Generate Internet Leads – Hire SEO Copywriting Service

Hire SEO Copywriters

Small businesses provide some of the best local services for online shoppers. However, many companies lose a significant amount of sales to companies that participate in online marketing and offline strategies to acquire customers. Outsourcing could provide the perfect opportunity to hire a content creation professional. With help from an SEO copywriting service, your business could generate Internet leads on autopilot.

Why Generate Leads From the Internet?

Consumers are using the Internet on a daily basis for shopping, games, entertainment, information and for locating a variety of items that satisfy their needs or interests. However, shown below are several reasons for small business owners to get Internet leads.

·Cultivate targeted prospects
·Opportunities for instant sales
·Low-cost marketing solutions
·Environmentally friendly
·Faster sales process
·Greater efficiency
·Unique engagement methods

About Lead Generation Strategies for Small Business Owners

Internet leads are highly desired by small and large businesses. Entrepreneurs who use a variety of savvy marketing strategies can generate low-cost Internet leads online. With search engine optimized copy, you can attract highly targeted Internet leads to your small business website.

Some customers who might not have enough time to visit your establishment may be able to quickly place an order for products or services via your website. Using a balance mix of online marketing strategies, you can increase your engagement with prospective customers who are seeking products and services that your company offers.

Hiring an SEO Copywriting Service

Experienced copywriters can provide authoritative website content that encourages readers to contact you today. Hiring an SEO copywriting service will also reduce the amount of time that you spend on content creation for your blog, website, press releases and other types of digital marketing materials. Whether your business needs to generate Internet leads for local consumers or to generate B2B Internet leads, you can request professional content writing services and call-to-action SEO copywriting services from Mobile Copywriter using the button below.

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Marketing Real Estate and Reverse Mortgages – Blog Content Writing

Real Estate - Reverse Mortgage Leads
Marketing Tips.

Blog content writing provides helpful information and valuable real estate tips for website visitors. Applying content creation methods that continuously engage readers to learn more about a mortgage company, a real estate agent or a new home community is the best way to ensure that website visitors stick around for longer than the typical eight seconds that would have already lost most website visitors. Highly effective blog content writing can ease some of the technical real estate details, insurance topics or reverse mortgage terms that frequently lead readers toward information that requires a glossary or further interpretation. Failing to immediately capture a website visitor’s attention will result in fewer Internet leads.

How to Market Real Estate and Reverse Mortgage Loans With Blog Content Writing?

A variety of digital marketing strategies may be used to promote real estate and reverse mortgage loans. Several important factors are needed to build awareness and traffic for a business website. Shown below are several marketing tips for mortgage advisers and for real estate agents to increase website traffic with blog content writing.

·Helpful details
·Keyword phrases
·Frequent contributions
·Search engine optimization

The bulleted points above may all be achieved with the ideal marketing strategy. The best blog content writers are able to provide professional article writing services for real estate firms and for mortgage companies that compels readers to respond to a call-to-action.


What makes a prospective client select a real estate agent or a mortgage adviser who charges higher fees? Quite often, a client is satisfied with the initial level of support that is received from a professional or a sufficient amount of website content that provided answers to the questions that the client was searching to find. When a prospective client visits a website prior to contacting a professional, a content writer can provide a variety of details to engage the reader to request more information. Storytelling may be used to help website visitors identify with a variety of previous challenges or with ways to avoid certain real estate or reverse mortgage hurdles that might exist in their situation.

A real estate agent who hires a content writer to help share her stories may begin to notice a greater amount of reader interaction and a larger daily supply of Internet leads.

Helpful Details

Whether a mortgage advisor has a very basic website or a highly responsive WordPress blog, a reader who fails to find their desired information will quickly leave to locate a more valuable resource. In most instances, website visitors who are not quickly impressed will avoid leaving their contact information for a mortgage professional. However, helpful details that satisfy a reader’s concerns may lead to a new blog subscriber or toward a qualified Internet lead.

Keyword Phrases

Keywords are used to inform search engines about the content that exists on a particular web page. Keyword phrases are useful strands of information that highlight relevant details about a blog, web page, video or other digital materials for search engines. Many inexperienced article writers, cheap article writers and website owners who compose various forms of self-generated website content provide an insufficient amount of keywords and phrases to get found online. Generally, keywords or keyword phrases that are used too much or used too sparsely will result in an imbalanced keyword density level. Optimal website metrics are needed for a website to remain visible to search engines.

Frequent Contributions

Weekly blog posts give readers a regular supply of new materials to absorb. Frequent contributions also provide fresh materials for search engines to index. As a blog or a website adds new digital content, readers and search engines may continue to review the additional information. Professionals who desire a fresh supply of organic Internet leads should frequently add new content to a blog or a website.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization uses a variety of standards to consistently adjust important factors that are used to improve a website’s ranking online. Mortgage companies and real estate firms can gain more traffic and Internet leads with search engine optimization.

Today, professionals who desire a larger supply of targeted Internet leads may contact Mobile Copywriter for website content writing and SEO content writing that engages visitors to take action. Real estate agents, mortgage advisers and small business owners may use one of the buttons below for immediate support.


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Web Content Writing Services – From the Best Content Writers

Web Content Writers


Valuable content writing services from experienced freelance writers offers exceptional ways to display website articles, press releases and blog content for small businesses. High-quality article writers provide the best content writing services for brand awareness and for lead generation strategies online. Hiring web content writing services for a small business is a great way to build reader engagement and sharable information via the Internet.

Why Are Web Content Writing Services in Demand?

If you are like most business owners, there rarely seems that enough time exists to think about what to write next or to actually finish an opening paragraph for a hot writing topic. Some small business owners who attempt to do-it-themselves may discover that readers are not staying on a page of content that was recently created for more than five to eight seconds. Fast website abandonment or high bounce rates are detractors for a website’s online ranking.

Content writing experts who are skilled at crafting website articles and blog posts that keep readers engaged for longer time frames per visit are extremely valuable. With billions of pages to view on the Internet, readers are extremely selective about the type of information that will satisfy their curiosity for a search engine query.

The best content writers are able to create content that is grammatically correct and informative. Additionally, skilled content writers will adhere to industry recognized page breaks, bulleted points, properly formatted headlines and quality sentence structures. You have probably read materials that reflected poorly injected keywords and phrases.

Google demands the best from webmasters and from small business owners who desire to have content that receives a page one ranking. Think about millions of business owners who are want to appear on the first page of Google. How many of them could honestly say that appearing on page seven of Google is a sign of good luck? Why is it that business owners within some of the most competitive industries rely on cheap content writers to produce high-quality website articles?

The best web content writers are worth their weight in gold. For years, copywriters have charged more than $1,000 for a single page of attention-grabbing prose that is designed to compel readers to take specific actions. Quite often, a business would realize enhanced brand awareness and more than the amount spent on the copywriting costs – hence a win-win by most accounts.

So, why are smart business owners today seeking to rank on the first page of the most prominent search engine on the planet with an investment of $1 to $10 for content that represents the values, opinions and the interests of their company? I have no idea, either.

Large corporations hire marketing agencies and pay enormous salaries to internal content creation teams to get exceptional website content. Your business deserves a chance to appear on the first page of Google for a variety of targeted keywords within your local market area. Hiring the best freelance content writers will give your business the opportunity to receive the visibility that it deserves.

Freelance Content Writers for Hire

Where do you find great freelance content writers? Many small business owners will frequently ask the same question. But, it’s a good idea to understand why you should hire a professional freelance writer in the first place. Professional freelance writers strive to deliver content that matches the client’s instructions. Professionals will get your articles completed correctly the first time. A business owner who decides to outsource article-writing assignments to cheap article writers does not save time and money, if she needs to edit the content herself.

Hiring an experienced content writer fulltime typically costs more than $50,000 per year. However, a small business owner can pay for content writing per word, per project or via a variety of monthly content packages for less than the cost of a new employee.

Cheap writing services will generally complete web content assignments quickly. However, you will hear in most industries that quality is more important than quantity or speed. Web content writing is no different. Good content writing is not enough. Only great content will last on the first page of Google, as there are only 10 organic results that appear. Algorithm changes and search engine spiders will destroy vague content that has minimal value or substance. So, you must wisely select freelance content writers for hire.

Web Content Writing Services for Website Traffic and Internet Leads

The goal for most small business owners should not be to compete against Wikipedia. Your competitors who sell similar products are feeding readers with details about the heat that was used to fabricate a piece of recyclable plastic and other types of information. However, you have just a few seconds to capture a reader’s interest. Time spent that solves a reader’s problem and provides your contact information for support could result in more website traffic and Internet leads.

Hiring web content writing services that can engage your readers to perform certain call-to-actions will lead to more sales for your business.


Getting traffic to your website takes time and patience. However, a D-I-Y approach might take substantially longer. Mobile Copywriter provides reliable web content writing services and search engine optimization strategies to get found online faster.

Are you ready to improve your local lead generation results? Take action to compete for business that you deserve!

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Generate Organic Internet Leads With SEO Copywriting and Website Content

Organic Internet Lead Generation



Helpful website content provides benefits for readers and for Internet marketers, too. Many business owners are occasionally blogging and using social media to get the word out about their products or services. However, readers will rarely find information that is largely invisible to the major search engines. Small business owners can generate organic Internet leads with a creative SEO copywriting strategy.

Using SEO Copywriting to Get Found Online

How will visitors locate your business without typing the name of your website into a web browser? Does your company show up in local and national search engines results for popular keywords or niche-oriented keyword phrases? If not, you are handing over your prospective customers to companies who concentrate on strategies to acquire targeted buyers.

Copywriting offers a premier way for Fortune 500 companies and for small business owners to use written messages to help influence a buyer’s decision. Whether the goal is to improve brand awareness or to get the buyer to take prompt actions, copywriting is recommended for serious business owners who want to stand out from the crowd.

Search engine optimization specialists who provide user-friendly strategies to help a website gain favorable prominence can help a small business website get found online much faster.

Mobile Copywriter combines the skill sets of a professional SEO consultant and a highly eloquent copywriting expert. Whether you own a mortgage company, a real estate agency or an HVAC business, you will probably realize more productive hours that are spent on your craft versus blogging, website updates, press releases or social media activities.

With help from an SEO copywriting expert, you can focus on selling and closing targeted Internet leads. Why would an SEO copywriter generate more Internet leads than you or a general content writer? For starters, your website is more likely to rank higher in the search engines. The difference between being on page one of Google versus being on page two of Google or page three of Google is staggering.

So, if your website appears higher within the search engine results, your company stands a better chance of getting found online. Copywriters use a style of prose that guides website visitors toward a call-to-action. While journalists and novice content writers may mimic a similar approach, you are unlikely to generate a consistent supply of quality Internet leads. It is a numbers game, and you need daily Internet leads to remain a serious contender in any market.

For instance, a journalist or an academic writer might offer great insight about a specific plot of land, such as historic details, the types of rocks and trees that are onsite and how beautiful the property is to local visitors and tourists.

A copywriter can do the same and use persuasive writing that leads the reader to contact the owner today about buying discounted firewood, purchasing low-cost burial plots or about buying photographic images and artwork for a studio or for social media content.

SEO copywriting involves the creation of engaging content that helps the search engines locate and rank the information more favorably, as well.

SEO Copywriting for Organic Lead Generation

Organic Internet leads are the free results that appear when a specific web-based query is performed. Since motivated business owners are competing for rankings on the first page of Google, you will need to submit authoritative content that is relative to your industry and targeted keywords to get found online. Small business owners can hire an SEO Copywriter to form an organic lead generation strategy.

Once you have a first page ranking on Google for several keywords, you could receive organic Internet leads for months or for a couple of years. An evergreen approach to organic lead generation is a low-cost way to grow your small business. Mobile Copywriter offers professional services for small business owners who want to generate organic Internet leads with SEO copywriting and content writing.




Mobile Lead Generation for B2B Companies – Mobile Copywriter

Mobile Lead Generation

Lead generation is an important function for competitive B2B enterprises. Without a solid marketing strategy, small business owners might fail to capture a reasonable share of leads from local buyers. Digital marketing tips from Mobile Copywriter can level the playing field for B2B companies who need help with mobile lead generation.

Should Small Business Owners Build a Lead Generation Site Versus Hiring Lead Generation Companies?

Absolutely. Leads are too expensive for most small business owners. Industry giants are consistently looking for ways to increase their market share. So, many large companies will spend more money on mobile lead generation than a small business owner earn in a month.

Hiring lead generation companies to supply a marketing list of targeted prospects could be a waste of time and money for a small business owner. Money is due to a lead generation service whether a B2B list scores high marks or fails to deliver a single sale.

Building a lead generation site gives a small business owner more affordable ways to reach a mobile audience.

Benefits of Mobile Lead Generation for B2B Companies

·Lower customer acquisition costs
·Greater control
·Stronger customer engagement
·Evergreen content
·Improved brand awareness

Why is Creative Content Ideal for Mobile Lead Generation?

Creative content that is consistently produced can build brand recognition and trust with prospective buyers. As a lead generation site grows and commands attention from readers, a small business owner might notice an increase in the average amount of time that visitors spend on certain topics.

B2B marketing lists are typically hit or miss. However, an entrepreneur who does not have money to waste on marketing experiments can transform a basic blog or a website into a robust lead generation site.

With evergreen content displayed on a small business website, B2B companies can become a resource for prospective buyers who find valuable tips to bookmark or to share with other entrepreneurs.

As B2B companies populate the search engines with useful information, an increase in website traffic is likely to occur. Improving a company’s brand awareness is a great way to begin a mobile lead generation strategy.

Mobile Lead Generation

Since most individuals own a smartphone, it’s essential for every small business to have a plan that focuses on mobile opportunities. Maintaining a responsive website that is optimized for mobile users is recommended for B2B companies who are trying to get the attention of key decision makers. Using the responsive website to initiate a viable mobile lead generation strategy could result in recurring business opportunities for forward thinking entrepreneurs.

Copywriter for Lead Generation Services

Crafting attention-grabbing headlines and website articles that engages readers to learn more about B2B opportunities is needed to compete against millions of search engine results. Hiring an SEO copywriter to supply content that compels readers to take action can improve the performance of a lead generation website.

Mobile Copywriter provides lead generation services, professional content writing and Internet marketing support for B2B companies and for B2C companies.

Contact Mobile Copywriter today about opportunities to drive more traffic toward a small business website.




SEO Copywriter in York, PA Gets Website Ranking Online

Order Articles Online Today.
Order Articles Online Today.

Copywriting is a skillful approach toward capturing website attention. If you need more sales for your business, an SEO copywriter can create web content that your readers will love. York, Pennsylvania business owners have a local SEO professional who understands the types of content that drives traffic toward blogs and small business websites.

Mobile Copywriter provides SEO copywriting services in York, PA, and throughout the nation. Whether your business needs SEO copywriting in New York, Philadelphia, Miami or in San Francisco, you can contact us for information about our online marketing strategies.

The Impact of SEO Copywriter Services

Everyday, you are competing against other business owners who want to get to the top of the Google search rankings. Quality copywriting services can improve the ranking for your website. If you already have a top ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing, an SEO copywriter can help you maintain your position within the search results.

Benefits of a Consistent Internet Marketing Strategy

As a PA web content writer, I have noticed a variety of trends that impact a website’s ranking. Search engines crawl the Internet for recently posted information on blogs and web pages. After locating new web content, Google reviews the credibility of the information, and places the most authoritative results at the top of its search rankings.

How Does SEO Copywriting Improve Website Rankings Online?

Using various web content marketing strategies, a professional SEO copywriter aims to keep readers engaged with interesting and relative materials. While many business owners attempt to successfully create content that generates a buzz for their website, a skilled copywriter can pull in leads with the strength that resembles a powerful magnetic force. If you have web content that is rarely updated, you are losing ground to your competitors. Many business owners delay updating their blog or website due to writer’s block or other priorities. However, it’s a big mistake to ignore the impact of frequent content updates.


Fresh web content is needed to make more money online. As a business owner who needs website traffic and Internet leads, you can hire an SEO copywriter to get a better website ranking online. Our marketing strategies work in York, PA, throughout the United States and in most places within the World Wide Web. Make the connection to gain more Internet traffic and sales for your business today. Use the Order Content button below to request information from Mobile Copywriter for professional SEO services.




Mobile Business Marketing – Get Found Online – SEO Copywriting

Mobile Business Marketing


Content marketing for a mobile business website provides a unique way to get found online. A variety of Internet marketing strategies may be used to build brand awareness and website traffic for a small business owner. Mobile Copywriter provides amazing web content marketing strategies and search engine optimized copywriting services that command prompt results. Mobile entrepreneurs can obtain business marketing support to rapidly build any type of small business.

Direct Response Marketing Online

Customer engagement is the ultimate goal of direct response marketing. Whether a small business owner wants content that invites readers to opt-in for email, newsletters or blog updates, Mobile Copywriter has direct response marketing tactics that engages users to take immediate action.

Marketing that fails to build brand recognition or sales should be rendered as useless and discontinued immediately. Anyone who aims for a direct response has to compel readers to request more information. SEO copywriting gets faster marketing results for small business owners.

Return on Investment With Content Marketing

Priceless opportunities exist for entrepreneurs who are willing to step outside of their comfort zone. Merely doing the same things as nearby competitors can limit a business owner’s success. The rave about content marketing is alive and invigorating for B2B firms and for direct to consumer companies. Content marketing is here to stay because it’s engaging and provides a measurable form of connection with prospective buyers. Many types of content are evergreen and might provide an infinite return on investment for a small business owner.

Simply put, content marketing works. For example, certain specialty products may deliver a modest amount of immediate returns. However, some specialty products may deliver a larger return on investment over the course of a few years. Consumers are more likely to retain items such as coffee mugs, ink pens, key chains and mouse pads for longer periods than printed materials. Branded marketing items can constantly remind consumers about a local company or an individual. Websites that consistently appear near the top of search engine results will help to increase a company’s brand recognition, too.

Content marketing provides a continuous supply of information to targeted prospects for a mobile business owner. The specific return on investment will vary among industries, but content marketing is less expensive than most promotional methods that many small business owners rely upon.

SEO Copywriting Benefits for Mobile Business Owners

Developing quality content takes a tremendous amount of time and creativity. The notion that anyone can slap a few words together is largely incorrect. As evidenced by Google, web content that’s not viewed as highly credible will not appear on the first page of its search engine results.

More than ever, mobile business owners need website content that compels visitors to place an order for various products or services. Managing the marketing process is more challenging for entrepreneurs who are constantly on the go. Outsourcing the small business content marketing needs and SEO copywriting services to Mobile Copywriter is a great way to get found online faster. Small business owners who need one of the best Internet marketing firms for ranking on the first page of Google hire Mobile Copywriter for fast results.

With SEO copywriting, small business owners can command a larger share of local business in 2016. SEO copywriting offers Internet marketing strategies that save entrepreneurs both time and their hard-earned money. Copy that ranks faster on Google will be seen sooner than websites that display less than stellar content. Small business owners who capitalize on Internet marketing strategies can outpace many local competitors. The SEO copywriting process results in targeted website traffic, increased brand recognition, more sales leads and higher profit margins for small business owners.

Mobile business owners can maximize their content marketing budget for 2016 with SEO copywriting that increases conversions. Knowing where to spend money on content marketing is vital to a mobile business owner. It’s important to know the difference between informational content and sales copy. Many journalists provide flawless forms of informative writing that fails to get readers to take some sort of action.

Professional SEO copywriting tips are observed and sprinkled within digitally created documents via Mobile Copywriter to help its clients reach the first page of Google rankings. The goal of copywriting is to obtain a direct response or engagement that reminds the reader of the product, service, brand or company.

Why Market a Business to Get Found Online?

Consumers and business customers use the Internet to search for everything such as real estate, mortgages, dentists, movie tickets, tax preparers, music, cars, insurance, painters, schools and copywriters. Without the ability to get found online, a small business is less likely to succeed. Imagine trying to find McDonald’s without the golden arches. Mobile business owners must have an online presence to compete in 2016 and beyond.

Having a website is not enough. Marketing is necessary for a website to remain visible among other business owners who want to get found online, as well. Mobile Copywriter provides SEO content for ranking on Google faster.

Marketing a mobile business to get found online is proactive way to dominate local communities.

Get a First Page Google Ranking to Obtain More Leads Online

Mobile business owners need leads to thrive in 2016. Short of expensive lead generation strategies, mobile business owners can obtain organic Internet leads via Google. As the most widely used search engine resource, Google does not charge a fee for organic results. To make money online, Google sells advertising space. Ads primarily appear on the top or the bottom of its search engine results page. Organic results are shown on the left side of its results page. For popular search terms, Google might display two to four ads above and below its organic results.

A first page Google ranking should be viewed as precious real estate, as there is a limited amount of space. Google provides 10 free organic results on its first page. Since most users will not click beyond the first page of Google, entrepreneurs must compete for a premier ranking to obtain more organic Internet leads.

Content is King for Business Owners Who Want to Get Found Online

Google has robots that constantly crawl the Internet for new information. Google will discover both quality content and poor content. It knows where place a value on website content. Authoritative website content for Google will appear higher in the search engine rankings. Mobile business owners who want to get found online can hire expert content writers and SEO copywriters to create materials that rank on Google faster.

Local Marketing for Mobile Businesses

Mobile business owners can obtain additional local customers with robust marketing initiatives. A variety of Internet marketing strategies may be used to complement an entrepreneur’s offline promotional strategies. Frequent updates to a small business blog could generate interest for certain products and services. Article writing services for a company newsletter or email marketing might garner additional phone calls, too.

Periodically updating the content that appears on a small business website is needed to display fresh information for readers and for search engines to discover. Professional website content from Mobile Copywriter can help any business obtain faster local marketing results.

Social Media for Small Business Owners

Social media marketing is great for small businesses. Engaging with local members in a social media network could increase an entrepreneur’s sales and opportunities to share all sorts of content. Whether daily entries or scheduled posts are made, entrepreneurs should embrace the power of social media. The largest companies in the US cannot afford to ignore platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Linkedin.

Small business owners should participate in social networking, too. Mobile entrepreneurs are typically too busy to keep up with regular social media marketing and content marketing schedules. Mobile Copywriter is a professional SEO article writing service that coordinates the content and social media activities for small business owners.

Social media encourages users to interact and share information. Building a social media network with thousands of followers has enormous value. Within minutes, a promotion or a major announcement may be shared within a user’s social media network.


Content marketing and SEO copywriting is effective for mobile business owners who want to get found online. In 2016, content writing for business is needed to compete in local market areas. Small business owners may get found online and get found on Google faster with web content writing and marketing services from Mobile Copywriter.

Specializing in content for mortgage companies, real estate, merchant processing companies, cleaning companies, financial services, credit card companies, phone companies and service businesses, Mobile Copywriter is the best SEO copywriting service in Pennsylvania.

As a York, PA, Internet marketing specialist, Mobile Copywriter provides services for businesses in Harrisburg, Lancaster, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Affordable SEO services are not only offered in PA, but small business owners in MD, FL, NY, NJ, CA, AZ, VA, TX, CO, IL, MA and in most areas of the United States will receive competitive content marketing rates, as well.

Marketing is essential to small business growth. To get found online and to increase website traffic for a small business, contact Mobile Copywriter today for more information.




Content Creation to Generate Internet Leads

Content Creation

Internet lead generation provides low-cost methods for small business owners to connect with prospective buyers. Whether needed for a thriving sales team or for a mobile entrepreneur, your opportunity to sell more products may exponentially increase with a larger supply of targeted Internet leads. Content creation services from Mobile Copywriter are used to help small businesses form effective Internet marketing strategies.

Why Does Content Creation Work?

As a business owner, you have a tremendous opportunity to reach a massive audience through a variety of digital marketing channels. Content may be generated via blog posts, website articles, press releases, sales pages, videos, podcasts and other digital formats. The Internet continues to thrive because people enjoy the convenience of instantly searching on Google for desired information, and for engaging with other folks who have similar interests. The Content Marketing Institute offers helpful resources for content creation.

Using Content Creation Services for Your Business

Content is “King.” So, like many entrepreneurs, you might want to occasionally test your penmanship skills. Who should have a better understanding of your business than you? Understanding and conveyance are distinctly different. Many business owners can completely describe their products and services in a professional manner. However, to get found online and to generate Internet leads, it is essential for you to grasp some advanced skills for keyword usage, search engine optimization and a writing style that not only keeps readers engaged, but also leads readers toward a call-to-action.

Content creation services can handle the heavy lifting that is required to get your blog or website found online. You will have more time to focus on converting Internet leads into closed sales. Low-cost content creation is a no-brainer for competitive small businesses.

In the current business climate, many business owners have decided to allocate a substantial amount of money for pay-per-click ads or display advertisements. With an effective content creation strategy you can generate organic Internet leads, or use a strategy that incorporates pay-per-click leads, too.

Ordering Content Writing

How can you get amazing content for your website that generates website traffic and Internet leads? It’s fairly easy to order content writing online. Many article writing services and Internet marketing services will display a web page for ordering content online.

How Much Does it Cost for Content Creation?

Content creation costs will vary among service providers. Your actual costs may be based on the type of content that you require, and on the quality level that you are seeking. Content creation costs are typically a fraction of the amount that you are likely to spend toward online advertising. So, you might want to avoid the lowest priced content creation services and cheap writing services.

Similar to purchasing a cheap pair of shoes, you might not get the comfort, appearance and support that you initially expected with cheap content creation services.

As a professional copywriting and content creation service that is based in the US, Mobile Copywriter provides high quality services for small business owners who need to consistently generate Internet leads.

Are You Ready to Hire a Content Writer?

Connect with us today to inquire about a vibrant content strategy for your business.

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Oil-Tree Marketing Concept

Searching for Hot Leads


Content marketing provides an economical way for small business owners to enhance brand awareness and to generate Internet leads. Using a variety of low-cost marketing ideas, entrepreneurs can implement several effective strategies to get found online. As a unique method to compete against larger businesses, Mobile Copywriter developed a content creation strategy that is known as the “Organic Internet Leads – Tree Marketing Concept” — to help smaller companies.

About Organic Internet Leads

Organic Internet leads are free search engine driven results. When a web-based user performs an online search with a specific word or a phrase, search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing will display a list of 10 results per page. For competitive search terms, a variety of advertisements may appear above and below the organically displayed results.

Organic listings are recognized as natural search engine results. Companies such as Google and Yahoo use complex algorithms to methodically create search engine rankings. Based on a user’s keyword entry or keyword phrase, a search engine will return a chronological list of results that are based on authoritative content and relevant information.

Unlike display ads, organic Internet leads are shown without any cost to the website owner. Additionally, a website owner will not incur any costs when a web-based user clicks onto organic Internet results. However, using pay-per-click strategies for lead generation, a website owner pays a fee to the corresponding search engine for each website visitors who arrives via a click-able hyperlink.

Why Use an Organic Internet Leads Strategy Versus Paid Advertisements?

Paid advertisements can provide a reliable stream of Internet leads. However, a website owner usually needs a war chest that is filled with a large amount of cash to compete against companies with enormous marketing budgets. Using a strategy that generates free Internet leads or organic Internet leads can last for longer time frames than traditional marketing methods.

Creative content marketing strategies from Mobile Copywriter are designed with evergreen concepts in mind. Using content that attracts online shoppers and search engines for many years is the goal. However, small business owners who primarily rely upon pay-per-click ads or display ads may receive less website traffic or Internet leads, as the result of being outbid by competitors or a depleted marketing budget.

“Oil–Tree Marketing Concept” to Get Found Online

Small business owners are frequently searching for prominent ways to get found online. During a typical week, an entrepreneur might have a limited amount of time for content creation, blogging or sending a timely press release to well-known media outlets. Many small business owners are unsure of the advantages of Internet marketing. However, the ease of transitioning from traditional advertising methods to digital marketing concepts usually keeps them intrigued.

An occasional dive into Facebook advertising, Google pay-per-click ads or Yahoo display advertising might yield results that are undesirable. Paid forms of online marketing require lots of research to gain a competitive edge. Organic Internet leads are formulated as brand awareness builds, website traffic increases and as visitors are guided to take some form of action. Perhaps, a website visitor will become a social media follower, subscribe to an email list, register for a newsletter or decide to make an online purchase.

The initial goal of the “Oil-Tree Marketing Concept” is to help an entrepreneur get a website found online. Why? Because, great website content is only valuable to folks who get an opportunity to see it. Enhanced brand awareness for relevant information that a company shares could result in increased website traffic.

How Does the “Oil-Tree Marketing Concept” Work?

A harvesting approach is used to begin the “Oil-Tree Marketing Concept.” As a farmer would sow a row of seeds with the right mixture of fertilizer,water and other ingredients, small business owners should consider using the “Oil-Tree Marketing Concept” as a weed-free path toward a more fruitful business, versus a mixed bag of purposeless content.

Mobile Copywriter reviews a business owner’s goals, creates an actionable strategy and begins the process for the “Oil-Tree Marketing Concept.” Here is how it’s done:


As shown on the image above, Mobile Copywriter begins to formulate its marketing ideas from the ground up.

· Goals
· Strategy
· Process

The website is the hub or core that support online activity. Mobile Copywriter uses a branching theory for the nucleus of a vibrant content distribution strategy.

· Base
· Relevant Branches

Content that is used to engage website visitors is built around a variety of related subjects.

· Topics

The “Oil-Tree Marketing Concept” provides the ultimate strategy for sales professionals who need targeted Internet leads. For instance, a mortgage loan officer can concentrate on building content around specific topics for home buyers to get more purchase leads. Through informative content creation methods, a loan officer can share details about debt consolidation or a term reduction via a refinance loan. Additionally, topics that discuss ways to improve a prospective borrower’s credit rating might generate Internet leads for a mortgage company.

The following image reflects a sample display of the “Oil-Tree Marketing Concept” for a mortgage company.

Oil-Tree Marketing Concept

Best Types of Businesses for the “Oil-Tree Marketing Concept”

Mobile Copywriter aims to help small business owners who need low-cost marketing ideas to compete against local competitors and against larger regional companies. While most businesses can benefit from the strategies used to generate more website traffic and more online sales, the following entities are some of the best types of businesses for the “Oil-Tree- Marketing Concept.”

· Mortgage Companies
· Insurance Companies
· Home Improvement Companies
· Merchant Processing Companies
· Commercial Cleaning Companies
· Moving Companies
· Landscaping Companies
· Real Estate Agencies
· PR Firms
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Research has shown that most web-based users will not click beyond the results that are displayed on a search engine’s first page. An improvement in a company’s website ranking could enable a business to get found online faster. With a first page ranking on popular search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, a website owner will have an opportunity to receive more Organic Internet leads. Our methods prove that leads can grow on trees!

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Content Marketing Strategies to Get Found Online

 Hire Content Writers

Hire Content Writers

Websites on the first page of Google provide small business owners with more traffic than competing firms that are ranked on page two or beyond. If an entrepreneur wants to increase website traffic in 2016 on Google, Yahoo or Bing, it’s important to become ranked on the first page of the top search engines in the United States. An effective content marketing strategy could catapult a small business website ahead of local companies that are competing to get found online.

Best Types of Website Content to Get Found Online

Google, Yahoo and Bing are continuously searching for website content that readers will enjoy. Information that’s well composed, authoritative, shareable and engaging usually earns a stamp of approval from the best search engines. However, the world’s best writers and journalists might struggle to get a small business website on the first page of Google.

Search engine optimized content provides the best website material for Google, Yahoo and Bing to find online. While many small business owners have profound ideas, concepts and strategies for presenting certain information, search engines are not human.

Using proprietary algorithms, market research and statistical data, search engines will rank websites according to content that meets specific technical standards. Website content to get found online should attract readers and search engines, too.

Small business owners should understand that blogs, article writing, press releases, social media, videos and podcasts are among the best types of content to get found online.

Website Marketing Strategies to Get Found on Google, Yahoo and Bing

Small business owners are largely aware of the benefits of website marketing. However, many entrepreneurs use a set-it-and-forget-it type of approach to website marketing. In 2016, a strategic plan is advised for Internet marketing success on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Frequent blog postings, web page updates and social media engagement may be used toward an effective website marketing strategy. Knowing the ideal timeframes, types of content structure and who messages are directed toward are important aspects to consider when initiating a website marketing strategy.

Google, Yahoo and Bing collectively deliver millions of search engine results for popular requests. Getting a website to appear on the first page of the world’s best search engines is a difficult task for most small business owners who attempt to unravel a host scientific formulas. Professional article writing services and SEO copywriters provide website marketing strategies to get found online.

Hire a Content Marketing Professional to Get Found Online

Get found online faster with the help of a knowledgeable content marketing professional. Hiring an experienced SEO copywriter to craft engaging content for a small business website could save an entrepreneur from poor rankings and search engine penalties, as well as time and money.

Avoid the hit or miss approach by hiring a content marketing professional to get found online today. Taking immediate action toward website marketing is a proactive step for small business owners who desire to make more money online.


Combining content with an effective marketing strategy is a great way to increase website traffic in 2016. With the support of a content marketing specialist, small business owners may realize favorable search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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Getting found online is easier with professional support.

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