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Content writing in 2016 will require best of class performances to gain reader satisfaction and search engine recognition. Whether you are a mortgage loan officer, a real estate agent or a small business owner who needs help creating a robust content marketing strategy, you can hire an experienced SEO copywriter. High-quality article writing services from Mobile Copywriter are designed to build brand awareness for your business, website traffic, targeted Internet leads and closed sales.

Content is King

Professional article writing services will be in high demand throughout 2016 for website content, blog posts and press releases. The digital revolution has captured the attention of consumers and small business owners. Before making a purchase online or offline, buyers are checking the Internet for product information, prices and for online reviews.

Recognizing that content is king, forward-thinking entrepreneurs are embracing technological advancements to remain competitive. How will you grow your business with content writing in 2016?

Content Writing is One of The Best Internet Marketing Strategies for 2016

Attracting website traffic gets increasingly difficult for many small business owners and for independent sales professionals. As competitors are fiercely gearing up their businesses for 2016, search engines are continuously making algorithm adjustments to help minimize the ranking influence of unethical marketers. However, the best Internet marketing strategies in 2016 will involve high-quality content writing. An SEO copywriter can provide you with website content to increase brand awareness for your business.

Benefits of Hiring SEO Copywriters for Article Writing Services in 2016

Ordering content writing services online in 2016 has never been easier. Small business owners, lending professionals, home listing experts and insurance writers can generate targeted Internet leads with professionally produced website content. SEO copywriters are skilled at crafting content that compels website visitors to take action. Perhaps you will request copywriting services for a sales letter that leads readers toward a call-to-action.

Buying Content Writing Services Online

After deciding to contact an article writing service for web page content, sales letters, press releases or weekly blog posts, you can make an online purchase for content creation. Mobile Copywriter simplifies the process for small business owners to buy content writing services online. The best content writing services in 2016 are not the cheapest. However, hiring an SEO copywriter for a variety of article writing assignments could increase website traffic for a small business and Internet leads, too. Are you ready to generate Internet leads on autopilot? Take action right now to create a better future for your business and for your family.

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Starting a Business in 2016? Get Found Online – Web Content Writing

Blog Content Writing
Blog Content Writing

Professional web content writers provide blogs, article writing services, press releases and website content. Whether you have operated a business in the past or you are starting a business in 2016 for the first time, your Internet presence is more important than ever.

Get found online and buyers will have on opportunity to view products and services that your company offers. So, how does Mobile Copywriter provide help for small business websites to get found online? Web content writing and SEO copywriting are used to create information that builds a reader’s interest.

Afterwards, a call-to-action is used to prompt a reader to make a purchase, order an eBook or to begin an email subscription. With powerful web content writing strategies, a small business owner can increase website traffic and online sales, too.

Tips for Starting a Business in 2016

Forming a new business is a challenging endeavor. However, it’s important to get a favorable start. Here are a few initial steps that most businesses should follow:

· Review the types of businesses that are most interesting to you.
· Analyze your skill set to determine the types of services you’re qualified to perform (seek training programs or continuing education for more enrichment).
· Create a plan of action for starting a business in 2016.
· Register the name of your business with your local government.
· Decide whether you’ll operate as a sole proprietor, limited liability company or as a corporation (speak with an accountant or an attorney about the advantages for specific operational structures).
· Order business cards, stationary and other necessary supplies.
· Get a website that is built to drive customers toward your business (we can help).

Get the Word Out About Your New Business

As a new business owner, you will need to hit the ground running. Massive exposure will be needed to compete against other small business owners and large corporations, as well. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small business owners can still benefit from direct mail. However, small business owners frequently pour too much money into advertising campaigns that offer limited amounts of visibility.

For example, postage is extremely expensive for startup entrepreneurs. Mailing 500 letters will cost a business owner approximately $245. With a two-percent response rate for direct mail, a small business owner could expect 10 inquiries from a 500-piece mailer. If your closing ratio-to-inquiries equals 20 percent, you would have made two sales from the mailer. However, you would need a profit of more than $120 from each of the sales to be ahead.

Web Content Writing for Small Business Success

Sales are necessary for a small business to succeed. Your bottom line will continue to fall, if your sales are lagging behind your expenses. For less than the cost of a 500-piece mailer, web content writing from Mobile Copywriter provides a month of weekly blog posts that are optimized to generate website traffic and Internet leads for a small business owner.

Postal mail is very slow versus web content writing. Additionally, while two percent of a mailer’s recipients might contact a small business owner, 98 percent of the information will head into a trashcan.

Mobile Copywriter offers Internet marketing solutions that are good for the environment. While mailers are created with letters, envelops, postcards, brochures, stamps and other paper supplies, web content writing provides evergreen solutions in a digital format.

Evergreen content writing can last for many years versus direct mail or pay-per-click advertising methods. However, as a new business owner, you need exceptional web content writing services to rank on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other top-level search engines.

Mobile Copywriter is recognized as one of the best content writing companies in 2016 for professional article writing services. You can hire an experienced web content writer to eliminate a variety of pitfalls that most small business owners encounter with online marketing strategies.

Hit the ground running to ignite your small business sales in 2016. Contact Mobile Copywriter about improving brand awareness for your new venture, Internet lead generation strategies and for tips to get found online faster in 2016.

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7 Internet Marketing Tips to Get Found Online

7 Tips to Get Found Online


Get found online using search-engine friendly tips to rapidly increase website traffic for small business owners. Aiming for more Internet leads and online sales is a goal that’s shared among competitive entrepreneurs, professional service providers and home-based business owners. Since you already have great products and services, all you need now is a way to share your information with prospective buyers. Within this article you will find 7 Internet marketing tips to get found online faster.

Benefits of Getting Found Online

Why put in the effort to improve your website ranking within the search engines? Prospective buyers are checking out the Internet to find the most relevant resources for auto loans, insurance, furnace repairs, credit card processing, mortgage loans and to locate a reputable real estate agent to sell a home. Staying in front of online shoppers is a great way to drive traffic toward a small business website.

Here are some of the benefits of increased Internet visibility:

· Brand awareness
· Low-cost leads
· Increased website traffic
· Enhanced trust and credibility
· More sales
· Higher profit margins

Internet Marketing Tip # 1) Develop a Strategy

Instead of trying 10 different marketing ideas at once, you can select a few proven methods to formulate your strategy. For instance, Mobile Copywriter uses a 7-Step Process for Content Marketing Success to help its clients generate local leads online.

Internet Marketing Tip # 2) Perform Website Updates

Adding fresh content to your website or blog will reduce the possibility that visitors and search engines will label your site as vacant real estate or a stale website. Include brief content that readers can quickly scan to find the information desired. According to the New York University website, the ideal web page length should display 300 to 700 words for online content.

Internet Marketing Tip # 3) Blog Frequently

Blogging is an excellent way to engage with your readers. Frequent blog posts often lead to a higher percentage of repeat visits to your site. Subscribers who follow your blog might discover a helpful tip or decide to make an online inquiry about your products or services. So, blog frequently to improve your website traffic and your connectivity with readers.

Internet Marketing Tip # 4) Build Social Media Engagement

Social media offers many ways to help small business owners get found online. Active participation can lead to new relationships and business development opportunities. Social media engagement has reciprocal methods for sharing information with a variety of followers. Share valuable information that you think readers will enjoy, and your followers might repost or share some of your content, too.

Internet Marketing Tip # 5) Be Genuine

Authenticity is an extremely valuable trait for an Internet marketer. Many readers have been hoodwinked enough to determine whether an entrepreneur appears to offer credible information. No one wants to get misled in a retail store environment or on the Internet. Remaining true to your values is among the best ways to get the target website traffic that you desire.

Internet Marketing Tip # 6) Avoid Over Promotion Activities

Over the top promotional activities that continuously blast readers with items to buy might become an annoyance factor. Instead, you can differentiate your business by providing readers with more value than you expect in return. For instance, you could implement an Internet marketing strategy that provides a five-to-one ratio for valuable tips before offering a single product or service to buy.

Internet Marketing Tip # 7) Hire a Content Writing Expert

At the end of the day, you’ll need to write a focused agenda that serves as a roadmap for when you wake up the next morning. If your day is too involved for content marketing activities that are needed to get the word out about your business, you can enlist the services of an SEO copywriter or a content writing expert. Well-written content will provide value-added information to your blog or website. Readers might bookmark your information for later references, immediately share certain details with others or decide to contact you about purchasing your products or services.


As a small business owner, your time is best spent managing your operation. Outsourcing your company’s content writing materials for increased reader engagement and seamless lead generation initiatives could result in a winning solution. Ensuring that fresh website content is consistently produced will increase your chances for online selling success. Deciding to work with one of the best web content writing companies will give you a competitive advantage, as well.

Mobile Copywriter provides Internet marketing strategies that are designed to produce real results for small business owners who not only want to get found online, but who desire the opportunity to dominate local Internet leads within their marketplace.

Based in York, PA, Mobile Copywriter is here to help your website get found online by targeted prospects who are searching on Google, Yahoo and Bing for products and services that your company sells.

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Order Content Writing to Get a Small Business Website Found Online

Order Content Writing Online


Small business websites can attract a tremendous amount of traffic via the Internet. While casting a wide net, an entrepreneur can obtain targeted Internet leads from prospects who are ready to purchase a variety of products and services. Content writing offers a proven method that entrepreneurs can implement to get a website found online.

How Does Content Writing Generate Sales for a Small Business?

Small business owners from around the world might have similar questions. If content writing is so great, how can a company with fewer resources compete against larger competitors? The answer is very basic!

Consumers and B2B clients conduct daily online searches for a variety of products and services. Well-written website content that is marketed properly has a greater chance of gaining recognition from search engines and from prospective buyers, too.

For instance, if a small mortgage company wanted to attract Internet leads for loan officers, a professional article writing service could be hired for content writing that generates leads for purchase transactions or leads for refinancing.

When an Internet search is conducted for terms such as mortgage loans in California or best refinancing rates in Miami, a prospective borrower will see a list of results from Google. Mortgage companies that appears on the first page of Google for desirable search terms will have the best opportunities to get found online, to receive online mortgage applications and to generate more sales online than competitors who are using inferior marketing efforts.

Outsourcing Content Writing to Professional Article Writing Service

Article writing services can lighten the load for overworked employees who might be experiencing writer’s block. When brainstorming fails, an entrepreneur can take proactive measures to order content writing online from an experienced copywriter versus wondering what happened at the end of the next quarter.

Professional article writing services can increase reader engagement by using content that flows smoothly. Most readers will abandon a web page that fails to provide desirable information within 10 seconds. Outsourcing creative article writing assignments to a professional content writer can ensure that a small business adds valuable content that is relative to the information that readers want.

Who to Hire for Content Writing That Gets the Word Out About a Small Business?

While a small business owner could order content writing from any article writing service, it is highly discouraged. Are cheap content writing services just as good as a professional SEO copywriter or an experienced content writer? The answer should not be surprising. However, many small business owners expect high-quality article writing services for a penny per word.

For instance, a premier shaving razor will typically cost more than an entire package of razors. Generally, there are few disputes about the better product. Cheaper versions can get the job done, but paying slightly more could reduce some of the cuts, bumps and bruises along the way.

When asked who to hire for content writing that gets small business websites found online faster, Mobile Copywriter is the leading choice. Mobile Copywriter is one of the fastest growing article writing services and content marketing firms that is committed to providing affordable web page content that gets found online. Small business owners can order content writing services online from Mobile Copywriter.

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Internet Marketing Tips to Help Small Businesses Get Found Online

Get Found Online



Finding some small businesses online could resemble looking in a haystack for a tiny needle. Getting more website traffic will require increased visibility and brand awareness online. Targeted Internet marketing strategies provide ideal methods for small businesses to get found online.

Consumers and B2B companies are searching the Internet for everything from soup-to-nuts. A website that aims to achieve high conversion ratios needs a great footprint, solid anchors, internal and external links, superb content within and so much more – including the kitchen sink.

Here are Some Tips to Supercharge Your Internet Marketing Goals

· Blog frequently
· Actively participate within social media networks
· Update stale web pages
· Share information with media sources
· Build a stronger presence in local markets


Originally called web logs, blogs are now more than a useful way to post a quick message. Done correctly, anyone can use the power of a personal blog or a small business blog to communicate with a worldwide audience.

Why do it? Blogging is boring, mundane and takes to much time, right?

While this may be true to for some professionals who are too busy to properly maintain a small business blog, the truth of the matter remains — blogging is an effective way to stay engaged with current customers, and it provides an opportunity to build alliances with new followers.

Blogs are largely used to reflect a variety of ideas, updates, tips, products, services, how- to-materials and so much more.

A small business that updates its blog just a few times per year is losing some tremendous opportunities. The possibilities with blogging are truly endless. Small business blogs that are optimized with eloquent forms of content writing may be used to deliver valuable information to readers while seamlessly injecting subtle calls to action.

Frequent blogging creates regular engagement with readers of a small business blog. Just remember that inquiring minds are always hungry for informative content. If a small business blog displays content from more than a month ago, consumers will locate relevant information somewhere else.

Business owners are encouraged to stay top-of-mind with customers who need professional insight, honest answers or to make an online purchase. With a catalog of articles on a small business website or a blog, a consumer who needs certain tips can review plenty of resources.

Entrepreneurs could also get found online faster with a small business blog. Since, blogs are usually less formal and easier to update than a web page, small business owners can quickly maintain contact with readers and send out important messages or promotional offers with the click of a button.

Hiring a professional blog writer is ideal for small business owners who are pressed for time — due to other obligations. Additionally, a professional SEO copywriter or a content writing expert can help small businesses obtain results much faster.

Making the commitment to post new blogs each week is a great way for small businesses to get found online.

Social Media Networking

Social media networking provides a variety of digital methods for sharing information with friends and family members. However, many small businesses are building powerful alliances through social media. An audience on social media exists for businesses to market shoes, jewelry, handmade items, real estate, mortgage loans, HVAC services or tax preparation support and other products and services.

Beyond a lot of sales, social media enables consumers to get acquainted with a small business or a brand. Building relationships and getting to know the interest of several followers could lead to an unprecedented number of opportunities for entrepreneurial strategists.

What are the Best Social Media Networks to Join?

While most social medial networks provide opportunities for connecting with others, the best networks will be relative to a user’s specific interests. Generally, it’s very easy to sign up for most social media networks. Typically, a basic profile may be created using an email address, a password and some additional details. Before an account becomes active, a user will typically need to complete a verification process. Essentially, a link is sent to the user’s email address to finalize the registration process.

Here are Several Useful Social Media Platforms for Small Businesses

· Facebook
· Twitter
· Google +
· Pinterest
· Instagram
· LinkedIn
· Tumblr
· Foursquare
· Yammer
· YouTube
· Periscope
· Slideshare
· Flipboard
· Vimeo

The above list does not contain every social media network that’s available, the entries are random, and are not chronologically ranked or sequentially ranked for the best social media networks.

Fresh Web Page Content

Web page content for small business websites should provide informative details for online visitors. Search engines are always scouring the Internet for updated web pages. If a small business website has aged content, certain search engine rankings might decrease in instances where new information from other websites become more relevant. Continuously updating web page content could help to maintain a website’s page rank or help to improve a website’s place within the SERPs (search engine results page).

High-quality web page content for small business websites is recommended to achieve favorable web page rankings. Small businesses owners who invest the time toward the creation of valuable content can update a variety of web pages, as needed. However, some small business owners are unable to update their own website. Some small business owners seek the skills of a website design company or a freelance web designer for web page content services. Quite often, the cost for fresh web page content is less expensive through experienced content writers and SEO copywriters. Best of all, small business owners can order content writing services online.

Here is a Great tip to Remember

Many web design companies and public relations firms will outsource certain content creation projects to professional article writing services. However, some website design companies will request article writing services from content writing mills.

For fairness, it’s important to add that many content writing companies will also outsource a variety of design elements to a professional website design company.

Small businesses can obtain high-quality article writing services from the most viable source. By directly contacting an experienced web content writer, small business owners can save thousands of dollars per year, while oftentimes establishing a working relationship with a professional writer.

Hiring a professional web page writer is the best way for a small business owner to obtain engaging website content that will attract readers and search engines, too.

Inform the Press About New Business Developments

Media outlets are hotbeds for breaking news, valuable tips and sharable updates for readers. So, if a small business is rolling out a new service or touting a new product that’s in development, members of the media could help promote the information. One of the fastest methods to attract media attention is through a press release.

A well-timed press release could spread through viral sharing efforts. Some companies use press releases to announce a joint venture with another firm, to name a new partner, to announce a merger, to locate startup funds, to reference recently closed real estate transactions, to highlight recent developments or to mention a spectacular promotion.

Here is a tip About Press Releases for Small Businesses!

It’s important to hit all of the proper buttons and to include certain elements that separate a press release from a standard blog post. Done correctly, press releases are a great way for small businesses to get found online. Professional SEO copywriters and content writing experts can use press releases to build brand awareness and to propel certain Internet marketing initiatives for a small business.

Local Internet Marketing Ideas

While conquering the world might be a great idea. Companies such as Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Telsa Motors are large enough to scale in virtually any direction. However, small business owners can do quite well in their local markets.

Imagine the possibilities that might exist for small business owners who could dominate local leads and local sales online. Many entrepreneurs are missing opportunities that exist within their own backyards.

Through extensive brainstorming sessions or working with a copywriter for Internet marketing strategies, a small business owner could quickly realize an improvement in local website traffic and web-based sales.

Using several local Internet marketing ideas could boost brand recognition and inbound calls from prospective buyers who are nearby. Content writing may be used to promote many ideas via article writing services, blogs, press releases, newsletters, web page updates and sales letters that are designed to compel readers to move toward a desirable action.

Who to Hire for Content Writing Services Online?

The answer for locating the best content writer will vary according to a variety of factors. Many companies claim to dedicate a large portion of their marketing budget toward content marketing. However, cheap article writing companies are often hired based on rock bottom pricing and low costs for certain services. Many small business owners have encountered bad experiences as a result of selecting cheap article writing rates via an overseas writer with certain language barriers. Some companies have had terrible experiences with incompetent US-based writing services.

Here is a tip About Hiring a Content Writer!

After performing some research for affordable content writing services, a small business owner should hire the most capable firm for meeting the desired goals. Generally, the best writers will not perform stellar work for what amounts to minimum wages.

Imagine scheduling an appointment with a dentist who pulls teeth for just $10. Either that dentist is unlicensed or treatment might mimic an assembly line process. A similar process exists for writers in the United States who produce content writing materials for less than $15, as an enormous amount of production is required to make a livable daily wage.

The best article writers in 2016 will not have to mass-produce content writing assignments for clients in order to survive. The typical costs for content writing services from experienced professionals will usually range from 10 cents per word to $1 per word or more.

Hire Content Writer With SEO Copywriting and Content Marketing Experience

Ever tried reading in total darkness? Small businesses that can’t get found online may experience a similar fate. A website that does attract traffic when users are searching for certain products and services is largely invisible to prospective buyers. Hiring a content writer for small businesses should be carefully done. Some due diligence should be preformed to ensure that an article writing service appears in local and regional markets that it serves.

If a content writing company or an Internet marketing service does not appear on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing, a small business owner should have some concern about service provider’s ability to deliver favorable results.

Fortunately, a service-oriented solution that helps small businesses with local Internet marketing strategies is available. Mobile Copywriter provides high-quality article writing services that resonate with readers and search engines. Through Mobile Copywriter, small business websites can get found online faster. Using various types of content and social media strategies, Mobile Copywriter offers affordable web content writing services online.

Why Hire Mobile Copywriter for Small Business Web Page Content and Marketing?

Many small businesses have decent website content, but lack website traffic. Some small business websites drive a lot of traffic toward poor content. Small business owners can obtain the best of both worlds with Mobile Copywriter. Professionally produced content writing that increases readership, website traffic, search engine recognition and more Internet leads should be a winning formula for small business owners.

Who Should Hire Mobile Copywriter to Get Found Online?

Any entrepreneur who wants to get found online faster can benefit from professionally produced content that Mobile Copywriter provides. Companies that need to increase Internet leads and website traffic from targeted prospects are some ideal candidates.

Mobile Copywriter can Provide Content Writing Services Online for the Following Types of Clients:

·Insurance companies
· Mortgage lenders
· Real estate agents
· Attorneys
· Dentists
· Accountants
· Tax preparers
· HVAC contractors
· Plumbers
· Web Designers
· Graphic design firms
· PR firms
· Home-based business owners
· Automotive dealers
· Home remodeling companies
· Commercial cleaning companies

Based in York, PA, Mobile Copywriter provides Internet marketing services and professional SEO copywriting and content writing for small business owners. Using the best content writing standards for brand awareness and reader engagement, Mobile Copywriter delivers compelling content writing materials to help small businesses attract targeted Internet leads and to help increase online sales for local entrepreneurs. Small business owners may inquire about informative content writing strategies to get found online faster.

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3 Ways to Increase Online Sales With Blog Content Writing

Blog Content Writing
Blog Content Writing

Blog content writing provides an inexpensive method for small business owners to connect with consumers. Using a regularly maintained blog, small business owners are typically able to increase their website traffic and to obtain Internet leads from buyers who are searching for a variety of products. Blog content writing is a solid way to increase online sales and to make more money on the Internet.

Create Fresh Blog Content

An entrepreneur who expects to increase online sales with a blog that is outdated might be misguided. The best way for a business owner to comprehend the importance of fresh blog content would be to get inside the mind of a website visitor.

Consumers demand fast responses and information now. No one wants to read old news. Imagine going into a retail store to pick up a newspaper and the newest periodicals display dates that are more than three months old.

Now only is that retailer likely to have lost a sale, but many other sales were probable lost, too. For a small business owner, a website should be a powerful digital storefront. An up tick in online sales may result with the creation of fresh blog content.

Inform Blog Readers About New Products or Developments

In most cases, a small business is experiencing growth or stagnation. Either way, a company that builds rapport with its supporters and prospective customers has the opportunity to improve their bottom line via an increase in online sales.

Never taking website visitors for granted is the best way to help ensure future visits. Because, after awhile, website visitors will grow tired of seeing a stale blog that rarely receives updates, as there are so many competing blogs that receive fresh blog content on a daily basis.

Think about this for a moment. It’s highly unlikely that a consumer would stumble into a shoe store to rent a DVD movie. However, a consumer who plans to go bowling in a few weeks might perform a web-based search for bowling shoes online.

With the Internet, a motivated small business owner can implement a variety of marketing ideas to increase online sales. Sharing information, new developments and new service offerings could engage readers to seek more details about specific programs or products.

Use a Blog to Build a Subscriber List

A subscriber list could be worth a pot of gold to a small business owner. Using Really Simple Syndication (RSS), subscribers to a small business blog will get alerts for new updates. Subscribers who are plugged into the RSS feed for a small business might enjoy receiving fresh content, promotional information and details about a variety of special incentives.

A small business owner has an excellent opportunity to increase online sales with a blog that provides useful information for its list of subscribers.

As a US-based writing company and Internet marketing firm, Mobile Copywriter provides article writing services and blog content writing for small business owners who want more Internet leads and to increase online sales.


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Sell More Homes and Increase Your Income With Web Content Writing

Sell More Real Estate

Content writing provides the best way for real estate agents to get found online. Whether an agent focuses on first-time home buyers, move-up buyers or luxury home buyers, prospective buyers will not find real estate agents online without a web presence. Selling more homes is a numbers game that any agent can win.

Benefits of Content Writing for Real Estate Agents

Many agents believe that the details are in the pictures and videos of a home. It’s true, people are more inclined to focus on graphic images. However, there is a catch-22 that exists. In order for folks to see images that are displayed on a stellar website, content writing is needed to get visitors to the website.

Search engines provide results based on written content versus images. So, it’s important to provide the best website content that attracts readers and search engines, too. Content writing can provide an assortment of benefits, such as property details, neighborhood information and reasons for selecting a local real estate agent.

Systems For Lead Generation

By itself, content will not drive massive amounts of traffic to a website. Using a proven system for lead generation, a real estate agent will have more time to connect with buyers who are serious about purchasing a home.

Mobile Copywriter uses an effective content writing and marketing system for lead generation. Here are the components of the system that will enable an agent to sell more home and make more money, too.

· Account set up
· Website analysis
· Keyword review
· Content strategy
· Press release submission
· Content distribution
· Social media posts

This 7-Step Process for Content Marketing Success reduces the need for an agent to become a content writing expert, SEO genius, Internet marketing specialist, website guru and a real estate sales professional.

Increase Your Income With Web Content Writing

Content writing and content marketing consume a lot of time. By outsourcing certain tasks, such as article writing services, blog content writing, press releases or newsletters, a real estate agent could channel their time toward the most productive task — selling.

Using targeted Internet marketing strategies, an agent will have opportunities to focus on inbound traffic from buyers who meet specific requirements. Get on-board with Mobile Copywriter to rank at the top of the search engines, build a real estate empire using a proven system and make more money, while selling more homes.

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Content Writing Increases Traffic – Internet Leads – New Business Website

Internet Leads

New business websites generally take awhile to show up in the major search engines, such as Google Yahoo and Bing. To get free Internet leads, a new business website needs to get found online via web-based visitors. When performed correctly, content writing increases website traffic quickly.

Benefits of Starting a New Business Website

Millions of consumers use the Internet on a daily basis to connect with friends, to search for travel bargains, to play games, to perform research and to shop for deals online. Whether an entrepreneur plans to sell products and services to consumers or to businesses, the Internet should be incorporated into a company’s business marketing plan.

Using the Internet, an entrepreneur can get a new business website to help build brand awareness, to provide updates, to showcase new products and to service as a customer service portal. Expanding a company’s reach is among the major benefits of starting a new business website. With a robust website, a small business could generate Internet leads and inquiries for products or services from around the world.

Starting a Business With a Low-Cost Business Website

Frugal entrepreneurs with a limited amount of start up capital can obtain a low-cost website that generates traffic and receives free Internet leads. Unlike most brick and mortar locations that require credit checks, rental payments and deposits, a basic website is very affordable for most business owners who are just getting started.

With the purchase of a domain name (website address) and a hosting plan, a new business website could be operational within a few days. Generally, a domain for a new business website can be purchased for less than $15. The purchaser will need to make an annual payment to maintain the ownership of the domain name. Hosting fees for a small business website will vary among hosting companies. Entrepreneurs who want to start out with a basic small business website can expect to pay hosting fees that could range between $10 and $50 per month.

Setting up a New Business Website

Ensuring that the domain name is pointed to the hosting company is an important first step for the establishment of a new business website. Afterwards, a few administrative tasks are needed, such as setting up a user name, a password, email addresses and some other basic information.

Many website owners are usually quite comfortable up to this point. However, content creation for a new website could present a number of challenges for a small business owner. A user will login to see a blank page and begin to get some ideas for web page content. A lot of do-it-yourself web designers will begin to add content to the “Home” page or to an “About” page.

Improperly crafted web pages are one of the main reasons that a new website takes so long to appear in the search engines. When new a website is created, Google, Yahoo and Bing will try to figure out what the site is about. Then, as content begins to appear on new web pages and on existing web pages, search engines will review the information.

Getting a sufficient amount of content that flows in an elegant manner is extremely important for a new business website. When done correctly, a small business owner will get more website traffic and Internet leads, too. However, most new websites fail to get a good start. Without a specialized skill set, it’s very difficult for a small business owner to get a new business website to outrank existing websites.

Content Writing Increases Website Traffic and Brand Awareness for Businesses

Brand awareness is important for small businesses. Getting consumers to quickly identify with a company’s products, name or logo could lead to more sales than competing businesses might receive. Recognition, memory and other types of association could influence a buyer to make a purchase from a recognizable brand. Content creation can provide useful information that prospective buyers decide to save and to share.

Search engines are drawn to content. Bad content will usually result in lousy rankings from the search engines. Favorable content might rank within the first five or six pages of the search engines. Amazing website content has a great chance of ranking on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

How can a new business website or an existing business website gain recognition online? Without spending a large fortune on Internet marketing and other types of paid advertising, it is difficult to standout from millions of competing websites.

Content writing provides a variety of methods for small businesses to connect with current customers and with prospective buyers. Through the use of website articles, blogs, web page content, press releases and other items, a small business owner can provide readers with valuable information.

Content writing can increase website traffic for small businesses. As content gets published online, search engines will find and review the new information. Authoritative content for a small business website might be displayed at the top of Google’s search engine results page. However, most of the content that appears within the first few pages of Google should contain credible content.

High-quality writing and search engine optimization strategies are encouraged for small business owners who want to achieve first page rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Help is available for business owners who are unable to achieve favorable search engine rankings or a sufficient amount of website traffic.

Outsourcing is a great way to tap into some external talent. Sometimes thinking outside of the box might require brainstorming from outside sources. Knowledgeable content writers who understand SEO copywriting can help small business owners with high-quality article writing services.

Get Internet Leads From Professional Content Writing

Content writing is an excellent way to drive website traffic and free Internet leads toward a small business website. When search engines find fresh website content and blog articles that are high quality, the information might get displayed when Internet users are looking for similar items.

Getting content on the first search engine results page is very helpful for a small business website. Most web-based users rarely read content that appears beyond the first page of the search engine results.

So, to get more Internet leads, a small business must improve its website ranking. Content writing can improve website traffic, which could ultimately result in more Internet leads and more online sales for a small business owner.

Mobile Copywriter specializes in content creation that attracts favorable search engine rankings and reader engagement. With effective strategies for Internet marketing, Mobile Copywriter offers affordable web content writing and professional content marketing services.

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Targeted Internet Leads From Content Writing Increases Your ROI

Zero In Targeted Leads

Low-cost marketing ideas provide alternatives to costly pay-per-click strategies. Whether you are seeking to start a new business online or to make more money with an existing website, you can enhance your profits using laser-focused strategies. Effective content writing methods aim to channel targeted Internet leads toward small business websites.

Return on Investment

Unless you operate a charitable-based organization that receives benefits far greater than monetary rewards, you need to maximize the money that is allocated toward growing your business.

Many small business owners engage in reckless promotional ideas that yield dismal results. However, many of the same entrepreneurs will repeatedly attempt to obtain better results without a new formula. Unless there is a massive change, a business owner will continue to reap the same results. For instance, imagine someone who inputs 4 x 7 into a calculator, 7 x 4 into a calculator, 7 + 7 + 7 + 7 or 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 and expect to receive different answers. (Did you just count the number of fours?)

The exercise from the previous example defies logic, and so does continuing to use antiquated marketing methods that fail to produce measurable results. It should not take rocket science to quantify that a change should be made for marketing strategies that are not working.

Maximize the return on your investment with content writing to ensure that your business will flourish and grow as fast as you anticipate.

Content Writing to Build Website Traffic and Generate Internet Leads

So that we’re on the same page, let’s confirm that you understand that no one will purchase your products or services online unless you’re on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing.

While the aforementioned statement is not 100 percent true, only a small percentage of website users will click onto the second page of search engine results. A presence on the first search engine results page for Google, Yahoo and Bing is essential to success for small businesses and for local businesses, too.

There are only two ways to appear on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. The first and the most expensive way is to purchase display advertising or pay-per-click ads. The second and the most difficult way is through organic search engine rankings. Authority is extremely important for ranking online. Search engines aim to rank the most relevant results from credible sources for user-generated queries. You might notice that .gov and .edu websites, as well as websites with backlinks to a large list of reputable resources are getting premier search engine rankings from Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Fortune 500 companies and businesses with humongous advertising budgets have the ability to generate Internet leads while achieving a decent return on investment. However, the little guy frequently gets outbid for premier placement on the first page of the search engines.

Some Internet marketing experts are able to successfully obtain cost effective pay-per-click rates for first page Google ads. Whether the results are a stroke of genius or exceptional luck, in many cases the larger companies are usually outbid on keyword terms or keyword phrases that were not truly desirable to their marketing strategy.

Enter content writing. If you are not aware, content is king on the Internet. The savviest entrepreneurs and bloggers have an equal shot of getting onto the first page of Google with content writing that attracts search engines, and engages readers to review and to share all sorts of information.

Content writing is not created equally. To get the attention of Google, Yahoo and Bing, you need to create exceptional content or to hire a professional article writing service that has the best SEO copywriters for getting ranked on the first page of the search engines.

Website traffic primarily stems from search engines results, social media sharing and email marketing. With content used to attract readers, you can obtain as many Internet leads as you need via a solid target marketing strategy for your niche.

Getting Targeted Internet Leads to Quickly Increase Online Sales

If increasing online sales were easy, every small business owner would have loads of Internet leads from prospective buyers. However, you can get target Internet leads with content writing that attracts interested buyers to your blog or website.

Effective targeted marketing strategies will generate website traffic from the types of customers that your business desires. Essentially, you will realize an increased return on your investment, as your targeted Internet leads are less expensive than wide-angled marketing strategies.

So, how can you find help with content writing, increasing online sales and getting targeted Internet leads? Working with affordable content writing companies could drastically improve the ROI for your small business. Highly experienced content writing companies might offer services such as blog writing, web page content writing, press releases and sales letters to direct targeted Internet leads toward your business.

Mobile Copywriter uses the best Internet marketing strategies and content creation methods to generate targeted Internet leads quickly. If you are ready to rank on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing for increased website traffic and for free Internet leads from organic search results, you can get started today.


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Blog Content Writing for Real Estate Agents and for Mortgage Companies

Get Leads With Blog Content Writing.
Get Leads With Blog Content Writing.

Mortgage companies can easily generate six-figure months with low-cost Internet leads for loan officers. Real estate agents can sell and list a consistent amount of homes each month with targeted Internet leads. Blog content writing from one of the best SEO copywriting companies for mortgage Internet leads and real estate Internet leads is a great place to start.

How Does Blog Content From a Writer for Internet Leads Attract Current and Prospective Homeowners?

Homeowner leads and home buyer leads are generated on a daily basis from consumers who are shopping online for a variety of services. Does your blog generate fresh Internet leads each day? If not, you are not alone. Many real estate professionals and senior loan officers will spend a considerable amount of time writing content for a personal blog or for a company website.

Typically, mortgage loan officers and real estate agents will fail to write new blog posts on a regular basis. While several blog posts should be written each week, some sales professionals rarely submit a blog post per week. Even worse, individuals who are extremely busy might write just a handful of blogs on yearly basis.

Yes, consistency is a major factor toward building a mortgage business or a real estate business online. However, as important as the frequency, quality article writing is needed to generate free Internet leads for mortgage companies and for real estate agents. An SEO copywriting expert that understands the housing industry and consumer needs could enable you to get Internet leads flowing into your inbox.

If you are not getting Internet leads from home buyers, home sellers or mortgage loan applicants, you can immediately adjust your strategy. Hiring a professional writer for Internet leads will create blog content that engages readers to share your information or to take some sort of action.

Why Hire an SEO Copywriter to Write Blog Content for Internet Leads?

Compelling content that is crafted to achieve search engine recognition and to get targeted Internet leads will increase the number of prospective clients who request more information about your services. While you could write a blog post within an hour, an SEO copywriter will invest more time toward creating the best content to attract Internet leads for your business. Hiring a professional blog writer will enable you to concentrate your time and efforts toward converting your leads into closed sales.

Mobile Copywriter is among the best SEO copywriting companies to hire for real estate Internet leads, mortgage Internet leads and small business Internet leads that result from quality article writing services and blog content writing.

Contact Mobile Copywriter for help with lead generation strategies for your business. Using research, targeted keywords, industry-related phrases and various content creation methods, Mobile Copywriter’s article writing services can help you get free Internet leads. With sales letters, web page content, press releases and blog content writing, you can fill your pipeline with Internet leads from motivated prospects.

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