a content marketing program with in-house employees, an advertising agency or the creative talents of outsourced professionals, your business could generate website traffic that results in more leads for your sales team. Deciding to implement a content marketing strategy could produce additional revenue for your business, too.

Internet Leads for Business

Is there any guarantee of success with Internet leads for business? Honestly, you should not trust anyone who promises that you’ll get specific results from Internet leads. Many business owners have experienced mixed results with Internet leads. A solid content marketing strategy that builds interest for your products or services from your blog, newsletter, videos and other materials should result in more qualified traffic and leads for your business.

A lot of business owners are outsourcing their content needs to trusted professionals. The decision to hire a professional SEO copywriter enables a business owner to focus on sales and the day-to-day operations of running a business. Improving your content marketing strategy could produce a greater amount of prospective buyers for your business.


You can take subtle steps today to change the course of your business. Two or three additional inquires per day could produce over 50 new leads each month for your business. By calculating your expected conversion ratio, you can determine whether a solid content marketing strategy that generates leads from the Internet is realistic for your business.

Take charge of your business today. Contact Mobile Copywriter for content marketing strategies that can empower your sales team to compete for more business.

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Content Writer for Small Business Website Generates Internet Leads

Writing Pen


Web design ideas for a new business are essential to generating sales online. With valuable website content, some readers will decide to make a purchase or return to gather more information at another time. Hiring a top content writer for small business websites is crucial to lead generation on the Internet.


Get Small Business Website Found Online


To get website visitors, a new business website must be discovered among millions of established competitors. Savvy entrepreneurs often expect a quick supply of leads from their website. Quite often, it takes years of hard work before a small business website has earned search engine credibility and brand recognition from consumers.


Content writers are tasked with implementing information on a daily basis to get small business websites found online. Getting discovered is the initial step in the lead generation process.


Benefits of Internet Leads for Small Business Owners


Within most small businesses, new leads are vital for ongoing sales. However, leads are extremely important for a new business that does not have an established customer base. Costs for most forms of marketing can quickly drain the operating capital of a new business. Smaller allocations are needed to obtain low-cost Internet leads for small business owners.


Spending less money on Internet leads could enable a business to utilize its cash for other expenses, such as inventory, supplies, payroll or investments in technology to streamline certain tasks.


Internet-based sales can generate immediate forms of cash for a variety of products and services. With traditional advertising methods that require printing, mailing and cold calling, an entrepreneur needs time to form the opportunity for a sales presentation.


A robust small business website can generate Internet leads on daily basis. The challenge for a new business often surrounds website traffic, though.


Content Writer to Increase Website Traffic


A professional content writer can construct a variety of materials to build awareness for a small business on the Internet. Using website articles, blogs, press releases and newsletters, a content writing expert can engage a cadre of loyal readers who return for helpful tips or valuable insight on specific topics.


While many small business owners are masters of their trade or skill set, some entrepreneurs have limited amounts of time or may lack the expertise to properly craft website articles that will attract the attention of popular search engines, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.




Low-cost Internet leads could generate new business opportunities for smaller companies. With the proper support, a small business website can obtain brand awareness and Internet leads much faster. To get a small business website found online faster or ranked on the first page of Google, entrepreneurs are encouraged to contact Mobile Copywriter for details about content writing for Internet leads.

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10 Reasons to Hire a Copywriter for Web Content Marketing

10 Reasons


Finding a writer to produce creative materials for a captive audience is easier said than done. Knowledgeable web content writers are usually able to keep readers interested in certain subjects for more than 20 seconds. Failing to quickly capture a reader’s attention may result in diminishing returns. The following 10 reasons to hire a copywriter for web content marketing will emphasis the importance of results oriented writing.


# 10. Increased Web Presence


Unless your material is intended for a personal diary, you should hire a copywriter to professionally promote your products, services, special offers or initiatives. Digital content that captivates your readers will lead to an increased web presence for your blog or website.


# 9. Inbound Marketing Success  


Traditional promotional methods such as print advertisements, billboards and costly mailing campaigns are losing ground to inbound marketing strategies. Small and large businesses are able to utilize content that drives customers toward a website or brand. A copywriter can produce various types of marketing collateral for inbound marketing success.


# 8. Compelling Messages


Unique information is needed to engage visitors who view the contents within your blog or website. A copywriter is skilled at the creation of compelling messages that smartly invites readers to continue viewing specific items.


# 7. Page Engagement  


Effective web content marketing is useless, if viewers barely read the information that’s contained within a blog or a website. Professional copywriting aims to keep readers on a website or a blog for longer than average time frames. Visitors who spend a fair amount of time on your website may be more prone to opt-in for your newsletter, emails, eBook or other special offers.


# 6. Branding  


Fortune 500 companies have used professional copywriters and marketing agencies for decades. The creation of a brand, such as Apple, Coca-Cola and General Electric helps consumers identify with products that they trust. Small businesses and mid-sized firms can hire a copywriter for web content marketing support that strengthens their brands, too.


# 5. Maintaining a Voice


Many website owners reach a point where they’re lost for words. The attempt to hire a freelance writer who has the skills to maintain a voice that’s similar to other posts within a blog may become an exercise in futility. However, a professional copywriter has web content marketing experience that echoes other information within a blog or website.


# 4. Return on Investment

While the costs for professional web content will vary, small business owners usually get results that are commensurate with their investment. A competent copywriter is worth every dollar. It’s counterproductive to expect large revenues from a frugal budget. A well-compensated copywriter generally pours extra energy into rewarding projects. Paying a generous amount for a copywriter to produce web content materials may result in a greater return on your investment.


# 3. Major Announcements    


An occasional push for last-minute promotions or a new product launch could generate responses from new or existing customers. Copywriters may use web content marketing strategies to create a buzz about major announcements or promotional events. For ultimate exposure, you can hire a copywriter for press release articles or to write pay-per-click advertisements.


# 2. Fresh Web Content  


Stale content is one of the fastest ways to lose website viewers and search engine rankings. Hiring a copywriter for fresh web content could encourage readers to regularly visit your blog or website. Fresh web content is needed to attract new customers and blog readers, too. Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines continuously crawl the Internet for fresh web content. Hire a copywriter to create professional content that your readers and search engines are looking to discover.


# 1. Call to Action


Internet marketing is conducted to generate web-based traffic that results in leads or sales. A professional web content writer or copywriting expert has the skills to create a call to action. As website visitors or blog readers review your content, copywriter-produced materials can subtly guide your audience to learn more or to make a buying decision. Hire a copywriter today for web content marketing materials that excite your prospective customers to take immediate actions.


Contact Mobile Copywriter for blog content, professional article writing services and for web content marketing strategies that increase website traffic.


Read our article about marketing a home-based business online.


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Blogging for Success in a Service Business

Share your passion about anything with a #Blog. See these #Blogging #Success #Tips:


Service businesses frequently require a variety of content marketing strategies to inform prospective clients and existing clients about new developments, informative updates and promotional deals. Rather than being viewed as an annoyance factor, many customers appreciate regular updates from businesses that keep them informed. Blogging is an economical way for business owners to maintain a connection with their customers. As the founder of Mobile Copywriter, I have observed many service businesses with outdated blogs. In this blog post, I share some of the challenges that service business owners experience with regular blog updates.


Lack of Time for Blogging


A busy entrepreneur might focus most of his energy on sales and operations. The time that’s needed to craft a blog gets brushed aside week-after-week and month-after-month. Before long, the initial goals for a blog could begin to fizzle. Service business owners must allocate time for blogging or hire a writing specialist for the task. Ideally, a professional SEO article writer should be hired to maintain weekly or monthly blog posts. Blogging for success in a service business may even require several daily blog posts to outshine nearby competitors.


Limited Blog Updates Due to Writer’s Block


Writer’s block occasionally baffles some of the best wordsmiths. On a typical day, service business owners may have many things to juggle that are more important than gazing into a word document for possible writing ideas. Let’s face it, everyone would create multiple blog posts each day, if the right thoughts and words magically appeared on the computer screen. The more frequently that a person writes, the easier it becomes to hurdle writer’s block in a smooth stride to the finish line. Professional writers generally spend an enormous amount of time conducting research and developing content for a variety of subjects. Hiring a professional SEO article writer instead of dealing with writer’s block could enable a service business owner to concentrate on other tasks.


Blogging Costs are Too Expensive


In many businesses, you pay for what you get. For instance, a power washing company might charge $150 to clean the entire exterior structure of a home. A company that charges $350 might provide a better value or service guarantee than the firm with a super low price point. Blogging, professional SEO article writing and web content marketing costs may range from $1 to over $300 for a 300-word document. Writers are independent business owners who provide a valuable service, too. Would you trust a service business that provided professional auto painting for only $25? Most professional bloggers usually charge more than 10 cents per word. So, a business owner might get marginal quality for a 300-word blog post that’s priced for less than $30. However, a blogger who charges 20 cents per word would require $60 per 300-word blog post. At a minimum of one blog post per month, a business owner might be able to secure a rate of $60. Blog posts that occur twice per month would cost $120. As the number of blog posts increase, a business owner’s costs would multiply. For less than the daily costs of a flavored latte, a service business owner could have a blog that’s published on a bi-weekly basis. Avoiding the myths that echo blogging costs are too expensive could enable a business owner to deliver regular content to its customers.


Why is Blogging Such a Big Deal for a Business?


Many entrepreneurs are realizing that blogging for success in a service business is extremely necessary. Prior to making a purchase many consumers will perform a search query using Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines. Quality content is needed for a business to appear within the search engine results page (SERPs). Blogging on a consistent basis provides fresh content for SERPs to locate. Consumers often select the search results that are delivered on the first few pages for a specific query. If the website for a service business does not rank within the first few pages of a search engine, consumers are unlikely to find information about that particular company. Blogging is a big deal for service businesses, as it increases the opportunity for consumers and for search engines to locate a website.


Will a Blog or Website That Looks Great Attract a Lot of Visitors?


Not necessarily! While an aesthetically appealing blog or website is a plus, search engines will not find a website without content. A prudent business owner should seek to obtain a blog or a website that looks great and includes a robust amount of content. Many service business owners spend a disproportionate amount of their budget toward the design elements of a website. Blogging for success in a service business will require the frequent creation of new materials. A knowledgeable SEO writer can craft engaging content for a blog or a website.


Social Media Marketing Versus Blogging


Blogging and social media marketing utilize different strategies. However, with a blended effort, a service business owner could generate more website traffic. A blog post that resonates with social media followers might be shared among thousands of viewers. If the post goes viral, a service business could generate increased website traffic, additional leads or higher sales revenues. A web content marketing professional or an SEO copywriter who understands article writing for the web could integrate a successful blogging and social media marketing campaign for a service business.


Benefits of Regular Blog Posts


Blogging provides a low-cost method for business owners to keep consumers up-to-date on certain industry developments or promotional incentives. A blog also provides a voice that invites comments, objections and useful feedback. A service business can discover some of the things that are important to consumers via certain blog posts. Additional blogging benefits include:


  • Quick content delivery
  • Shareable information
  • Improved search engine recognition
  • Ability to gain followers
  • Increased industry authority



A digital connection with consumers is important for small, medium and large businesses. With the help of a copywriting professional, a service business owner could expand the popularity of their website. As consumers rely on mobile devices more frequently, service business owners may need to hire a copywriter who can explain difficult concepts that website visitors and social media followers can easily understand. Contact Mobile Copywriter for information about blogging for success in a service business.


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